Emergency! The Compassion Concert on July 22 is canceled…

Due to emergencies, the event has been postponed till August. We regret the postponing of the concert for the street people, but it will be presented in 3 or 4 weeks.

For info call Peter: 09 891 6648

If you purchased tickets at Surdido, please return your ticket for a refund. Or save it till the next event.

Thank you.


What is the difference between using Facebook and WhatsApp? I found that WhatsApp is a subsidiary of Facebook.

Edie Lou

Petition to reopen a case for two Americans held in Cuenca Turi prison

A few weeks ago, Rick posted a video about two young American brothers being held in prison here. I watched all the videos produced by DCBORNROB on his YouTube channel, and feel this case needs to be reopened. I wrote up a petition, and will be at The Jazz Society Cafe (Los Cedros y Los Claveles (a block north of Ordonez Lasso) this Wednesday, July 21, from 11 AM – 1 PM, if you’d like to stop by and sign it.

The petition will be sent to our Ambassador, Michael Fitzpatrick, and the Stephenson’s representatives in Maryland. A thank you to Debby and James for making their restaurant available for this cause.

Thankfully, this case is gaining more recognition since the first interviews came out a month ago:

Marilyn Steenburgh: marilyn.steenburgh@protonmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Is IESS the best health care option for you?

In recent months, many questions have been raised about the efficiency and shortcomings of the IESS and public health system. Many are not aware of it until an emergency happens or you need a doctor in a hurry. Then, is it too late?

Ecuador has some excellent health care options. It is, however, best to plan for those. Do you have pre-existing conditions? Do you need a primary care doctor or specialist? What happens if you cannot communicate with a doctor in Spanish should an emergency arise? This Saturday, we are bringing together the experts in navigating health care in Ecuador. We will be sharing personal experiences and facts regarding health care options, that you should be aware of.

Join us at Kolo Bakery and Restaurant, this Saturday at noon. Reservations are required. This session will also be broadcast via zoom. Please contact us for the link. The cost is $5 per person and you will receive a voucher for $5 to be used at Kolo that day. The Newcomer’s Information Session is a service of Foundation Hogar de Esperanza and The Expats Services Center. Should you have questions you wish covered at this session or have ideas for future sessions or to make a reservation, please email us.

Garry Vatcher: events@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Seeking donations to very hungry people in Ricaurte

First, a huge thank you for those who have donated to keep the poorest 13 families alive during this crisis of unemployment.

We buy the rice and lentils and get some food to them every month or two. If you would like to help feed these hungry families, please donate to my paypal at livefoodfactor@yahoo.com The people there are very, very grateful.

Susan Schenck, resident of Cuenca since 2010

City: Cuenca

Deb Davis – benefit concert

Deb Davis has been kind enough to agree to a second show as a benefit for “The Murals of Our Barrio Project,” ”Los Murales de Mi Barrio.” That’s right, Cuenca’s own balladeer has added Thur., July 22nd, to help fulfill our goal of beautifying our barrios with murals to cover old tags/graffiti. We have a few reservations left for each night. Don’t be left out.

This project, with the blessing of la Ciudad de Cuenca, is a positive approach to covering non-historic properties with murals by well-known street artists. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for a great concert supporting our local artists and this joint venture of Barrio Convencion de 45 and Barrio Tandacatu.

As always, La Guarida will offer a wonderful menu for all of our patrons to enjoy. Remember we use organic produce and buy local.

We thank all the local businesses, neighbors and supporters of this effort. Come join us for this intimate and wonderful event.

Tranvia Stop: Sector La Cuadra!
For reservations call.

June 21st, from 6 to 9 PM, $20, Mariscal Lamar and Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071

Gatos Negros at Chill and Chela Pub

Be part of a night of live music of classics in English from the 50s – 60s- 70s – 80s, delicious gastronomy and drinks so you can have an incredible time with your partner or friends.

Cover includes:

-Shot of Cristal +
-Choose: Wine / Tanqueray de Sevilla / High Ball of Jhonny Rojo / Craft beer 500 ml

Enjoy our promos all night long.

Limited capacity
We will be waiting for you

Saturday- July 24th at 9 PM, $10, Calle Larga 8-69 y Benigno Malo, Cuenca.

Pablo Castillo: 099 551 9095

What’s on your mind

I get the mental impression that you’re thinking of coming to Tutto Matto Pizzeria on July 21st. No reservations! Come early for:

Debut…Direct from the United States, Wes, The Mentalist.

Donations for Hogar de Esperanza.

Sleight of mind, not sleight of hand. Skeptics welcome. Enjoy an hour or so of mystery and fun.
ESP, Mind-reading, predictions, and more.
Thought projection to all audience members to open the show. 5 people’s minds revealed. Skeptic renounces beliefs. Who done it? 4 people…the murderer is revealed. Funny papers…local newspapers contain secrets. Hypnotized audience member. Loving couple’s secrets revealed (if they don’t mind).

Tutto Matto Pizzeria, free, Solano y Moreno Mora, Cuenca.

Wes Elliott: thementalistwes@gmail.com

Friday, July 23rd: “The Inner Space Trio” —A New Direction in Jazz

The Jazz Society Café (Los Cedros y Los Claveles) 5—8 PM

Reservations: jazzsocietyofecuador@gmail.com


“Cuenca is blessed to have such an artist in Jim Gala. I’ve played with some of the greats on both sides of the Atlantic, yet I have never heard such a transformative, unique jazz pianist as Jim Gala. Simply put, he’s a true musical genius. Jim expresses fully the beauty, humanity and poignancy of the classic songs he chooses to play. He goes to a depth few musicians ever go.” —Bill Scott, Broadway arranger, composer

“Jim Gala is one of my musical idols. He is a real soul man. No one plays like him. His musical philosophy, sensibility, and taste are impeccable. He changed my life with his music. I actually quote him often and wrote about him in my book.” —John R. Cain, Author, Jazz Historian and pianist

“Elements of Ravel & Debussy in this incredible jazz trio” —Francois Pignon

“A master of beauty.” —Francis Pullara (renowned classical pianist)

“The very best of the world jazz scene!” —Aryam Hernandez

Life music at La Yunta

This coming Friday, July 23 at 7:30

Juan Manuel Ochoa, Canta a la Vida

Fantastic concert of Trova and love

$5 cover


Friday, July 23, $5, Ave 1 de Mayo, entre ave Américas y fray Gaspar de Carvajal, Cuenca.

Sole Riquetti: Layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com 098 945 6551

OBG Dance, July 28th

Our next dance is Wednesday, July 28, 2020
Happy Hour is from 5 – 7 PM with great food all evening.
Drink specials and music from 7 – 10 PM

Location: Eduardo Crespo Malo y Grand Columbia
Venue: Seating re-designed to accommodate our dancers
Parking: Free parking information: Behind Common Grounds on Jose Asutillo
Bus service: Bus service to Common Grounds location: #13, #14, #19, #3 & #50
Donation: $5 per person. Exact change is helpful.
Bar service: Full-service bar at reasonable prices.
Dancing: All styles are welcome to the music provided.
Music: A variety of music styles including Oldies Rock ‘n’ Roll supplied by George, played through our own proper sound system.
Smoking: Smoking of any kind (including electronic) is permitted outdoors only.
Club: This is a private party of people who just want to have fun dancing, without complications.
No dues. Please do not be shy. Just get up and dance as the mood strikes you. Most of he songs invite different dance styles, so don’t worry, just do your own thing, whether alone, as a couple, or in a group, it doesn’t matter. Feel free to invite your friends and come with the intention of having fun, and you will.

Please email us at obgdance@gmail.com and tell us if you are coming and the number of people joining you. This way we can keep everyone abreast of all development and we can set up the venue for the expected attendance.

Come early, enjoy great food and happy hour.
Bring along the phone number of your favorite taxi service. Wear your dancing shoes, be prepared to boogie and have a great evening.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor

We’re all here to have fun!

Happy Hour is from 5 – 7 PM with great food all evening drink specials & music from 7 – 10 PM, $5, Eduardo Crespo Malo y Grand Columbia, Cuenca.

George: gfedyna77@gmail.com

Moving, downsizing, redecorating? Call JD’s Muebles; we buy it all

Hola Folks,

JD’s Muebles buys and sells furniture, appliances, and all other household goods. We offer a single transaction, itemized offer, payment and pickup schedule based on your needs, professional packing and movers, guaranteed satisfaction with customer references.

Contact us first for the best offer available. If nothing else, we can help you understand the current market values of the items you’re selling.

Not only will you get fair value for your items:


Looking for 2-5 bedroom house, for rent

Looking for 2-5 bedroom house for rent in Milagro, open, must allow pets.

Looking in the vicinity of eastern part of Ecuador, near Limon, Numbaine, Santa Rosa, Plan de Milagro, San Antonio, El Rosario, Indanza. Can be furnished or unfurnished.

Lily: cuencasoul@yahoo.com cell: 096 994 1866, what’s app +593 96 994 1866. Call after: 8 AM.

Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for rent

Looking for 2 bedroom, furnished apartment for rent in Cuenca, $300 – $400. I don’t have pets.

I am looking for an apartment or suite, that is really quiet. Without pets, and I prefer without kids next to me. Also, without a parking place next to the apartment. I am looking for a fully furnished apartment with good Internet. (Or where Puntonet is allowed, I am still paying.) I could move about the first of September. I speak Spanish and I prefer it if you answer me. Thank you so much.

Sylvia: sapofroh@googlemail.com 098 942 7023. Call after: 9 AM.

Unique volunteer opportunity

A new English language school, PRIMOK (Programa Inclusivo Multicultural Originario Kañari), in Cañar is seeking volunteers who are native English speakers to help students learn to speak English. The school is three weeks old with 48 students ages 6 to 17 divided into four groups, we have indigenous and mestizo children. No teaching experience is required. It is also not necessary to speak Spanish.

I am a volunteer in the school and it is one of the most personally satisfying volunteer experiences I have had. Each Friday afternoon the school provides transportation for the volunteers to travel the hour and half trip to Cañar from Cuenca. We pay for our own hotel rooms ($12) in order to be prepared for the Saturday classes that begin at 8:30 AM and go until 12:30 PM. After classes the school provides lunch and we debrief the morning classes. The school provides transportation back to Cuenca returning around 4:30 PM.


High-quality massage therapy, $10 off your first massage

Come and experience a top-quality massage at affordable prices. Beautiful room, relaxing warm environment, heated massage table and the most comfortable face cradle money can buy.

About Jan: Considered by many to be a “World-Class” massage therapist, Jan Wallace has been performing massage therapy since her original licensing by the Oregon State Board of Health in 1983. She has studied almost every massage technique out there, and over the course of 30 years, blended the best-of-the best into her own massage style that’s an incredibly relaxing, therapeutic, invigorating, and an almost “spiritual” experience.

She can perform very light to very deep tissue techniques, and encourages the client to express their preferences, so she can create a custom experience for them.

Regular price: $40 for 90 minutes
New client’s first visit is always $10 off this price, therefore $30
Monday thru Friday: 2 PM and 4 PM, (and 6 PM if necessary)


“I highly recommend you experiencing a massage with Jan Wallace, an excellent masseuse. I cannot give her enough accolades. Being the physically active woman that I am, I have had many massages in my lifetime and she easily ranks in the top 1%. No kidding. Give her a try. You’ll be so happy you did.” Eve Donald, Cuenca

“Jan gave me a fantastic massage. Her apartment is easy to find and the massage room is very spa-like. She’s easy to communicate with and makes sure you’re comfortable at all times. I highly recommend her.” Sandy Brown, Cuenca

“I had a great massage experience with Jan. She listens to your needs and pressure preference. The atmosphere is quiet, comfortable and relaxing. She is conveniently located. I would highly recommend a massage from Jan.” Adrien Winger, Cuenca

“I had overstressed a muscle in my back last week and was in a lot of pain. Jan lives in the same building as I do so I called her and she was able to fit me into her schedule. After 90 minutes with Jan, the pain was gone. I was hoping simply for the pain to lessen, but it was totally gone. Needless to say, I think she is great and highly recommend her!” Linda Chase, Cuenca

“I had three or four massages with Jan while I was in Cuenca a few months ago, just after she opened. I would second the comment above about having had many massages in my lifetime and the fact that Jan is in the top 1%. I’m a retired medical professional and can’t wait for my next visit with Jan. Renee Woywitka, Cuenca /Canada

Near Los Totems / Batan Shopping

Jan Wallace

Temporary/permanent visas… 100% guaranteed!!

If you are filing for a temporary/permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing. My name is Isabel Mosquera. I am an Ecuadorian, who studied and lived in Canada for many years. I have been a Visa Facilitator for over 7 years and have assisted more than two hundred and fifty Expats in obtaining their Visas, temporary and permanent, cedulas, translations, health insurance, housing and much more. These services are available as one fee package or individually. I own a car, so transportation is always included at no extra charge. I have always gotten my clients their visas, even under the most difficult of circumstances, such as unreadable fingerprints for FBI reports.

Have you moved to Ecuador without the required documents? Don’t worry, I can help. I offer free consultations, either by telephone, email or in person. I am at the Immigration office on a very regular basis, so I am knowledgeable about all recent changes in the law and am happy to share my knowledge with you. I will be happy to provide you with references.

I look forward to serving you.


Isabel Mosquera
Whatsapp +593 99 960 3663

Let’s chat

New schedules to acquire Spanish are available from the next week/one-on-one and online.

Beginners and intermediate students are welcome.

Don’t learn by heart but acquire a language from the heart.
Ask for further details and get a special with your first pack of lessons.

San Sebastian


Attorney – translator

I’m a fluent English-speaking attorney, and I can help you with legal issues such as: legal documents, end of life documents, wills, notary procedures, lease contracts, legal advice, and much more.

I have experience working with Americans in Cuenca, and I really enjoy it. I am also a translator and interpreter who can help you translating any kind of document (legal, medical, documents for visa process, etc.).

I can help you as your personal interpreter for your appointments, errands, video conferences, and more.

Juan Montalvo 7-40 y Sucre

Javier Munoz
099 582 0754

Driver, facilitator and tour guide

Looking for a reliable and experienced driver?

With more than 20 years as a professional driver touring Ecuador and with 13 years of experience as a national tour guide knowing the beautiful places of Ecuador.

My name is Angel Panchez and I continue to offer my transportation services, tour guide and facilitator, trips to the airports of Quito, Guayaquil, to the entire Spondylus route.

-Baños de Ambato.
-Puerto López

I also help with shopping, doctor appointments, appliances, furniture, and more.
You can contact me at my email, cell phone directly or my WhatsApp in the following information.

Calle el Oro y Galápagos

Angel Panchez
098 589 9643

Need help with GPS

I have a beautiful new zoom or XTGPS to use on my motorcycle. I’m having challenges using it here. Does anybody know an expert who might be able to help me make sure I have the right nabs and that it is set up properly?

Thank you,

Ned: 093 998 4769. Nedmeisner@meisnerfinancial.com


Looking for a graphic artist

Can you paint or make a decal that can be affixed to my helmet? My electric motorcyle needs to slow considerably when I make a 90 degree turn. I have a small decal on the rear fender, but I fear that the car behind me won’t see it due to it’s size. I would like a graphic that will cover a large area on the back of my helmet. Please see the photos, if they appear.

Edificio Palermo, Ordoñez Lasso

Richard Mateyko

Nathaly Vivas, personal chef; Days available for next week

Days available for next week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Hi everyone, my name is Nathaly Vivas. I am a chef. I offer you my chef services at home.

~We cook your favorite food at home.

Thinking about you we have new prices for our service, if you have been interested in our service you can contact us again to know our new options. We think you’ll love this.

My services consist of:

I design your menu with American/Asian/Mediterranean/European/Latin American food or what you want to eat. I make your shopping list and, if you prefer, I can do the shopping for you. Guaranteeing your economy.

I can cook for you, all week, meals once a week.

Cook in a special event and so your guests can enjoy a delicious meal.

I make all kinds of food: vegan, vegetarian, I have special knowledge is food for diabetics.

Normal or sugar free desserts.

I live in Downtown Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas
098 770 7372

Cuenca Car Share – amazing car rental discounts can be yours

Amazing discounts can be yours – if you book one of our cars for a week, we will give you 15% discount. If you book for more than a month, the discount becomes even better – up to 60%! That’s unheard of. Remember we always include auto insurance. You do need a valid driver’s license – either International or Ecuadorian – and we can help you get a local license, if you need it.

Please plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to book your vacation with us. Just visit our site or email me and we will work out your vacation plans together.

Voted Best Car Rental in Cuenca

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Alternative healings, consulting and coaching

We are offering pranic healing sessions as an effective system of no touch energy. This invisible bio-energy keeps the body alive and maintains a state of good health.

Tarot angel sessions as a consulting and guide.
Coaching in decoding as a therapy with natural resources.

Call time or text on WhatsApp: 8 AM – 8 PM

Calle Larga y Hermano Miguel

MG Paredes
099 447 1149

A friend coming from Madrid, can bring small items from Europe

A friend of mine, is returning from Madrid to Loja in August and she is willing to bring small things from Europe, for a fee.

Her name is Viviana Torres and her email is vivianacisnet@gmail.com, you can contact her directly – she speaks good English – and talk with her about what you need.

Good luck…

Loja and Cuenca


New location opening soon – La Mia Mascota Vet and Pet Shop

La Mia Mascota Vet and Pet Shop proudly announces their newest location – at Commercial Center Plaza Sur Shopping center in Challuambamba, which will be opening July 29, 2021. This location will not only have our great pet shop, but will also provide veterinary services and grooming.

We have many products from Animal Planet for your pets. As always, we also have Kong – including the Ballistic Hide’N Treat – a felt toy which offers your dog a treat after playing with it. This provides mental and physical exercise and helps keep them from becoming bored and destructive. We also offer the best pet foods on the market.


We’re here to help you – Emilio of All Trades

As Cuenca’s Best Handyman, I, Emilio invite you to contact us with all your home improvement needs. We have lots of recommendations on GringoPost as well as recommendations on Facebook and you will see for yourself through pictures posted on Facebook not only what kind of work we do but also how much our clients appreciate our services.


Wednesday Wellness tips from El Mundo Orgánico

1. Challenge yourself to eat at least one fruit or vegetable with every meal, every day for a week. Then try it again the next week.
2. Challenge yourself to drink at least two glasses of water each day.
3. Give up soft drinks – and opt for a healthier beverage option – at least one day a week
4. Challenge yourself to go to bed at the same time every night for a week, at an hour that allows you to get adequate rest. Then try it again the next week.
5. Develop at least one new stress-buster. Instead of a bowl of ice cream or alcoholic drinks, treat yourself to a bowl of tasty, exotic fruit, take a long walk some place pretty, or enjoy an afternoon out with your spouse or best friend.


Paintbox yarns on sale this week at YarnLux – boutique de hilo

At YarnLux – boutique de hilo we specialize in natural fibers. Please come and explore high quality yarn offered at affordable prices. Imported natural fibers such as merino wool, yak, camel, cashmere, silk, soy, etc. In yarn weights: fingering, sport, DK, and worsted. We have all the yarn and supplies you need for your knitting, crochet, weaving, and other fiber arts projects.

This week at YarnLux we are offering the following specials:


Miscellaneous items for sale

18 kg Whirlpool washing machine, rarely used $280
Mountain bike, brand-new tires and brakes $100
Whirlpool medium size microwave $50
Electric string trimmer $50
Electric space heater $20
Electric drill with some bits $40
Panasonic cordless phone with two handsets $40

Kelly: kelly212davis@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

6-burner gas stove and oven for sale

All 6 burners and large oven in full working order with glass top cover. 29.5 wide, 20.5 deep,
37” high. HACEP brand $250. Feel free to call or write for more info or to come to see it.
Ken: pmchef11@gmail.com or 096 950 6605. Call after: 9 AM. City: Cuenca

Ken V: 096 950 6605.

City: Cuenca

Cordless telephone GE for sale

Ultra-slim digital cordless phone with caller ID.
Model 28517/28527

DECT Technology GE
Ultra Slim Handset
1.8” Full Graphic Reverse Display
White Keypad and Display Backlit
Convenient handset speakerphone
40 Phonebook Records
Maximum 5 Handsets Support

$50 or best offer

Beth Shahda: mbshahda@gmail.com 098 395 9515.

City: Cuenca

Classic, round bird cage for sale

Classic. round bird cage is ideal for finches, canaries, parakeets and other small birds.
Cage comes with one swing, two wood perches, toys, bird play nest, 3 bottle drinkers and a small travel cage.

Owner friendly features include a removable bottom grille and pull-out tray for convenient cleaning

Features: Removable bottom grille and pull-out tray
Color: Blue
Number of Doors: three
Dimensions: 14″L x 14″W x 25″H
Material: Plastic, metal

Asking price $30 or best offer

Beth Shahda: mbshahda@gmail.com 098 395 9515.

City: Cotacachi

Perfect 1970 Land Rover 4×4

Perfect condition Land Rover, 1970, 4×4 original engine


Everything works perfectly. This is a gem.

Danni: +593 98 485 1359.

City: Cuenca

Returning to US in September

Sadly we must leave Ecuador. Everything is for sale. Furniture for three bedroom house plus office. Also babies room. Rugs, dining room table with 8 chairs. Buffet with mirror. Book cases. Books in English for cooking, high school or enjoyment. Storage cabinets are just a sample.

Dining table with 8 chairs $900
Buffet with mirror – $600
Storage cabinets from $40 to $175 according to size
Kitchen Aid mixer never used $400
Vitamin blender $250

Lillian Yohe: lyhpny@aol.com .

City: Cuenca

Dining room set

Eight place dining room table and chairs, with glass overlay. We’ve owned it for less than a year, and we’ve used it half a dozen times at most. Excellent condition. No scratches, dings, etc.


George: gkastanes@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

The Hop Factory: Best place for craft beer and coffee in Cuenca

Come to The Hop Factory this Thursday and Friday from 1:30 to 7:30 PM, for some great craft beer. We do home deliveries on Thursday from 8 AM to noon.

We are on the east side of Cuenca, Calle del Himno y Bandera Nacional. We have darts and chess boards available to play, as well as outdoor seating.

Our available beers are: Bourbon Barrel (11.5%) $4, IPA (6%) $3, Stout (6%) $3, American Amber Ale (6%) $3, Pale Ale (5.5%) $3, Jamaica Shandy (4.5%) $3. We make a truly “old school” beer that is unfiltered and naturally carbonated.

Low cal/low carb beer: ($2,50)
Our Rowdy Rabbit is an all-natural Light Blonde Ale that only has 84 calories and 5.8 carbohydrates but still has 4% abv. This slightly hazy beer is light in color/calories/carbohydrates but still has a Citrusy Tart flavor (15 IBU’s) that is created with not only our hops/grains but stands out because of our use of coriander from our friends @ Gramm’s Bulk Shop (thanks guys).

We are also the only place you can get Black Honey and Café Doña Julita brand coffees. Black Honey is our coffee liqueur made in Vilcabamba. Makes a great White Russian (16% abv $15/750ml bottle). The coffee we have available in both beans and ground. “Premium” is a medium-dark roast $4/400g, “Gourmet” is a medium/Columbian roast $5/400g and our “Honey” is a medium dark roast originally created just for our coffee liqueur $6/400g.

Please have all orders in by Wednesday to ensure on-time delivery. $18 minimum for free delivery under $18 we add $2.

Luis: thehopfactory@yahoo.com 098 721 4499.

City: Cuenca

Rose Guy gourmet popcorn from Ecuador USA Roses and The Rose Guy

You know us for the “AAA”, quality roses we deliver to your loved ones and friends in the States. Now what pairs exquisitely with our roses? At least through my eyes, The World’ Most Incredible Gourmet Popcorn, available in 200 unique and distinct flavors.

When you are thinking about birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, engagements or any special celebration for loved ones and friends back in the US and Canada, you will become an instant hit, Number 1 in the receiver’s mind and heart.

As with our roses, we only deliver in the US. Our artesanal popcorn is popped and infused with our flavors in the rolling hills of North Carolina, my home state.

Now, how do you order? Go to our new website, http://www.roseguypopcorn.com. Place your order and wait for the “thank-you’s you will receive.

The Rose Guy, Hugh Prather only deals with the highest quality products. Want to know more, email me, but why wait. We are open for business.

The first 10 people to order will receive a Restaurant.com $25 gift code to give to your loved ones in the US and Canada which is redeemable at 1000s of restaurants.

Hugh Prather: yourroseguy@gmail.com

City: Cuenca

Ecuador USA Roses Rose Guy Day Site-wide Sale

Today is ‘RoseGuyDay” and we are excited to offer, our “Friends of the Rose Guy”, 20% off site-wide and today: roses, tropical bouquets, sunflowers, hydrangeas and more.

Go to http://www.yourroseguy.com and place your order today.

Free delivery to any US address

Hugh Prather: yourroseguy@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Alpaca bath robes for sale

New robes have just arrived. I have only one of each design. They are very warm and comfortable.

Alpaca with synthetic blend. Unisex, one size fits all. Or you can have them altered very inexpensively. Opened and laying flat they measure 72 inches across, so it is like wrapping a blanket around you.

$69 each and I will deliver here in Cuenca for free. Or you can come to my place and try them on and see the designs for yourself.

I currently have 12 new designs. One small child size in red.
Please email me for pictures.

Bruce Cook: afbcook1@gmail.com 096 407 2098.

City: Cuenca

Olym gas heater

Like new 20L gas heater for sale ($200)

Olmes Jaramillo: 096 310 4814.

City: Cuenca

Chairs for sale

Heavy duty… great for your office, small dining area or lounge. Very comfortable.
Chrome plated metal and faux leather, easy to keep clean. Like-new condition

$150 for the pair or $85 each.

Call me and we can arrange a time for you to see them.

Ken V: 096 950 6605 email: pmchef11@gmail.com

City: Cuenca

Household items for sale

Rarely used rectangular dining room table set for six $270
Patio table and four chairs $125
Free frost Indurama refrigerator (top freezer) $250
Lenovo desktop computer, 500 GB HD, 4.00 GB memory ram , keyboard, mouse and speakers included $225
Gas propane tank $30

Stephany: stepmiller65@hotmail.com 095 975 8751.

City: Cuenca

Recommendation for Sandra Mejía, personalized Spanish lessons

Are you looking to improve your Spanish skills? This could be in grammar, vocabulary, writing or conversation – you choose what you need. And whatever level you’re at on your Spanish-speaking journey – from beginner to advanced – is the perfect level from which to start.

I’ve been taking Spanish lessons with Sandra Mejía since April, 2021 (via Skype), and I highly recommend her. Sandra is experienced in teaching Spanish to expats, and I find her rates very reasonable. During the time I’ve spent learning with her, I’ve noticed myself becoming more confident in holding interesting conversations with Ecuadorians (and I can better follow what is being said!). I’ve even been told by Ecuadorian colleagues and friends that my Spanish is improving, whereas I had struggled to express myself adequately before.

Sometimes I learn a new verb tense, for other classes I read short stories and practice pronunciation and learn new vocabulary, and still for others we choose an interesting topic for discussion so that I can practice my conversation skills. I simply express whatever it is that I want to work on for the next class, and Sandra prepares and shares with me the materials for each lesson. She is organized, punctual, patient and kind. If you’re looking for a Spanish teacher, I highly recommend reaching out to her for a free session to see if her excellent teaching methods might work for you, too.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: mlle.semp@gmail.com

Recommended by Teresa Eklund: teresa.eklund@gmail.com

Pei’s pot stickers

Hi friends In Cuenca. I am Pei. If you want to try traditional Chinese food. Please contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you. And please order one day in advance

This is the menu:


pork • $5
chicken • $5
shrimp and pork • $7
vegetable • $5
Beef • $6

hand-made noodles

veggie stir-fry • $5
zhajiangmian • $6
eggs with tomatoes • $5
Pork with vegetable • $8
Chicken with broccoli • $8

single dishes
over rice

Kung Pao chicken • $8
Coca-Cola chicken wings • $10
crispy sweet and sour pork • $10
sweet and sour pineapple pork • $10
twice cooked-pork • $10
general Tso’s chicken • $10
fried tofu • $8
veggie delight • $6
salt and pepper pork • $10
salt and pepper chicken • $8
Salt and pepper shrimp • $15
Fry pork with vegetables • $10
Fry chicken with vegetables • $8


pork • $1
chicken • $1
red-bean • $1
mix and match dozen • $10


red bean paste (300g) • $5
Chinese bread buns (5) • $2.50
fresh-noodles Ramen (1lb) • $8
Spicy sauce (100g) • $3
Pancake (2 pics ) • $5

July 21st. From 9 AM to 9 PM, Paseo Imbabura

Pei: zhaopei306@gmail.com 099 253 6116

Butter, fresh blueberries and organic products

We bring organic products of excellent quality at a good price. You can check the list below:

1 lb Fresh Blueberries $6
1 lb 100% organic cocoa powder $2.50
1 lb 100% organic cacao $6
1 lb organic raw butter $3
1 lb mozzarella cheese $3.50
1 lb peanuts $2.50
1 lb almonds $5.50
1 lb walnuts $5.50
400 g. of artisan blackberry syrup from Ibarra $4
500ml Honey $6
1 liter Honey $10
1 liter Honey with design of the bottle $12
0.5lb Bee Pollen $7
1 Ghee 200 g $6.50
1 Ghee 400 g $12.50
1 Ghee 550 g $15.50

Place your order. For purchases over $10: free shipping.

If you need another product that is not on the list, let us know and we will look for it to deliver.


Visit us:

Follow us:

Google Maps:

098 146 0912

7 AM to 7 PM, Delivery / pick up

Daniela Carrasco: qorighee@gmail.com 098 146 0912 Instagram Qorighee

Meet your new best friend: lactobacillus casei

Lactobacillus casei is just one of 13 identified bacteria species in Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt. Have you tried Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt yet? If you haven’t, why not?

Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt is made with organic milk, not fully pasteurized. It has 13 different identified bacterial strains and 250 billion live cultures/liter. That’s more than 17x the number of live cultures in the best competitive brand of yogurt!!!

And how many different species of bacteria are in the yogurt you’re eating now? Two? Maybe three? Hmmmm…

Would you like a free liter of Cream’O’Gurt yogurt in your favorite flavor?


This week special at La Karlota delicatessen

• Turkey Sandwich (baked turkey breast,
• Pulled pork (our artisan pulled pork, pickled onions, Andean tomato sauce)
• Pastrami (artisan pastrami, honey mustard, cheese, pickled cucumber, mayonnaise)

This week special:
– Baked turkey breast
– Pastrami
– Ground turkey
– Ground lamb


7 bakery coffee

Home delivery service from 7 AM to 7 PM with 24 hours in advance. Deliveries from Monday to Sunday. Only WhatsApp text: 096 772 7777

Filled donuts
Boston Cream $1
Choco-Nutella $1
Choco- Passion fruit $1
Choco-Dulce de Leche $1
Vanilla Strawberry $1
Choco-Strawberry $1
Vanilla Blackberry $1
Creme Brulee $1
Lemon Pie Donut $1
Tres Leches Donut $1
Promotion 6 filled Donuts x $5


Yummy New York Cheesecakes, brownies, cookies and more

Hi beautiful people. The best cheesecake is now in GringoPost.

°Medium cheesecake $15 (6 or 8 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi

°Large cheesecake $20 (12 or 14 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi.


Black Angus Grill get a 10% off

Hi friends, we want to get back to the normal life, we have very good news for this week.

Daily specials:

Happy hours from 6 to 7 PM mojitos, micheladas, Cuba libre and caipiriña just for $2.50
Tuesday and Wednesday 2 burgers 2 fries for $10
Thursday half rack of ribs with bourbon sauce, 10 grilled BBQ wings and French fries.

Show your vaccine ID and get 10% off in main courses.
Does not apply with the Daily Specials.

We will be happy to see you soon, if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

noon to 3 PM and 6 to 9 PM, Gonzalo Cordero y Av. Solano

Carolina Guevara: 099 282 0782

Breakfast and lunch at the Jazz Society Cafe

Start your day with delicious and healthy breakfast or enjoy our value lunch in a charming setting. We are located at Los Cedros y Los Claveles, one block north of Ordonez Lasso.

We have cappuccino, Matcha latte, chai latte, fresh juice and more.
Buy 2 and get your 3rd mimosa free!

Greek Yogurt amd Granola Bowl $4.50

Fluffy Pancakes
2pcs $3.50
3pcs $4.50

French Toast
2pcs $3.50
3pcs $4.50