Municipal gardeners who trim grass near river and parks?

For some reason, the regular guys who have cut the grass at our little park above and near the steps to/from Common Ground Restaurant have skipped our little park the last 2 times they have cut the grass at the River and at Parque Molinero (3 blocks away). They did not do our small park. Does anyone know how to get in touch with them to see how we can get them to come back again?

Many residents nearby in Ed. Alemeda 1 & 2 and La Cuadra 1 and my building, El Rocio, walk their dogs there and it’s becoming a jungle again. The residents of Ed. Alameda kindly collected cash from the residents to pay someone to come out to cut it since it was so bad the first time.

I saw a man cutting grass nearby today and will be getting an estimate to cut it for us today, Friday. If anyone is interested in donating $2 to $5 to assist, it would be appreciated by all residents, nearby homeowners and just people who wish to have their children play in the park and those who simply walk daily through the park.

If you do wish to contribute you can anonymously or not, leave the funds with our Guard at Ed. El Rocio directly above Common Grounds.

And if you know who to contact to resume the City paid maintenance it would be greatly appreciated by many. My building administrator had no idea who to contact.

Rick Crook
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