CD renewal for investment, permanent visa

My CD attached to my permanent visa expires every 3 years. I had no difficulty making the appointment in Azogues and providing the necessary documents to the Ministerio. As a matter-of-fact, they were wonderful and very helpful.

Enter Covid-19… I can’t find a link for citas let alone know if they are even scheduling appointments. I am quite sure the documents required and procedure with Banco Central will remain similar. However, if someone has recently gone through the process and is willing to share their path, it would be appreciated.

Three years ago, I just drove out to Azogues and explained to the guard my inquiry and within 30 mins I was ushered upstairs. Again… Pre-Covid. I have my vaccination certificate to take along with me if I require an attempt to seek direct information assistance again at the Ministerio.

With regards and appreciation in advance.

Steven Ellison
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