When time is of the essence VIPMedAlert makes the critical difference

Heart disease and stroke are among the five leading causes of death in North America. When they occur, time and quality of first response is of the essence and makes a critical difference in outcome. It can literally save your life.

The MedAlert service was created especially because the all-important First Response system in Ecuador is a far cry from what we are used to in North America.

MedAlert does not connect you with a well-meaning friend or neighbor but with a seasoned First Response team and ambulance service that are a significant cut above what you realistically might get here in Cuenca, which can sometimes be hit and miss.

MedAlert was created to give you the confidence of an efficient and effective First Response when and where you need it, especially if you live alone.

● Personalized help at the push of a button device, with access to your medical file which you provided
● From our 24-hour dispatch center
● For medical, fire, personal emergencies
● Anywhere in Cuenca
● In English or Spanish (2-way speech enabled device)
● VIP Team + 911 ready to respond
● All for a reasonable monthly fee
VIP MedAlert – The Care and Confidence You Deserve

Email: info@vipcuenca.com
Phone: 098 329 8243

Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca
098 329 8243

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