Scratching posts for cats, made by Jesus

I am a manufacturer. I make different models and designs of scratching posts for cats with their little house and their different measures, the height of your preference.

– With excellent fabric, strong sisal and wood. Scratchers for cats allow us to release energy and anxiety.

– Scratching posts are something like mats where we can do yoga. There we can release all the tensions of cat life.

– Scratching de-stresses us a lot because even if they don’t believe, we can also suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity. This helps us not to damage the furniture at home.

I carry out and deliver to different provinces.

Thank you very much Mr. Holly and Jhon, and her cats: Cleo, Frida, Oliver and Pumpkin. A pleasure.

I have different designs.

Thank you all for being excellent customers.

Cuenca Centro

Jesus Aponte

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