Tarqui Guzho Megaparque flood

The park flooded with the Rio Tarqui flowing currents of 320 meters per second. The river knocked out all trees on one side of the river behind my house. I live in the El Salado barrio. The pathways have been eroded and the river is now about 6 times wider than normal. The endangered frog habitats are ruined, the handmade park tables and chairs have washed away. The banks have eroded and houses have been flooded. This morning the city had bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, chain saws and other equipment cleaning up the debris.

I didn’t expect the city to respond this quickly. So, a big thank you to the city and all the men who are out in the rain today cleaning up. This park means a lot to so many of us who use it every day. Thank you Cuenca city workers.

Leslie Hinebaugh: Happigigi@protonmail.com .

City: Cuenca