PureSynergy brand vitamins

Good morning,

Do any vitamin stores in Cuenca (or anywhere in Ecuador) carry Pure Synergy brand vitamin products?

Thank you,


Cuenca Post Office?

I have had a PO Box in Cuenca for many years. It is required by Social Security in the US if I want to have my benefits wired to an Ecuadorian bank. I know I can choose to have my benefits sent to a US bank, which I might have to do, or my benefits will be held and not sent. But there are other reasons I need to maintain a PO Box here in Ecuador, and I am wondering if anyone else has heard any news or updates regarding the post office.

Several months ago, I visited the Post Office on the corner of Gran Columbia and Borrero and was told a different agency of the government will be taking over the Post Office, and would reopen in June or July. It is now June. I was also told our boxes would be held for us, and we will only have to pay for the balance of the year. Currently the doors are locked. Does anyone know of an alternative to receiving mail from the US? Does anyone know of any private PO Boxes available like the many that operate in the US? Any input would be appreciated, and I suspect by many other expats as well.

Sam: 098 688 8528. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Be careful when you walk alongside the river near Coliseo Jefferson

Dear Gringos,

We all heard about robberies. You never know what will happen until you’re robbed.
There were two young blacks wandering near Coliseo Jefferson Perez Quezada alongside the river recently, with an iron rod in their hands.

My mother and aunt were taking a walk by the river about 3 PM on Monday. At about 50 meters away from the bridge, the two blacks robbed them, and a few minutes later another two women became their victims.

This is just for information; take care.


City: Cuenca

Welcome a forever companion

Hello Cuenca friends and rescue supporters. Please share this post all over. These 3 dogs need homes as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it’s been the same people always supporting us, which we are extremely grateful for, but the cost of housing, vetting and feeding the rescue animals is extremely high. We have not been making ends meet for a while and as of now we are completely out of funding with little necessities left. These dogs were rescued in hopes of finding them forever families. We cannot and did not have plans of sustaining them forever.

All 3 are females and will make a great addition to your family.

Ginger. Ginger is a great dog and is eagerly waiting human companionship. She enjoys watching TV with her human and would do fine in a house or apartment (as long as she is being walked). She is sterilized, medium in size, and about 5 or 6 years old.


What to do if a claim was denied by the health company?

On several occasions we encounter refusals or refunds by the company that are not always well taken by the user, but wonder what are the reasons why companies do not pay for your claims? The most usual thing is to blame the company that does not want to pay because it does not fulfill its obligations, but the reality can be very different from what you think.

When a claim is returned or denied on several occasions it may be a problem of documentation. The prepaid medicine companies in Ecuador establish certain guidelines in their contracts as obligations of the user, these documents are the following in general for all insurance companies:


Movies and Dinner in La Guarida: Macario

La Guarida is proud to present:

a film by Roberto Gavaldón
in Spanish with English subtitles

Tuesday, June 15th at 6:30 PM
Doors open at 5:30 PM
Reservations with dinner requests necessary
Limited capacity
Tel. 099 806 8071

Macario is a poor, hungry peasant; his wife and several children help him sell wood in the town. Fed up with a life full of hardships, Macario longs for a good meal. In an attempt to satisfy his wishes, his wife steals a turkey and cooks it for him. Before he can sit down to eat, he receives a visit from the Devil, God, and Death, who ask him to share his turkey. A very simple plot turns into an incredible philosophical and serious journey of life and death. One of the most important Mexican films of all times.

Come try our new weekly menu. We care for your experience and do our best to follow strict social distancing guidelines.

June 15th, from 6:30 AM to 9 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071.

Father’s Day, Sunday Lunch and Jazz Concert

Father’s deserved a special treat on their special day.
Come and Celebrate Father’s day with us for Cool Jazz and delicious lunch.
Lunch service starts 12:30 PM

Jazz Concert starts 3 PM

Sunday, June 20th 12:30 PM to 6 PM, $10 cover fee for the music, Los Cedros y Los Claveles (corner bldg.) (one block north from Ordonez Lasso), Cuenca.

Deborah Degamo: reservations@jazzsocietycafe.com 093 934 2714.

Workshop of toquilla straw

The Workshop of toquilla straw is in Cuenca at the Gallery Salida de Emergencia.

This weekend 19 and 20 of June from 9 AM – 1 PM.

Invertion $70 + materiales + manual

Gabriela Zumba: 099 074 4613.

Art exhibition at La Yunta

La Yunta would like to invite you to join us in this fantastic ceramic exhibition:

Alessandro DeLizza. Ceramista de SUEÑOS
Artesanos del Mundo

Alessandro brings from Manabi his fantastic art in ceramic

Join us from Thursday, June 17, at 5 PM until Sunday, June 20.

The opening of the art exhibition is Thursday at 5 PM. We will have a complementary canelazo for all of you, and also we will have a degustation of different products made by local artesanos, the art exhibition will be until Sunday June 20 at 5 PM

As usual it will be great to see you,


Thursday, June 17, from 5 PM, Ave 1 de mayo entre Ave Americas y Fray Gaspar de Carvajal, Cuenca.

Thomas Gould: layuntatiendaycocina@gmail.com 098 945 6551.

Come to our Entrepreneurs Fair next Saturday at Cosasprep

We are happy of annunciate our next feria, for this Saturday 19, from 10 AM to 3 PM.
You will find bread, sweets, recycled items to decorate and more…

You can come with you friends and family, meet new people, learn about new products, have a good time, share with new friends and have fun and support small business at the same time.

And don’t forget about all the stuff we have for you at Cosasprep, like: Gas & smoke detectors, self-defense laser, personal alarm, security cameras, finger pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor and more.

Visit us:
Simon bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral.

Saturday, 19 from 1 PM till 3 PM, Simon bolivar 13-49 y Estevez de Toral., Cuenca.

Sai: sales1@cosasprep.com 093 915 4974.

Math teacher?

Does anyone know a good math teacher that you recommend?
I would like integrals classes
(Someone who speaks English or Spanish)

Thank you,

Cassandra: 098 469 1877. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for green delivery person

No, not the Green Lantern.

DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings) is looking for a responsible individual with a bicycle or electric vehicle to do food deliveries. Able to speak English would be a bonus. Hoping to find a local that needs the work.

David Coote: david1@defyforlife.com 098 498 3562. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Spanish language schools

After doing a search here, I have found much information about Spanish language schools, but having written to all of them, emails have bounced back for CCNations and Coffee Club Spanish. Not a good sign.

I am not interested in Zoom or Skype lessons, only face to face. I am not interested in lessons at home. Knowing my style, I need the structure of a school. Small groups would be preferred, but I will start with one on one if need be.

I have been vaccinated twice and it is beyond two weeks since my second vaccine. Still, I wear a mask and follow health guidelines.

Please do not respond if you offer online lessons. I am definitely not interested.

Note: The phone number is my WhatsApp number.

Ryan James: drryanjames@gmail.com 732 314 6688. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca


I am looking for a used laptop.

Rebecca Mara: beccamaratx@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Yunguilla – landscaper wanted

I am looking for someone that does more than simply showing up with a grass trimmer. Seeking a person with knowledge of lawn and garden maintenance, chemicals, plants and fruit trees. Cercaloma – 3 kilometers from main highway.

Sam: 098 688 8528. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Yunguilla

Filter for Artesa water dispenser

Looking for filter for Artesa ceramic water dispenser. Not at Kiwi where purchased in the past.


AK: johnpandalishak@aol.com .

City: Cuenca

Looking for Fab spray

I am looking for Fab spray. I need to spray paint some canvas chairs.

Any suggestions where I might find it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Joyce Taylor Bungay: jtbungay@yahoo.com .

City: Cuenca

Cat tree/tower

Need cat tower in good condition for two cats–prefer multilevel and tall structure. $50-$75 price range

Barbie Simmons: ibarbarita@hotmail.com . 

City: Cuenca

Plastic surgeon?

Who is the plastic surgeon who speaks English that you have ever used?

Bailey: baileyt1216@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Cooperativa Policía Nacional (CPN)

Hi Community,

My name is Daniel Campos, and I worked on a couple of financial institutions. As some people know, I am currently working at Cooperativa Policia Nacional (CPN). Here in CPN we have a lot of benefits especially in CDs. We have the best rate of interest; much better than others financial institutions. We know how annoying it is wait for a long time to be attended and that’s why we have a department exclusive for foreigners for any requirement because we care about your time.

You can search at SEPS the solvency at CPN, we are a segment 1 cooperative inside the top 3 of best cooperatives in Ecuador. These are some of the best benefits that CPN has:

– Interest Rate up to 10%
– Joint CDs
– For CDs an account is not necessary.

If you are interested, for a personalized attention, and step by step guide, please contact me by email or WhatsApp.

Daniel Enrique Campos Urgilez.
Financial Advisor.
Cel: 099 511 0173
E-Mail: Daniel.campos@cpn.fin.ec

Luis Cordero 5-24 and Honorato Vasquez

Daniel Campos


Are you looking for an experienced, trusted facilitator to help you with translation or figuring out how to get things done?

I can help you with:

– English/Spanish translation
– Cedula – Driver license (legaly)
– Car registration and inspection

I can provide personal references from satisfied clients. My services are reasonably priced. I will be reliably on time. Contact me to discuss your needs and to inquire about rates.

Making Life in Cuenca Easy


Daniel Mocha
098 176 7735

Dog resource directory — vets

I’m putting together a directory of dog resources for dog owners here in Cuenca. Will you help me? I’d like to start with veterinary care.

Have you had a great experience with a vet? Or maybe a bad experience with a vet? Will you email me privately to say what you liked or didn’t like about the vet you went to?

May I have permission to contact you back? I will be respectful of your privacy but I cannot use anonymous reports.


Heather Conley
099 577 7459

Do you want to diversify your CDs?

Hello to the whole GringoPost community. I would like to offer you the CD services from my credit union. At Cooperco we handle the best rates on the market and we are covered by Cosede with an amount of $32,000. We are currently the financial institution with the best financial security and solvency indexes.

I am here to give you a quality service. I speak English and Spanish. So, don’t delay. Contact me if you need this service or an offer.


Juan Lara
098 459 6148

Elia Liut 2-90 y Calle Vieja, Cuenca‎. Next to Supermaxi Miraflores, close to the Cuenca Airport

Professional carpet cleaning and handyman

Professional carpet cleaning. No matter what has happened to your carpet, chances are that we can help you get it looking good again. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and tell you just how we can help you get your carpet back to top shape. What’s more, we are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That’s right: You love the result, or we make it right with you.

Our services are:

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Car interiors


Handyman services
General construction

Gonzales Suarez

Freddy Delgado
093 937 9979

Cuenca Consignments is open today

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend. Lots of gift ideas:
watches, FitBit, hats, books,
Yes, we have no neckties today.

“Yes, we have no bananas
We have-a no bananas today.
We’ve string beans, and onions
Cabbageses, and scallions,
And all sorts of fruit and say
We have an old fashioned to-mah-to
A Long Island po-tah-to
But yes, we have no bananas.
We have no bananas today.” Louis Prima 1923

Isabela 4-75 y 12 de Abril

Suzanne Ward

099 546 8580

Luvimar will be closed this Friday and will be back on Monday

Hello everybody. I hope you’re doing amazing, enjoying these sunny days. I just wanted to let you know that Luvimar Gourmet Market will be closed this Friday, 18, and will be open again on Monday, 21.

Check Luvimar’s website to see what I have available. Lots to choose from, between aged cheeses, wines, meat products, Asian products and more.

You can come to my store or ask for delivery.

Have a great day.

Luis Moreno Mora #5-85, Between Nicanor Aguilar & Roberto Crespo Toral (Half a block from the Rione Hotel. Yellow house with big yellow garage door and big blue sign)

Luis from Luvimar
Cell Phone and WhatsApp: 096 895 7920
Website: https://www.luvimargourmet.com / Facebook & Instagram: luvimar.ec

Cuenca Soup Kitchen-Hearts of Gold seeking donations for families

In addition to the families already being served on a weekly basis, additional donations of food and clothing are needed for the recent flood victims in nearby communities. At this time the following items are desperately needed as we will be depleting our current reserves:

Food-rice, beans, grains, oatmeal
Toiletries-shampoo, bath soap, laundry soap, reusable masks, alcohol
Clothing – Mens shoes and pants, Womens casual shoes, Kids clothing and shoes for ages 3-12, baby blankets
Other-school supplies

All donations can be dropped off at Hearts of Gold at 4-30 Guayas y Remegio Crespo Mon-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM

4-30 Guayas y Remegio Crespo

Kay Brickey

Brain Alchemist

The human body is the best chemistry lab you’ll ever find.

Learn how to hack and rewire your brain.

Learn quantum flow activations.

Learn how to reconnect with your core.

Warning: Once you see beyond “the limits” there’s no going back.

Set your appointment.



Need help with your home workouts?

We know the struggle of trying to work out by yourself, ether time, knowledge or motivational wise, it is hard to get started. That’s why we are here to offer our services in everything related to physical care and health wellness. We are willing to provide you: – Physical Rehabilitation.– Physical training (based in the functional workout method).– Therapeutic massage. All these services in the comfort of your home. Home Visit. Monday to Saturday (previous appointment)

José Gabriel Cabeza
Email: jgbs.fitness@gmail.com

Home visit

Spanish lessons


My name is Hilary and I am a native Peruvian. I am certified to teach both English and Spanish as foreign languages and have been teaching for 4+ years. I have availability to take on some new Spanish and English students and would love to have you learn and improve your Spanish/English with me.

Classes are one-on-one held via Zoom. You receive customized classes, free materials and worksheets for self-study and notes from each lesson to help you review.

I offer packages of 5, 10 and 20 classes and I’m offering 30% off this month.

Areuipa, Peru

Hilary Alvarez
+ 51 96 198 7526

La Mia Mascota Pet Shop – sale, news

Dear friends, thank you for all your support. We are proud to announce that soon we will open in two locations – thanks to you. El Batan and Challumbamba are well on their way.

But, in the meantime, check out this incredible sale. For your young dogs, we are currently offering (until we run out of stock) Club Special Performance Junior. Normally priced at $114.90 for 15 kg, this special sale finds each bag priced at just $89.90.

Opening soon – La Mia Mascota Pet Shop El Batan. Our staff in El Batan La Mia Mascota Pet Shop will include Dr. Diego – an English speaking, trained veterinarian who will be able to assist you in selecting the best food for your pets and with select consultations. He will not examine pets in the pet shop, but will be available to step in if there are any questions regarding pet care.


New trip to the Jungle

Hello adventurers,

We have a new date available for our jungle tour. You can’t miss this great adventure with your family or friends. This is an organized tour for small groups, no more than 15 people. It is a 6 day / 5 night trip.

Here you can see a recommendation for our tour:

In our trip to the jungle, we combine visits to the Andes and Jungle. We will stay at Suchipakari Ecolodge in Misahualli and we will enjoy hiking in the rainforest, learn more about the Quichua culture, and navigate the waters of the beautiful Napo River. On our way to the jungle, we will visit Baños de Ambato and the Chimborazo volcano, on the way back to Cuenca.


All wood, solid good

– We manufacture all kinds of wooden furniture; solid and resistant wood.
– Please send a reference image and measurements.
– We manufacture for all tastes.
– We manufacture all woodwork.

– We speak English
– our price is economic and the quality is high

You can see our Instagram page: @paletforniture

Miguel Heredia


Rosa Linda, roses with love

Rosa Linda is a rose farm with export quality. Our mission is that you enjoy a fresh product in your home that reflects your peace and love for life. We offer you an extraordinary quality so that you can enjoy an Ecuadorian product of the best in the world for much longer, while you rest at home or are on vacation in our beloved Cuenca. Our delivery is free. We have your favorite color. Write to me.

If you want to get out of isolation and enjoy the great outdoors, I have private tours. Also if you want to go to another province, or want someone to receive you from the airport or leave an envelope at the embassy, one of my drivers can help you. As safe as I am.


Israel Lopez
096 958 5647

Transpo Ecuador

We take you to or from CUE, GYE, in a new 4 door truck for four people max and all your luggage for 95 bucks!

Let’s book Transpo.

Bolivar 6-40

Jon Labouef
098 494 9008

Recommendation for Gimnasio G, gymnasium

Across from Hotel Oro Verde, there is a charming little gymnasium with beautiful new equipment, and Diego Garcia, the owner, is a superb trainer. There are bicycles, treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, all kinds of weight training equipment, leg machines, and other equipment I cannot name, as well as floor space for floor workouts. The gym is super clean with great locker/restrooms and lots of fresh air and friendly people of all ages – male and female. The gym opens at 5 AM., closing at 10 PM. Parking in front and across the street. Fees are nominal.

All you folks in the Puertos del Sol, Ordoñez Lasso and surrounding area are invited to stop in to have a chat with Diego and see the place. It is not intimidating. I, a senior, have belonged to the gym for two years and love it.

Address: Av.Ordoñez Lasso 6-200 y Olivos

Contact information: die64garcia@gmail.com 098 756 5164

Recommended by Jean Carothers: innerspaces007@gmail.com

Recommendation for Edvi Limpieza Total, heavy duty cleaning

I’m moving on Thursday into a house that is lovely, but hasn’t had a tenant in something like eight months. The state of dirt and grime on every surface attests to this. On the recommendation of a friend, I contacted Edvi cleaners. Wow. Am I ever glad I did.

A crew of four people spent two days cleaning my house from top to bottom, from cupboards and drawers to light fixtures, from bathrooms to walls and windows, the garage floor and the outdoor stone sink which had been filled with the remainder of the painter’s efforts. Even the fireplace and outdoor grill were spotless. I was planning to replace the kitchen sink because it was so disgusting. After these hard workers got through with it, it’s gleaming. My jaw actually dropped when I saw it.

I was most impressed by the fact that by some miracle, they managed to clean the glass roofs over the sun room and laundry room and even the skylight in the ensuite bathroom, all of which I was sure were inaccessible.

They needed nothing from me. They came with their own cleaning supplies, ladders and scaffolds.

Four people, two days in a huge house with cathedral ceilings and windows for $350. I consider this a bargain. I now have a sparkling clean house to move into. I can’t overstate what a difference this company made to my house.

One of the crew has some English. You can also communicate via WhatsApp using Google Translate. +593 99 382 0014.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: edgarvinicio1967@hotmail.com

Recommended by Heather Griffiths: edithrossmae@gmail.com

Recommendation for Livethelife Lodge, hotel and garden

It has been over a year of stress and change, for most of the world.

Plans have been derailed, goals have changed, life has become apparently more constrained and our bodies have mostly gotten under a huge amount of stress.

And it seems as though no end is in sight, although there are a lot of rainbows in the midst of the dark clouds.

Since all the turmoil began, I became busier than I ever was, and I tended to break my promises to my body to give it a break.


Recommendation for Akuna, restaurant

This cute little place is right opposite Banco Pinchincha on Ordonez Lasso — and has a nice little airy and covered sitting out area. We were there for lunch and opted to have the salad bar offerings– nice and fresh and lots of variety. The place is clean–well run– and Michael, the owner, so nice and gracious. What a delightful experience.

Address: Ordonez Lasso opposite Banco Pinchincha

Contact information: 098 482 4546

Recommended by Barbie Simmons: ibarbarita@hotmail.com

Like beer but need to watch the calories?

The Hop Factory has created a new low cal/low carb line up for just $2.50 (while supplies last). We want to show you that light beer doesn’t have to be dull, in fact it can be packed with flavor.

Our Rowdy Rabbit is an all-natural Light Blonde Ale that only has 84 calories and 5.8 carbohydrates but still has 4% abv. This slightly hazy beer is light in color/calories/carbohydrates but still has a Citrusy Tart flavor (15 IBU’s) that is created with not only our hops/grains but stands out because of our use of coriander from our friends at Gramm’s Bulk Shop (thanks guys).

Our Light Jamaica and Light Maracuya (Passionfruit) beers are even easier on your waistline. 72 calories, 4.9 carbohydrates, 3.5% abv. and they both go down like juice. These shandy-like beers ended up very popular with our taste testers (The Hop Family (c;).

Please give us your feedback on the beers. Depending on the popularity, we may have to add to the permanent line-up.

We are open on Friday and Saturday from 1:30-7:30 PM on the East side of Cuenca (Calle del Himno and Bandera Nacional). We also deliver on Thursdays from 8 AM – noon. Please have orders in by Wed to ensure on-time delivery. $18 min order for free delivery (under $18 add $2).

Other beers available: Bourbon Barrel (11.5%) $4, IPA (6.5%) $3, Stout (6%) $3, Pale Ale (5.5%) $3, Jamaica Shandy (4.5%) $3. As always, all our beers are unfiltered, naturally carbonated, and made right here in Cuenca.

We are also the only place you can get Black Honey and Café Dona Julita brand coffees. Black Honey is our coffee liqueur made in Vilcabamba. Makes a great White Russian (16% abv $15/750ml bottle). The coffee we have available in both beans and ground. “Premium” is a medium-dark roast $4/400g, “Gourmet” is a medium/Columbian roast $5/400g and our “Honey” is a medium dark roast originally created just for our coffee liqueur $6/400g.

Cheers, and thanks for your continued support.

Luis: thehopfactory@yahoo.com 098 721 4499.

City: Cuenca

100% organic cacao / cocoa powder / organic products

We bring organic products of excellent quality at a good price. You can check the list below:

1 lb 100% organic cocoa powder $2.50
1 lb 100% organic cacao $6.00
1 lb organic raw butter $3
1 lb mozzarella cheese $3.50
1 lb peanuts $2.50
1 lb almonds $5.50
1 lb walnuts $5.50
400 g. of artisan blackberry syrup from Ibarra $4
500ml Honey $6
1 liter Honey $10
1 liter Honey with design of the bottle $12
0.5lb Bee Pollen $7
1 Ghee 200 g $6.50
1 Ghee 400 g $12.50
1 Ghee 550 g $15.50

Place your order. For purchases over $10: free shipping.

If you need another product that is not on the list, let us know and we will look for it to deliver

Visit us:

Follow us:

Google Maps:

7 AM to 7 PM, Delivery

Daniela Carrasco: qorighee@gmail.com 098 146 0912 Instagram: Qorighee

International Bakery, sourdough breads

International Bakery offers you excellent quality sourdough breads without chemicals and without sugar, made in a 100% natural wood oven. Among the products we have vegan, wholemeal, white breads among others.

It is also delivered at home after noon with a minimal delivery cost. We are available from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays only for half a day.

June 15 from 9 AM to 6 PM, We are located in the great Colombia and Manzaneros in front of the Caja cooperative. (The other store is located at Juan Jaramillo 5-18 and Marino Cueva. We open from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM and Sundays from 9 AM to 3 PM)

Gabriel Quito: 099 222 5344

Double D’s: There’s still time to order, but not much

This menu is in honor of our feisty father’s and grandfather’s birthday. He’s been gone for nine years but has definitely not been forgotten. Dressing was one of his favorite foods so we’re pairing it with roasted chicken and baking it all into a casserole. While he never had this chowder, he loved thick soups and this one’s two-star ingredients: sweet potatoes and corn. And no matter what, there was always room for dessert so we’re baking bar versions of two of his favorites. Thanks for helping us celebrate what would have been his 103rd birthday.

Chicken & Dressing Casserole: $25 (6-8 servings); $19 (4-5 servings)
Sweet Potato & Corn Chowder: $8/lb (2-3 servings)
German Chocolate Cookie Bars: $3.50 each
Apple Pie Bars: $3 each

Orders are due by 3 PM today, Tuesday, June 15. When placing your order, please include the following information.

Preference of pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery
Preferred pick-up/delivery day (Thursday or Friday)
Delivery address, if applicable
Phone number

Pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery is available Thursday or Friday, June 17 or 18 between 9 AM and 2 PM. Once all of the orders are received, we’ll be able to confirm a more specific time frame. Delivery is free for orders of at least $25.

Thanks to those of you who have ordered—some every week—since we started our casseroles, soups, and salads last March. We’re the same people with the same name making the same excellent food since August 2017. Continue taking good care of yourselves.

Deb and Dawn

Order by 3 PM Tuesdays, Pick-up or Delivery on Thursdays or Fridays 9 AM – 2 PM, Agustín Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola, #201 (1.5 blocks from Clínica Santa Inés Emergency entrance)

Double Ds Delights: doubledsdelightscuenca@gmail.com 096 802 2545 (Spanish & English) Facebook: Double D’s Delights Cuenca

7 Bakery Coffee, delivery

Home delivery service from 7 AM to 7 PM with 24 hours in advance. Deliveries from Monday to Sunday. Only WhatsApp text 096 772 7777

Filled donuts
Boston Cream $1
Choco-Nutella $1
Choco- Passion fruit $1
Choco-Dulce de Leche $1
Vanilla Strawberry $1
Choco-Strawberry $1
Vanilla Blackberry $1
Reeses (Peanut Butter Cream) $1
Creme Brulee $1
Lemon Pie Donut $1
Tres Leches Donut $1
Promotion 6 filled Donuts x $5

Classic Donuts
Maple & Bacon $1
Classic Glazed $1
Chocolate $1
Chocolate Rainbow Sprinkles $1
Vanilla Rainbow Sprinkles $1
Raspberry Rainbow Sprinkles (Homer Simpson) $1
Cinnamon Glazed $1
Snickers (Peanut & Caramel) $1
Choco-Coconut $1
Vanilla-Coconut $1
Glazed-Coconut $1
S’mores $1
Promotion 6 Classic Donuts x $5

Boston Cream $1.50
Passion fruit $1.50
Manjar $1.50
Nutella $1.50
Lemon $1.50

Strawberry Cheesecake $1
Apple and Cinnamon $1
Peach $1
Nutella $1
Oreo $1
Manicho $1
Promotion 6 Muffins x $5
Promotion 12 x $10 applies mix between 6 donuts and 6 muffins

Apple Fritters $1.50
Blueberry Fritters $1.50
Blueberry Muffin $1.50
Cake Blueberry & Lemon $8

Minimum order 6 units per product, orders from 7 AM to 7 PM with 24 hours in advance. Only WhatsApp text 096 772 7777

Monday to Sunday, from 8 AM to 6 PM, Only home deliveries

Maria Eugenia Crespo: orders@7bakerycoffee.ec 096 772 7777

Cuenca Salmon new tienda, new hours and specials

Cuenca Salmon Tienda – Mariscal Lamar 22-40 y Luis Pauta.
Tuesday – Saturday 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

* $4 discount on 320 gram Aged NY Cut Steak From Uruguay
* $1.95 discount on Smoked Turkey Leg
* $5 discount on Lamb Roast

Fresh Salmon arrives on Wednesday. Reserve your large fillet

Shop 24 hours a day on our website http://www.cuencsalmon.com
Delivery 6 days a week

Tuesday 6/15, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Paute

Lenny Charnoff: info@cuencasalmon.com 099 122 1238

Tienda Nectar has new stuff

Come on over for amazing sourdough bread and check out our new items:

Spirulina in 1 kilo packs
Hemp seed oil
Red and black quinoa
New shampoos

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