Personal assistant for any task

Hello, my name is Sebastián Ordóñez, I’m 26-years old and studied Tourism and Hospitality management, I was working as a tour guide at Cuenca, but as you know, Covid came and now tourism is passing through a really difficult situation. That’s the reason I’m starting this project.

Basically, I can help you with any basic task that you don’t have time for. If there is something specific to do, I can learn about it and do it.

– Take you on a car to any place you need.
– Walking your dogs.
– Going to any place and do your proceedings and procedures.
– Shopping.
– Teach and help you with Spanish language.
– Tours around the city.
– and a whole lot more.

Rate: $7 per hour (We can negotiate it)


Sebastian Ordonez

097 915 2431

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