Artisan Bakery Ackermans – Participate and win 2 kg of bread

Hello GringoPost readers.

This month special. During all month of August, you can participate in our second draw to win a basket filled with 2 kg of a variety of our breads. Last year our winner Mirjam Forg of Germany was very glad.

How do you participate? Every $6 purchase until the 3rd of September gives you one chance to win our basket filled with 2 kg of bread. Example: you order for $20,10, you get 3 chances to win. Next week you order for $12.25, you get 2 chances more. And the next week you order for $37.15, you get 6 chances more. In total you will have 11 opportunities to win.

Any doubts? Please, feel free to ask.
Sourdough Summer Festival:
• Classic Sourdough $2.90
• Sourdough with squash, sesame and chia seeds $3.90
• Sourdough with dried fruits (walnut, blueberry and raisin) $3.90

Don´t forget to order two days before delivery because our Sourdoughs need to rise 21 hours, they are yeast free, sugar free, fat free, milk product free and egg free!
The rest of our Bakery menu stays the same. Orders for our regular breads, 1 day before delivery.

Scandinavian 100% integral ($2.15), Special 100% integral with blueberries, walnuts and almond or fine herbs ($2.75), Croissant ($0.50), Baguette ($1.25), Chapata ($0.50), Bagel ($0.40), Mestizo ($0.40), Braid Bread with cheese ($2.40), Raisin Bread ($2.75)

All our breads are based on sourdough.

And some extras: Breton cookies ($2.20 or $2.40 with chocolate chips), Frozen pizza dough ($1.25)

Don´t forget our Australian pies (individuals, $ 1.95 each), they are made with Australian savory short crust dough.
• Apple pie (strudel)
• Chicken pie
• Chile con carne pie

Deliveries from Monday to Friday. We start at 5pm. Orders 1 day before delivery (sourdough 2 days before, sourdough delivery only on Wednesday and Friday).

We deliver from Monday to Friday (starting from 5 PM), Calle Paris y Amsterdam

Geert Ackermans: 099 868 4706 Facebook: “Ackermans Pan Artesanal”
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