Ta’Lico Cuisine traditional Chinese food

TTa’ Lico Cuisine
US style Chinese dishes and traditional Chinese food offered at Ta Lico
Ta’Lico is honored to provide you with selected US style Chinese dishes and traditional Chinese plates. No MSG used in all food. We are on Ordoñez Lazo, almost directly across from Hotel Oro Verde, right next door from the two-story furniture store. We are looking forward to your visits and are very happy to accommodate for your eating preferences.

Our menu including but not limited to the following:

US Style Kung pao chicken $7.88
US Style General Tso’s chicken $7.88
US Style stir fry beef with broccoli $7.88
US style kung pao shrimp (1 lb shrimp per dish) $12.38
Shrimp with asparagus (1 lb shrimp per dish) $12.38
Stir fry chicken with mushroom $7.88
Stir fry chicken with carrot $7.88
Stir fry chicken with zucchini $7.88
Stir fry beef with celery $7.88
Chinese spicy beef with cucumber salad $ 8.88
Chinese poach beef with hot chili broth $9.88
Twice cooked pork $7.88
Sweet and sour pork $7.88
Sweet and sour pork with pineapple $7.88
Pork with green pepper $7.88
Chinese minced pork with noodles $5.88
Steamed whole fish with chopped pepper $12.38
Steamed whole fish with black bean sauce $12.38
Bok choy with broccoli $5.88
Garlic with broccoli $4.25
Mapo tofu $7.88
Fried wonton(10 pic) $8.88
Steamed or fried dumplings, (10 pic) $ 8.88
Wonton soup(20 pic) / quart $6.88
Hot and sour soup / quart $6.88
11:30 AM to 8 PM, Av. Ordóñez lasso 6-117 y Los Olivos (opposite hotel Oro Verde)
Teresa: 099 114 0201

Av.Ordoñez lasso 6-117 y Los olivos

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