Biomodulation therapy for macular degeneration

Hello everyone!!

My hubby has been experiencing some eye cloudiness in both eyes for a while. He’s been taking EDTA drops with not much perceived success to clear up his vision. He saw a Doctor in Cuenca who said he has a small cataract in one eye and a developing one on the other. (Or, that’s what I remember)

We are now on the coast and heard about an eye surgeon in Manta who works with IESS (Roberto Alcivar Viteri), so we went see him. After a few eye tests he said: Yes, there are cataracts on his eyes but, he doesn’t think that replacing the internal eye’s lens will clear up his vision, since he also can see that there is macular degeneration. He spoke about something called “Biomodulation Therapy”. This therapy, I read, has been used in the US Military, and other patients to treat pain, repair tissue.

The Doctor explained it’s better to try this therapy first and then see if surgery is necessary.

My question to you, knowledgeable, highly educated people, is:

What are your thoughts about this therapy for macular degeneration?
How will it fix macular degeneration?
Has anybody had experience with this biomodulation therapy? How it’s been? Was it successful?

I’m on WhatsApp and Telegram, so please do message me there. It’s better than calls for me.

Thank you everyone.

Mapi: 098 732 8225. Call after: 11 AM.

City: Cuenca

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