Solidarity between citizens, facilitators and lawyers

Dear friends and clients. For several days now we have been able to see a campaign to discredit certain facilitators and lawyers.

Expat Community Ec has 4 lawyers, facilitators, drivers and collaborators that you need to provide better care. For us, all of them are equally important in the chain of conviviality and service. For this reason we would never dare to judge or discredit anyone, it would be like doing it with our team.

We stand in solidarity with all those who work with procedures that help foreigners with their visa processes, real estate and more. We live in difficult times. Let’s all support each other and get the best that we have in our hearts and give our best effort, and if someone makes a mistake, do not discredit them. In this way we do not win customers or prestige. Prestige is earned through hard work and honesty.

We hope you have a beautiful day and if you need to know more about us visit our website:

Av.Florencia Astudillo, Camara de Industrias Building

Karina Urgiles
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