Temporary visa

Hello everyone,

I am married to my wife for over 35 years but never kept a marriage certificate.
However, to process our visa we have to submit a marriage certificate.

My question is:

Can we obtain a new marriage certificate here in Cuenca and submit it?
If so, where can we get one, and is it easy to obtain?

Thank you all,


EDTA Chelation therapy

Good morning,

Which practitioners in Cuenca perform EDTA chelation therapy?

Thank you,


Free and Fun Language Exchange, postponed 1 week

The intercambio will be postponed one week because of the Corpus Christi celebration.

The following Monday please login at the Zoom link below and join an enthusiastic group of native Spanish and English speakers as we converse in each other’s language in an encouraging and supportive environment.

All levels of ability are welcome, so don’t be shy–even if you don’t speak a word of the language you want to learn, you will be helped by those that do.

To facilitate conversation, we often have fun with tongue twisters, riddles, slang, crossword puzzles, etc. Or, we just simply converse on various subjects. Anything to practice speaking.

The Zoom language exchange starts promptly at 6 PM on every Monday (except for holidays) and ends at 7 PM.

No need to confirm your attendance; just show up and enjoy (and learn!)

ZOOM meeting link: https://utpl.zoom.us/j/97792398942

No password or meeting ID required.

See you there,

June 14th, from 6 to 7 PM, Free, Simon Bolidar y Presidente Borrero, Cuenca.

Bruce Peterson: 099 109 4835.

Weekly events at Common Grounds

In Common Grounds Sports Bar and Grill we are back on regular hours: Sunday to Thursday from 11 AM to 10 PM. Friday and Saturday 11 AM to midnight.

This week, coming: “Trivia will be on Monday 6:30 PM.
Tuesday football soccer Ecuador VS Peru at 4 PM.
Wednesday Bilingual Gringo Bingo 12:30-3:30 PM, Thursday Tacos and Margaritas, Friday Fun Karaoke at 7:30 PM, Saturday live music at 7:30 PM and Sunday: brunch.

Weekday Happy Hour: 3 to 7 PM. Check our facebook page for more details of each event.
We follow all the bio security protocols.
Thank you all for your support.

Cristian: 098 107 9406.

June 7th from 11 AM to 10 PM, Eduardo Crespo Malo and Gran Colombia, Cuenca.

This week in La Guarida

This week we continue with our monthly schedule – we are dedicating the whole week to Perú. Don’t forget that we serve breakfast from 9 AM to 1 PM, Monday through Friday. Come join us.

Tuesday 6:30 PM – Wiñaypacha.
Like the elderly couple in Ozu’s wonderful Tokyo Story (1953), the main characters of Wiñaypacha carry upon their bent backs the sadness of being forgotten by their son. Nonetheless, they do not invest in anger nor build up blame. They spend their days weaving the blanket that keeps them warm on cold nights, chewing on coca leaves, and dreaming of a wind that will bring their firstborn back home. Simply an outstanding film.

Thursday 7:15 PM. Admission $7. Music from Perú.
Kike Pacherres is easily the most recognized Peruvian artist in our city. We had Kike many times and every time it has been a complete delight. This time Kike visits us and offers a concert dedicated to his home country. Dedicated to the rhythms and culture that made him the extremely talented artist that he is right now. An emotional and intimate concert, that you don’t want to miss.

Friday Happy Hour beginning at 3 PM. No reservations necessary. Ceviche.
Ceviche is elegant, fresh, bold and incredibly delicious. There is no better way to highlight CuencaSalmon’s incredible products than by showing them off in Peruvian’s most traditional dish: ceviche. Come enjoy the best Pisco Sours accompanied by the best ceviche in town.

On Wednesday at 6:30 PM, we continue our film projections as well. We’ll be showing ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.’ This film is an American classic and this year it turns 50. Come delight yourself with the incredible Gene Wilder in Roald Dahl’s best adaptation.

For our evening events don’t forget you need reservations with dinner requests. Call us at 099 806 8071.

June 7th, from 9 AM to 1 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071.

Rejuvenation home massage of Cuenca

Rejuvenation home massage of Cuenca understands the mental and physical challenges we face in our lives daily, today reducing stress promotes better health and well–being. Massage is a natural way to reduce these tensions and have a positive effect on other common health conditions:

Digestive problems
Aches and pains
Sports injuries

I have over 9 years of experience in massage therapy and take care of your specific needs. I use coconut oil to rehydrate the skin, leaving your body silky smooth. I add soothing, calm music to your massage to create an atmosphere of total relaxation, melting away stress, leaving you feeling rested and refreshed.

I follow all health and safety recommendations from local health officials.

1 hour $25
1.5 hours $37.50
2 hours $50

I should mention that there is an additional fee of $5 to bring my massage table for your convenience.

9 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Saturday.

I speak English and Spanish.

Dora Quinche: vilaelizabeth3@gmail.com 099 987 9713. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Travel agency

I had good prices traveling on American Airlines, only 14 hours on 3 connections total from California SFO to Guayaquil. My daughter wants to make that trip but the prices have gone up from $900 to $1300 because it is summer up north. She contacted an agent who found her a $624 price on Avianca Airlines, a Columbian airline. That flight from SFO now is three days, goes on three connections, no food supplied and I guess no sleep, and worries about baggage transfers. Any suggestions of travel agents in Cuenca or anywhere who can do better with a reasonably priced flight without so many foreign changes? I know United stops in Quito but then it entails a flight to Cuenca. I used United once, so I don’t recommend it.

Suzanne Cerny: 593 93 922 4268. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca


This is an example of a reachable homeopath in California, USA with books and suggestions for learning more about homeopathy for different problems. If I need something I email to Berkeley. Dana Ullman will contact you with your phone number for a phone consultation. I think he uses WhatsApp. I think he knows we use couriers so there is a two-week delivery time. His advice can be compared with a homeopath here. It’s always good to weigh choices in this subject. The Internet is a good place to search for a homeopathic remedy. There is also http://www.abchomeopathy.com where you can treat yourself to many pages of questions and then get a lot of suggested remedies for you to figure out yourself. tt is a good idea to go to that website abchomeopathy.com/ Then you can have a idea of the 200 questions asked by registered homeopaths. I use remedies available in some pharmacies for general questions, not deep problems. Please use WhatsApp for me, however I do not give any advice.

Suzanne Cerny: 93 922 4268. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for stationery/paper store in El Centro

Can anyone recommend a stationery/paper store in El Centro? I’m hoping to find unique blank greeting cards or special stationery. Thank you,

Jo Austin: jomarieaustin99@gmail.com 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a good condition mini fridge

Hi everyone, I’m looking for an almost-new or a used mini fridge in good condition for a good price.


Cristina: uyaguari28@gmail.com 098 319 4017. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Gardening and handyman services

I offer the following services:

• Cutting grass; I have my own tools, grass cutter and cordless grass trimmer.
* Irrigation system installation in house or apartment.
• Handyman
I have good references in the expat community in case you need them.

Luis Alejandro Luna: lunita10lunita2010@gmail.com 099 879 2985 / 099 840 7961. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Solid furniture, Manuel

Thank you all for supporting us. We are good carpenters and furniture manufacturers.

Our price is fair and the work is of high quality. We do all the work.

Please write to email. With your measurements in centimeters. Material to your liking in melamine, laurel wood, pallets or MDF. Reference image to give you a quote.

Miguel Heredia, Cuenca


Carpentry services and custom-made furniture

We specializes in finish carpentry, stair building, built in cabinets and woodworking projects.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of carpentry services:

Custom built furniture
Custom built tables, chairs,
Door Window Casing
Baseboards Base Shoe
Crown Molding
Wainscoting Paneling
Box Beam Ceilings
Picture Rail Chair Rail
Door replacement repair
Historic front door rehabilitation
Custom garage carriage doors
Custom screen doors.
repairs rebuilds
Stucco repairs
All kind of home repairs

Calle del Sarar


Custom metal work services

We create great art pieces, which are both functional and stylish. Metal is or Main work tool, however wood and glass are incorporated as well in order to accent the work.

Our work:

Aluminum and glass installation
Aluminum frames
Aluminum Doors
Glass replacement
All Indoor Furniture
Wine Racks
Metal Doors, Metal walls
Metal windows
Outdoor Furniture
Metal Restoration
Painting interior and exterior
Home Decor
Bike Racks
Home Office
Outdoor Utility



Boston Tapiceria upholstery services and general repairs

We provide expert restoration and upholstery services for your upholstered furniture.
From reupholstering your old sofa to custom made furniture.


Sofa reupholstery
Sofa repair
Chair upholstery
Frame repair
Hand tied coil springs
Revitalization of frame padding and cushioning
Antique Restoration
Outdoor furniture Restoration
Custom made outdoor furniture
Pillows, cushions, seats
Recliner reupholstery
Recliner repair



Dog resource directory – vets

I’m putting together a directory of dog resources for dog owners here in Cuenca. Will you help me? I’d like to start with veterinary care.

Have you had a great experience with a vet? Or maybe a bad experience with a vet? Will you email me privately to say what you liked or didn’t like about the vet you went to?

May I have permission to contact you back? I will be respectful of your privacy but I cannot use anonymous reports.


099 577 7459

We care about your hair at C&C unisex hair design / barber shop

At C&C we care about the well-being of our customers and stylists. Our GreatCare Promise is our commitment to helping keep everyone as safe and comfortable as possible in the salon. Come on in for a great haircut – we’re ready for you. Our Equipment and tools are cleaned and sanitized regularly and stylists wash their hands frequently.

Many women spend a great deal of time and effort grooming their hair in order to appear more attractive.

Clemencia believes and according what she has been studying about hair, that washing your hair every day is not recommended. Shampoos remove the essential oils and moisture that your hair needs to stay hydrated.
If you are somebody who travels a lot or exercises regularly, your scalp may feel sweatier and may need a wash every one or two days.
Use a sulfate-free shampoo that helps you get rid of excess grease and dirt. There are certain products that are specifically tailored to help keep oil and grease on your scalp at bay. Ask us about it.
Washing your hair once in 2-3 days is recommended, unless your scalp is extra greasy due to other reasons.

Talking about a Gentleman’s hair, unless your goal is to grow longer hair, it’s wise to keep your hair trimmed because it’s the best way to get rid of damaged hair such as split ends. You should trim your hair every six to eight weeks, even if it’s just a light trim. You’ll be amazed how healthy your hair looks after a modest cut. Whatever you do, however, don’t believe the old adage that your hair will come in stronger and fuller if you cut it.

Keeping that beard looking clean must now be your raison d’être, the first thing you can do. Treat your beard with the same degree of devotion you’d show the hair on your head and you’ll be more than fine.

We all know how excessive exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can damage skin, but it can damage your hair, as well. The good news is that there’s a variety of hair products designed to protect your hair from the sun, including shampoos and conditioners. It’s extremely important to know your scalp type before you buy hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. So we have some products that you are able to get.

So please make an appointment to visit us that way we k ow that you are coming and we wanna make sure to do our services as you deserve.

For more information contact us through WhatsApp, iMessage, text message # 098 814 8902 .

Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y los Claveles Riverside Building next door from Pichincha Bank .

Clemencia Vizhnay
098 814 8902

Rental visa, updated information

Hi all
As many of you know, with the latest changes in the migration law, last February, the government created a rental visa; that means, that you have to have a steady income, and plus the extra regular documents, you can apply for that visa.

But, here comes the trick: yesterday I was in Azogues, doing a cédula process and I took the opportunity to ask about this rental visa and the conditions and…

…You have to have proof of that income, besides the account statements, for example, let’s suppose that you have an online job, you have to show the contract, how much you receive, for how long the contract is and that document has to be notarized and apostilled in your country. And, even with those documents, there is not a guarantee that the visa will be approved.

Minimum income for tourist visa: $400 per month

Cedula: my friends received the new cedula with chip, yesterday afternoon in the Cuenca Registro Civil office. Everything was fine, but we have to wait for a long time due to problems related with the cedula’s computer system.

Loja or Cuenca


Spanish classes

Learn Spanish while having fun.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Estefania Heredia

099 021 9722

Struggling with Spanish?

Want to improve it?
Here we go:
Spanish lessons by person, groups, also online.
For information

Calle Larga 6-42 entre Presidente Borrero y Hermano Miguel

Maria Gracia Paredes
099 447 1149

ECO Motion

This business sells electric motor scooters (motos). I visited Eco Motion on June 5th to look at the 3 wheel motos. Six had arrived the previous week and 2 remained on the lot. I began speaking to a male sales rep in Spanish and I was soon approached by the owner, Roxanna Moscoso, who was speaking English. We talked about the vehicles and I was impressed enough that I bought one on the spot.

The motos are silent and have 3 power ranges as well as forward and reverse. They have two mirrors, high and low beam headlight, turn signals and locking brakes that can be engaged if you’re going to park the moto and walk away from it. There is also an alarm which can be activated with a device on the key ring. They are very comfortable and they do not require a driver’s license to operate. They must be driven on the streets and can hold two riders if their maximum combined weight does not exceed 160 kg. The batteries can be re-charged on a household wall outlet.

Address: Batan 7-34 Y Unidada Nacional, Cuenca.

099 802 3741

Richard Mateyko

Wood works

We make your furniture to your liking, big or small. Home, office, apartment, business and garden furniture.

We quote good prices and excellent workmanship.

We work with different types of wood, melamine and mdf.

We make your dream come true. Quote with us.
Security and commitment.



Nutrition Club

Hi everyone, My name is Alexandra Suarez, I have been doing business since 2006 until now. I have a nutrition club where you could drink the 4 products for $5. We also sell programs to lose or gain weight or nutrition, skin products in any country. To all the expats that want to better their health, I can help you.

Alexandra Suarez: zisamission@yahoo.com

Recommendation for La Guarida, restaurant

Andrés Zambrano has done a fantastic job of making La Guarida one of the best places in Cuenca to eat as well as having his restaurant being a museum for the famous ceramicist, Eduardo Segovia.

Located on the very western edge of Cuenca’s historic district, and next to a Tranvía stop, La Guarida is a great place to enjoy a meal with good friends. The whole building has been renovated and upgraded for an excellent dining experience. The beauty of this historic building has been lovingly restored to its original grandeur. Throughout the building are numerous works of Segovia. My photos don’t do justice to this talented artist’s works.

Omar was the waiter for my wife and two good friends. The gentleman speaks excellent English. His service is excellent as he was on top of all of our needs.
Andrés has taken over the cooking at La Guarida, and the man has great talents. He only uses fresh ingredients, and it all comes out as very tasty meals. His presentation of his entrées is artwork. Maybe he learned that from Maestro Segovia…

The breakfasts at La Guarida have to be the best in town, and they are very affordable for what you get. My wife had Lomo Fino with potatoes and fresh grape tomatoes. Every bit was cooked to perfection. I had a smoked salmon omelette with goat cheese. Wow! I will certainly be getting that the next time we have breakfast here.

This is more than a restaurant as La Guarida has art exhibits, live music, and many first-run movies. In the past, indigenous women sold their organic vegetables at the restaurant as Andrés is a great supporter of the community. There is something for everyone at La Guarida.

La Guarida is one of the most attractive and charming places in all of Cuenca to have a great meal. Seriously… When you are in Cuenca, do not miss this restaurant. Because of all of the great things here, there is no doubt that La Guarida is at the top of our list for return visits.

Review written by Stephen Vargha.

Address: Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta

Contact information: underalias@gmail.com

Recommended by Omar U: 07 282 4161

Recommendation for Alberto Mera of Crimestop Security, home and business security

I highly recommend Alberto Mera of Crimestop Security. Alberto and his team were very responsive to our situation. We needed to “catch someone in the act” which meant that Alberto needed to come assess the situation and then install the security cameras in the late afternoon so the perpetrator did not know that security measures had been taken. When the perpetrator was caught “red handed” we contacted Alberto once again and he immediately came to help us retrieve the data so that it could be submitted to the authorities.

Alberto’s skills include speaking both English and Spanish, knowledge of all sorts of security options, as well as an understanding of the criminal mind, which helps in the process of apprehending criminals.

Address: Crimestop Security

Contact information: 099 022 1240

Recommended by Bob Cox: 097 907 7763

Monday health and wellness tip from El Mundo Organico

Use plenty of herbs and spices. Many incredibly healthy herbs and spices exist.

For example: ginger and turmeric both have potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, leading to various health benefits.

Due to their powerful benefits, you should try to include as many herbs and spices as possible in your diet.

Please like our Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/elmundoorganico1
We will be offering special products and discounts to our Facebook followers.

We have a fantastic selection of beautiful organic herbs, vegetables and natural fruits, a plethora of other vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free products, goat and cow’s milk cheeses, real Roquefort bleu cheese salad dressing, pickles, prepared horseradish, organic chicken, grass-feed beef cuts, and tasty bacon, sausages, ham, pulled pork and ham hocks, and much, much more available for home delivery or in-store purchase.


Chinese food reserved for your family

Chinese food, Free delivery for orders over $30

50 dumplings wraps $5
50 wonton wraps $6
12 dumplings vegetable $6
yuba, rot (seco de tofu) 500g $10
Secret sauce of spice beef 200g $5
Powder of BBQ $5
Friday reserved Tofu
Saturday reserved green bean sprouts 250 g $3

***we also provide frozen dumplings and wantons for your breakfast or whatever you want.

Waiting for your order.

1 、Dumplings Stuffing options: beef /vegetables /chicken/pork/shrimp /fish/crab/lamb
2 、Wonton stuffing options: shrimp /fish
3 、Ramen spicy $6.50
4 、Condiments: soy sauce/Sesame oil/mustard/

Every day from 9 AM – 7 PM
WhatsApp: 099 101 5553
Instagram: senorita_tong
Facebook: Señorita Tong

Every day from 9 AM – 7 PM, Cuenca

Erika: tyk222463544@gmail.com 099 101 5553

Namaste Indian restaurant

Summertime is upon us, friends, and as our days stretch longer, the sun shines brighter and hotter. We are very glad to invite you to enjoy Indian special drink, ‘lassi’. Which is a cooling, refreshing, probiotic drink perfect for the warm summer months. It’s also a great way to get the power of yogurt throughout your busy day. Not only is a lassi super delicious but is also great for your digestive health making you feel the best.

Call/WhatsApp for table reservation or free home delivery at +593 98 415 4229

June 1st, Calle Larga 8-81 y Benigno Malo. Cuenca, Ecuador

Namaste India Restaurant: namasteindia965@gmail.com

Delicious lunch from Tuesday to Friday (also veggie)

El Pedregal Azteca offers you a delicious all-inclusive menu. We’re located at the downtown of the city, near to San Sebastian.

Soup, main dish, dessert and juice.

Choose between two varieties every day, plus also vegetarian lunch. You can have the lunch in our beautiful terrace, you’ll enjoy the view to the city and mountains.

$6.50 including taxes

Service at the restaurant, delivery and take away.

Mexican gastronomy:

We’re open from Tuesday to Sunday. We offer tacos, mole, margaritas, burritos, and many authentic Mexican options.

Tuesday to Sunday, Estevez de Toral 8-60 and Simón Bolivar, near to San Sebastian

Pablo Ramos: pazteca@hotmail.com 099 153 2939

Auténtica parrilla Argentina

In Cuenca there is a place with a fantastisc view, calle La Parrilla de Héctor. Taste our Argentinian Barbecue and many options to choose in the menú.

From Monday noon to Sunday, Cuenca-Azogues highway, in front of Edificio Vista Libda

Argentinian Barbacue in Cuenca: 098 489 0159

Best organic chocolate w/o sugar

The best (because tress grown in organic farm) organic chocolate especially made without sugar by my request, since I don’t consume sugar at all and I do believe in Cuenca a lots of people who care about their health and also not consuming sugar.
Diabetes friendly, Keto Friendly

More information is here : https://www.facebook.com/CACAOTEAONE

Now this chocolate available in Cuenca, Azuay province at Natural.EC Shop

We have chocolate with flavors, such as:

Classic Black, Menta, Cardamon, Naranja, Sea Salt and much more….

40 grams each chocobar, eco packaging
Price: $4.00

Address in Cuenca:
1-37 Remigio Crespo
098 411 9885
Owner Irina

June 6th, from 1 PM to 1 AM, 1-37 Remigio Crespo

Irene: irene.saley@icloud.com 098 411 9885

Chef Rosemary, delivery food service

New this week:

* Sour and sweet chicken with vegetables and Chinese rice, 1-2 portion $8.

* Strawberry Cheesecake New York Stile, 2-3 portions $5.
6-8 portions $10.

Appetizers or finger food to keep frozen and reheat:

– Pizza rolls, Q: 25. Price $10. Veggie or with ham or pepperoni.
– Finger mozzarella (fried or baked) Q: 20. Price $6.
– Mini Venezuelan empanadas (made with corn flour) (veggie, beef or cheese) Q: 20. Price $8.
– Beef, chicken or Veggie balls. Q: 25. Price : $10.
– Mini potatoes cake with cheese, beef or veggie. Q: 20. Price: $6.
– Mini wanton filled with veggies, beef or chicken. Quantity: 25. Price: $10.
– Mini pastries filled with fruits, chicken, beef Or veggies. Q: 20. Price: $10.


Southern Fried Chicken take-out/delivery…Joes’ Secret Garden

You’re ready for this?

For delivery or pick-up.

Award winning “Fried Chicken” from Joes’ Secret Garden offered for “take home”
Winner of the Best of Cuenca” Fried Chicken by GringoPost readers since 2013!

Dinner Includes:

4 pcs of crisp, flavorful, juicy Chicken with our secret recipe breading
Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Milk Gravy
House Recipe Cole slaw
Angel light biscuits (2)
$12.50pp…(all white meat, add $3)
Herb-Garlic Roast Chicken offered as an option for those not into “fried” this week.(it’s a half-chicken)
with all of the above side dishes …. $12.50pp

Chicken only….4 pcs. $8 all white, add $2

Orders must be placed by noon Friday, June 11th…
Order form and pictures at http://www.joessecretgarden.com
Questions …call Ken at 096 950 6605

Delivery from $2.50 (varies with location)

This Saturday, June 12th…from 11:30 AM to 5 PM, pick up address: at time of reservation

KP and Ken: eat@joessecretgarden.com

Jerry Joe Holland in Concert Friday

Jerry is continually upgrading his Blues Show. Great Blues Music from multiple regions and eras including Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, Freddie King, Willie Dixon, B.B. King, Savoy Brown, John Mayall, Otis Redding, Ann Peebles, & more. Come escape in the Blues; at Yaku, in a comfortable setting with great food. Yaku Bistro is located at Luis Cordero 5-66 y Honorato Vasquez, Cuenca. Reservations are recommended.

June 11th, From 8 PM to 10:30 PM, Luis Cordero 5-66 y Honorato Vasquez, Cuenca

Pepo: 098 748 6890

Hacienda Dairy Products this week…

Good day to all of you. This week we will be in Cuenca on Tuesday and Friday. This Tuesday, come to Dos Sucres from 9-10 to pick up some milk, butter, yogurt, cream and cheese. Cheeses this week are a tasty Peppercorn Parmesan, Sensational Swiss that is easy to slice and grate and our traditional Cheddar. All melt well and add a tasty flavor to any dish. Pick up some artisan bread, white, honey wheat and cinnamon bread. Also available this week, our yummy granola with walnuts. Made with our butter, brown sugar, walnuts and oats. A tasty addition to our amazing yogurt.

If you can’t make it to Dos Sucres, place an order on our website (www.haciendachanchan.com) for pick-up at Tienda Nectar or the Smokehouse by San Sebastian Square. Friendly folks there will keep your items fresh and ready to go.

We will also be coming to Sunrise Cafe on Friday from 10-noon. Come in for a tasty lunch and pick up some amazing cheese and dairy products. Kelbert’s Bakery items will also be available.

Have a wonderful day and hope to see you all this week.

Tuesday, June 8th from 9-10 and Friday, June 11th from 10-noon., Dos Sucres Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56, Tienda Nectar, Smokehouse and Sunrise Cafe

Julie: haciendachanchan@gmail.com

DEFY works for you and planet earth

The purpose of Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings is to satisfy your yearnings by delivering organic, vegetarian, gourmet treats in an earth-friendly way.

Giving great value and service with a smile.
Using reusable/recyclable packaging.
And zero-carbon delivery: either by bicycle or electric vehicle.

DEFY has soups and desserts, conveniently frozen, so you can enjoy your treats whenever your heart desires.


Paradise Indian Restaurant

Paradise is open for dine-in, take-out, and home delivery service every day. Enjoy the flavors of authentic Indian cuisine: vegetarian, chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, traditional breads, rice, and desserts. Every dish is prepared to order and spiced to your personal preference by a skilled chef. See you in Paradise.

Open daily 10 AM – 9 PM, Federico Malo 1-160 between 12 de Abril and Tadeo Torres (Parque de la Madre)

Paul Anthony: paradiseindianrestaurantcuenca@gmail.com 098 462 8976 Paradise Indian Restaurant

International Bakery, sourdough breads

International Bakery offers you excellent quality sourdough breads made in a 100% natural wood oven. Among the products we have breads vegan, wholemeal, white, turmeric, cocoa among others.

It is also delivered to your home after noon with a minimal delivery cost. We are available from 9 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Saturday and on Sundays only for half a day.

June 7 from 9 AM to 6 PM, We are located in the great Colombia (The other store is located at Juan Jaramillo 5-18 and Marino Cueva, we open from Monday to Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM and Sundays from 9 AM to 3 PM)

Gabriel Quito: 099 222 5344

Pei’s pot stickers (traditional Chinese food delivery)

Hello friends,

My name is Pei, and I have been making homemade Chinese food here in Cuenca for my friends and fellow expats since 2019. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I love making fresh, healthy Chinese dishes for all to enjoy.

If you would like to try traditional Chinese food, please feel free to place an order with me for pick up or delivery with at least one day of notice. Thank you.

This is the menu:


pork • $5
chicken • $5
shrimp and pork • $7
vegetable • $5
Beef • $6

hand-made noodles

veggie stir-fry • $5
zhajiangmian • $5
eggs with tomatoes • $5
Pork with celery • $8
Chicken with broccoli •$8

single dishes
over rice

Kung Pao chicken • $8
Coca-Cola chicken wings • $8
crispy sweet and sour pork • $10
sweet and sour pineapple pork • $10
twice cooked-pork • $10
general Tso’s chicken • $10
fried tofu • $8
veggie delight • $6
salt and pepper pork • $10
salt and pepper chicken • $8
Salt and pepper shrimp • $15


pork • $1
chicken • $1
red-bean • $1
mix and match dozen • $10

red bean paste (300g) • $5
Chinese bread buns (5) • $2.50
fresh-noodles(1lb) • $8
Spicy sauce (100g) • $3
Pancake (2 pics ) • $5

June 7th, from 9 AM to 9 PM, Paseo Imbabura

Pei: zhaopei306@gmail.com 099 253 6116
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