20% off flash sale Ecuador USA Roses and The Rose Guy

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Ecuador USA Roses and Hugh Prather “The Rose Guy” are #1 in customer satisfaction and delivery of the “world’s most beautiful roses and flowers”, farm direct to loved ones in the US. Below is just one example why.

We received a message this morning from our wonderful friend of Ecuador USA Roses, Kristen, C., of Cuenca regarding an order from our farm beneath the Cotopaxi Volcano to her friend in Santa Monica, Ca., delivered yesterday.

“It was a long day and I finally got home to your fabulous box of Ecuador roses. My first thought as I made efforts to open the expert packaging was that This is probably the most special birthday gesture I have ever received, with the exception of your unforgettable gifts to me on my 50th. You are truly a gem, Kristen! I am so grateful that my path crossed with your path way back when, and you’ve been an inspiration to me ever since.

Thank you, Kristen

Hugh Prather: yourroseguy@gmail.com

City: Cuenca

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