Being an expat during troubled times

Recently I posted requesting feedback from expats following the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) prevention protocol. Now after reading an article reprint posted August 1 elsewhere, titled “The Case for Vaccine Hesitancy — Backed by Science”, I am asking to hear feedback in the comments from those expats who did the risk/benefit analysis and chose to reject version 1.0 of the vaccines. Specifically:

Question 1: Are you concerned as an expat the Ecuadorian government will panic and attempt to enforce vaccine mandates? I found a notice stuck to my gate announcing a vaccine station would be set up for the following day in a nearby park. That is fine, I ignored it. However, several days later two young men, one with a clipboard, banged on my gate after trying the buzzer, which I had disconnected. I didn’t answer. Nobody should have a need to speak to me. Stating you’re on ivermectin will get you in trouble if you cannot produce a prescription.

Question 2: If you answered yes to #1, do you feel there should be a support group formed in person or online, given the fact that there are no embassy offices in Cuenca? Such support groups exist on the Telegram app. They would be prohibited on Facebook, which speaks volumes. I have never seen worldwide contempt toward those who refuse to reverse lifestyle diseases that have been proven to contribute to poor outcomes. Yet scorn is now aimed squarely at those of us who maintain metabolic health and do not want to compromise it with gene therapy vaccines whose long-term risks are unknown.

This post is not to start a battle between the 2 groups. I respect that the vaccinated also did the risk/benefit analysis to support their choice. I’m polling the community, asking you to share any personal experiences like mine regarding Lasso’s vaccination initiative that you found concerning from the perspective of being a foreigner who chooses not to be vaccinated.

Sharon McAdams
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