Gramm Bulkshop / until today; hemp seeds, special gift

Dear friends, until today, we will give you 90 grams of hemp seeds in your purchases over $25. Also, for the purchase of a pound of hemp we will give you extra 90g.

Thank you for your trust in us about our products and its benefits. We share some benefits of organic hemp with you:

Hemp seeds strengthen the immune system and provide health and vitality. It has proteins that are so easily digestible and such a perfect ratio between essential oils.

Hemp seeds contain more essential fatty acids than the seeds of any other plant. These acids are responsible for our immune response (the way the body responds to bacteria, viruses or harmful and dangerous substances) and influence our growth, vitality and mood.

Provides abundant protein, omega-3 and minerals.

It has a huge amount of vitamin E that protects cells and tissues from aging.

Hemp seed protein is more digestible than legumes and is gluten-free.

We want to reduce the use of plastic, we use paper covers and we invite you to bring your favorite bag, as well as your containers to fill them with the necessary amount.

Visit our cozy store located in Sucre 14-14 and Estevez de Toral, 099 505 9604,

We will be happy to assist you.

We also have delivery service!


City: Cuenca
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