Gran Roca has the freshest, healthiest, most delicious eggs

Gran Roca has the freshest, highest quality, most delicious foods you can buy. You can see and taste the difference. We offer a large selection of sustainably grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, milk products, eggs, chicken, beef and pork, all grown in enriched soil or raised on pasture on our permaculture farm in the Yunguilla Valley about an hour southwest of Cuenca.

This week we’ll shine a spotlight on our sustainably produced, healthiest and tastiest Chicken and Duck Eggs. You may not think there is much difference between eating one egg or another, but there are considerable differences. Important factors in egg production include the freshness of the eggs you buy, whether they are raised outside on pasture or inside houses, or worse, cages, and, of course, what they eat.

Do you know how old the eggs are that you buy? Not likely. In some markets you’ll see an expiration date, but that doesn’t tell you when the eggs were laid. Over a couple, three weeks or more, the quality of the eggs diminish until they start to smell and should not be eaten. But the best tasting, healthiest eggs should be eaten within a week or so from when they were laid. At Gran Roca, eggs delivered on Monday are collected over the weekend and delivered fresh to our customers. And pretty much everyone we talk with tells us that our eggs are totally the best. We had a customer who returned to the U.S. who said they were unable to find eggs as good as ours regardless of the price. Fresh is best.

There is no question that pastured eggs are nutritionally superior to eggs produced in houses, or worse, cages. Our chickens and ducks are on pasture 24/7 and consume a considerable amount of grass with its omega-3s, bugs, worms, etc. The orange-colored yolks of our eggs reflect the diet they eat. From the Healthline website:

“At the end of the day, pastured eggs are probably the healthiest type of eggs you can buy. They are more nutritious, and the hens that laid them were allowed free access to the outside and ate a more natural diet.”

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving. There are artificial ways to make orange-colored yolks. Many egg producers here in Ecuador add the red condiment, Achiote, to their feed causing an orange-colored yolk that belies the egg’s nutritional value. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are eating pastured eggs.

In addition to what the chickens or ducks eat on pasture, they also eat a ration that contains mostly grains. At Gran Roca, we make the ration ourselves on our farm to insure that we know what’s in it and that it is healthy. Most commercial egg farms use a purchased “balanceado” feed that almost always contains antibiotics and possibly hormones and who knows how long those bags have sat around.

Finally, there’s one more egg caveat to be aware of. There are individuals that raise chickens on pasture (kind of) as they let them run around in their yard. However, without an additional grain supplement, the eggs will likely be inferior. Those that do provide a supplement often use a “balanceado” product that contains antibiotics and possibly hormones. And just being on grass is not sufficient. At Gran Roca, our chickens and ducks are regularly rotated around the farm’s pasture land so that the pathogens from the animal feces die before the animals are rotated to the same pasture again. Healthier chickens produce healthier eggs.

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Gran Roca has received many GringoPost awards over the past 4 years.

Deliveries: Are made to your personal address.

Pick-Ups: 2-4 PM, next Monday, August 2nd, Smokehouse on Colonel Talbot 8-66 across from Parque San Sebastian

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