Spanish language lessons actually work for me?

Some reflections founded on my experience over the last 6 years teaching Spanish in Cuenca to American expats, French expats and German teachers.

Being an explorer of the new place we’ve chosen to live in requires much more than a visa: we can be foreigners living a cultural immersion or we can be just foreigners living abroad. Different motivations, different results, of course, both are absolutely worthy of respect.

Acquiring a language is more than hiring a teacher or just being immersed in an Ecuadorian fruit market without speaking a single word in Spanish (do not panic: the longer you live in a country, the more your vocabulary grows, the more accurate your pronunciation becomes and the better you can communicate).

Certainly a Spanish teacher is a guide during this journey however he/she doesn’t replace your practicing nor your motivation, unfortunately this doesn’t work like osmosis (not even in children, since children take a while processing, understanding the new language before jumping to speak the second language).

So, the big question is: what do I need to acquire a second language? Firstly, motivation is the key! such as when you are seeking to buy a specific item on Amazon (wink), you can spend hours looking for without being bored.

The second requirement is to be committed to acquire a new language and most importantly use it (or lose it). You wouldn’t buy/acquire/learn something you will not use, right? Yep! sometimes it happens.

No matter how attractive the Spanish schools’ marketing or private teachers’ suggestions (me included) can be, resist the temptation to purchase lessons if you lack motivation or commitment.

But, for those who are motivated enough to acquire a second language, for those who are committed to use it: yeeeeeeah! This course is for you.
And, if you have read this far and want to take the first or second step to exploring this land, culture and language, I encourage you to move forward and claim a special in your first pack.

Who am I?
I am passionate about explaining how my native language works and its nuances in this geographical context, I develop oral and writing exercises according to the student’s context and needs.
I believe in the power of the word as an expression of our own inner world. I am a writer and a self-taught English learner as well.

Doubts? Questions? Please feel free to ask anytime.
Stop by my website clicking here:

San Sebastian


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