Samsung dual sim chip smartphone – large display

Samsung Galaxy series smartphone – International model unlocked dual SIM w/global 4G LTE. Dual means you can have two phone lines at the same time! Never fumble to open up your phone and switch chips again when travelling or simply enjoy two local lines even if you don’t travel.

Features a brilliant 6.4″ HD+ Infinity O Multitouch Display, 32GB of internal storage, powerful snapdragon processor, 13mp triple rear camera and 8mp front camera, fingerprint recognition, lighting charger is included with USB cable. This is a professionally refurbished device with a brand-new display screen that looks and functions like a new device and includes a new Samsung lighting charger and USB cable kit as well.

Price $275.

Assistance is also available switching over your SIM cards and getting your new phone setup and running.

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City: Cuenca
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