The CosasPrep difference – personal emergency button

You’ve seen the ads for another emergency button. Here is the difference: When you purchase the CosasPrep personal emergency button, you have access to their service, or any service, or any other contact – without paying $40 a month.

The phone number for any service in Ecuador is essentially free. (You will always need to buy some minutes for your SIM card to make a phone call.) With our button, you can have a wonderful medical service on standby, and never pay for a service unless you use the service.

Below is an example of their button pricing:

“Month 1: You don’t have a heart attack and don’t push the big yellow emergency button. Congratulations. That will cost you $40. Month 2: You don’t have a stroke and don’t push the big yellow emergency button. Great – that will be $40. Month 3 through the rest of your life: You didn’t fall down and couldn’t get up. That will cost you $40 a month forever.”

Our plan: Buy the button for $299.50, and put anyone you want on standby, and we don’t charge a monthly fee. If paying $40 isn’t a problem for you, then you can donate that $40 every month to any worthy cause you choose, without paying CosasPrep a $40 monthly fee (forever) for having access to up to 8 free phone numbers.

Stop by either of our stores in El Centro to learn more.

Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo. Store 2: Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Esévez de Toral

Kent Mills

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