Thieves stealing items from your car

I have lived here for nine years and have never had a problem before, until now! I drive my car to the river in the early mornings to walk and I park where the city has graciously built parking areas for cars that are near the walking path with what I feel is sufficient lighting.

Last Tuesday, after returning from my walk, I found that my car had been broken into. The computer, many parts of the motor and even the glove box were gone! Of course I immediately called the police, who promptly came and took photos, however no fingerprints were taken, (I was told that taking fingerprints is not a policy here).

I have learned since this happened that unfortunately this is common here in Cuenca. In fact, two days later with help of a third party, the items that were stolen were found for sale in an area of Cuenca that is open to the public and is known by the police. I paid a steep price for the return of my things because, as the thieves know, if I were to purchase the same items new at the dealer the cost would be over five thousand dollars and – by the way – the dealer would need to order the parts and I could expect delivery between three to six months. I didn’t have insurance, (my mistake), but I will in the future and I write this as a warning to those of you that have cars here in Cuenca to please be very cautious as to where you park your car.

Thankfully, the city of Cuenca is spending thousands of dollars to improve the walking and bicycle paths along the river including nice parking areas for the cars, however they have at this time, chosen not to install cameras or provide adequate police in these areas so that we can enjoy these things with the peace of mind in knowing that we and our cars are safe.


City: Cuenca

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