Legal advice and solutions in visas, civil law, real estate and more…

You can finally sleep peacefully with the confidence that all your legal processes will be in the best hands.
Obtaining your visa without complications has never been so easy.
Thinking of getting married?
We take care of pre and post – nuptial arrangements, divorces, inheritances, wills, last wills, etc.
Many problems when you want to sell your property? We will make sure that the real estate you buy complies with all legal requirements.

We are led by Luis Urgilés, who is a retired judge and former President of Provincial Court of Justice of Azuay, Master in Administrative Law, Commissioner of the ombudsman’s office in Azuay, Academic advisor and teacher of the master degree in constitutional, political and administrative law of the “Eloy Alfaro University”, District Delegate of the State Attorney General’s Office Azuay, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Labor Relations, Chief Advisor to the Office of the Minister of Education.

Visit our website:

Av. Florencia Astudillo, Camara de Industrias building.

Karina Urgiles
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