Pure, natural eucalyptus raw bee honey 100% organic.

Our Miel de Cuenca Honeybee Farm, which is right here – on the outskirts of Cuenca – introducing eucalyptus raw bee honey.
We only sell our real raw bee honey unfiltered, unpasteurized, unadulterated. The honey goes straight from the hive to the jar with nothing else added in between. Every jar is a gift from the bees to you.

Full frame of honeycomb available.

375 gr jar is $6
1750 gr jar is $25
30ml of 20% extract of propolis is $5 https://www.rxlist.com/propolis/supplements.htm
Beeswax 1lb is $12

Free delivery at any part of Cuenca with $20 or more purchase.

WhatsApp 098 592 9536

Alexander: cuencamiel@gmail.com 098 592 9536.

City: Cuenca
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