Helpful travel information, including current COVID-19 requirements

You may want to bookmark/save this, as it provides links to keep you up to date about what you will need to travel. Travel to countries other than the US is not covered, but (re)entry to Ecuador is.

Procedures due to covid-19

To enter the US:
To enter the US, every person 2 years and older will need either

1. Negative PCR or Antigen test result done within 3 days of flight, or
2. Document of recovery from Covid and supporting paperwork.

For entry to the US, vaccine records are not acceptable as a substitute for the test at this time.

For specific details on these two requirements, visit the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

The document specific to this order can be found here (you can copy/paste in a browser window).

A list of laboratories licensed to perform RT-PCR and rapid antigen tests is available on the website maintained by Ecuador’s Medical Services, found here:

Some notes regarding testing:

1. Bring a couple of copies to the airport in case they are requested at Check-in/Customs/Gate check, etc. Also good to have in case your electronic copy cannot be pulled up.
2. Regardless of the personal experiences of others who have traveled, it is best to assume that you will be asked to comply with current governmental regulations. Better safe than sorry.

For (re)entry to Ecuador:
To (re)enter Ecuador., you will need either:
1. Negative PCR result (no antigen) done within 72 hours of flight, or
2. Vaccine Record, with final dose dated no sooner than 14 days before flight (in other words if your final vaccination is on the 1st of the month, you can return no sooner than the 15th).

Also, all passengers whose point of origin, stopover or transit is Brazil and India have additional restrictions.

You can find the current restrictions in the form of Ecuador’s COE resolutions page. Not every resolution involves travel, but when they do they will be listed here on this website first. (Last resolution re travel was July 9). They will be re-evaluating these restrictions twice monthly so as to either ease or increase restrictions.

Link to the resolutions page:

A direct link to the specific resolution:

Other travel notes:

These restrictions may or may not be implemented (it’s not a perfect system), and each airline deals with them in their own way. They may be lax, overly restrictive, or just plain forget. Don’t use the experience of a previous traveler as the basis for your decisions. Do stay informed of travel requirements by checking with your airline and governmental websites before during your travel. The latter is especially important because Ecuador’s rules may change while you are out of country and catch you unaware (and unable to return).

Luggage Embargo – Every airline has their own policy, and it is up to you to determine what it is. Some airlines are very restrictive, others will allow you to purchase additional bags depending on availability. Check your airline’s website for information.

Lastly, it’s not up to the governmental agencies nor the airlines to be sure you are personally informed of these requirements. Sometimes they will do so, but in general the responsibility for each traveler to have and provide needed information lies with the traveler, not the agency requesting the information.

Lastly, while it’s true the experiences of other travelers can be helpful, they can also be damaging (if they provide incorrect information or suggestions). Always be prepared for what is requested by governments/airlines, ALWAYS stay up to date on these requirements, and never assume these rules won’t be applied at any given time of your flight.

Cindy G

City: Cuenca

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