Location of ‘Poliforo’ de University of Cuenca for Vaccine

Good morning. A friend of mine received a text for her 2d jab of the vaccine. The location for administration of the vaccine in the text was ‘Poliforo, Univ, de Cuenca’. I know where the University of Cuenca’s main campus is located on 12 de Abril. Does anyone know exactly where the ‘Poliforo’ is located within the U. of Cuenca campus? All relevant information is truly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Christina M Ragle

Real Stories from the Hogar: Helping sick babies to survive and thrive

Little Juan was born prematurely at 7 months, the third child in his growing family. His mother works selling limes on the streets here in Cuenca, but had to pause her work earlier than expected due to his sudden arrival. His father had to move away to search for work, and sends a little money back home whenever he’s able to find the odd job here and there. Juan spent two months in an incubator due to his premature state, and luckily his condition has been stable and strong. The hospital told his relieved mother that she can now take him home, but the caveat is that he will need oxygen support for an additional two months while his little lungs continue to improve. His mother, already struggling to just buy enough food for her two other children to eat, cannot afford the equipment that Juan needs.

This is where our Newborn Baby Program comes in. The public hospitals, which in normal times would usually be able to provide some type of equipment or other support to patients like little Juan, now have sparse resources due to the COVID-19 crisis. So, the hospital contacted us to see what we could do to fill the gap. His mother received an oxygen concentrator from us for her baby to use, in addition to food and clothes for her three young children. In addition, the family will receive regular visits from our team consisting of our Patient Coordinator, Psychologist and Social Workers. We will make sure that little Juan has all the support he needs to lead a normal and healthy life.

If you would like to help support our programs, such as our Newborn Baby Program helping babies like little Juan, you can make a donation though GivingWay at: https://www.givingway.com/donate/fundacion-hogar-de-esperanza or find other options at: https://hogaresperanza.org/en/donations/ Thank you for your support.

Garry Vatcher: info@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

God bless my Cuenca family

When I first arrived in Cuenca I felt a bit lost. I was trying to escape the USA due to COVID and the political situation at the time. That was quickly remedied as I made new friends and a family amongst Cuenca’s restaurant owners. The first was Xemina, the owner of Sol y Rocio, who provided me not only with sumptuous vegetarian Middle-Eastern fare every Monday and Wednesday during my 6-month stay in Cuenca, but also the personalized care and attention I so desperately needed at the time. I knew I had found the right place when she informed me that my lunch order would take a bit more time because she had to chop the fresh ingredients for the tabouleh salad that I had ordered. Although I couldn’t see her smile because of the mask on her face, I could feel it in her voice every time I visited.


Traveling from the US to Cuenca

If anyone wishes for me to bring a package or something related, please contact me.
Write to WhatsApp

Diego Clavijo: clavijodiego@yahoo.com 099 584 8988. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Hove Island cooker hood – replace lightbulb (Model : IG01 series)

Looking for reliable individual/technician who has replaced the lightbulbs in the Hove model IG01 island hood. I have not been able to remove the guard per instructions which should be fairly simple but cannot find the appropriate tool to pry the guard off to get to the light bulb. Replacement bulb is a halogen 12v 20W max G4.

Jim: jpgrid@gmail.com 099 227 6180. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Grace is seeking a photographer

Fundación Grace (a local nonprofit) is currently updating our website: giverefugeesachance.org – We need to photograph the staff as well as take cover photos for our programs, all given to the community free of charge: Dental, pediatrics, general consultations, feeding program, clothing center…

We have a grand opening about to occur and want to document all the improvements to our healthcare, including new equipment such as an ultrasound, EKG, and an oxygen generator.

As a free clinic, we do not have excess funding which allows us to hire a photographer. We’re just hoping that someone with a big heart and a professional camera might just want to come be a part of our mission to serve the refugees and the underprivileged of Cuenca.

Saxon Gotfried: saxon@giverefugeesachance.org .

City: Cuenca

Scratching posts, towers, gym and cat houses

The cat by nature is a very curious and playful animal. Scratching is one of his “hobbies” that helps him file his nails and is a way of channeling his anxiety. If your cat scratches the sofa at home for any reason, you do not have to be angry. Perhaps you are not offering him another alternative or you do not know that he needs a toy to channel his energy. That is why you have to know the star toy, the scratching post for cats.

– The scraper helps keep your nails healthy and strong.

– It serves as a refuge for you when you seek tranquility.

– One of the most important benefits it provides to your cat is that it keeps him active and helps him avoid health problems.

– Helps calm your instinct for curiosity.

– To play and release stress.

I make to order. Strong, solid and stable.
Includes transportation.

Miguel Heredia



Hi. I´m Adrian. I am offering to shop groceries and anything you need at the store of your choice (Supermaxi, Coral, Pharmacy, others). Standard order (bill until $25) you pay $2.50 per service. Order over $26 you pay 10% of the total of the bill. Additional tips are welcome.


098 227 6778
Instagram: @chiwireshopper

Eloy Alfaro pharmacy helps you raise your immune system

Hello Everybody, Because it is good to prevent and have a good immune system more in these times. This time we want to provide you with intravenous vitamin C in 7.5gr and 15gr. We can place it in the comfort of your home. For any questions you could contact us. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Ordoñez Lasso Avenue and Álamos next to the gas station.

Roberto Benavides
099 563 2090

Computer problems – internet?

We help you with hardware and software problems of your computer, printer, your Wi-Fi connection, your internet connection, problems with emails and if you need to purchase we have all kinds of technological equipment, more information write to info@consultmatica.pro.ec / WhatsApp +593 9 8 622 6006


Carchi 1-25 y Tungurahua

Eduardo Arce

Music, dance and history

Do not miss this Friday, June 4th. Join us to enjoy a great “Velada – Cuencana,” in which through music: piano, violin, lyrical singing, and dance, you will learn how cultural and literary evenings were held in the city of Cuenca in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. After this great experience, we will move to a cozy place to learn about one of the oldest beverages in the world, tea.

Included: Tourist transportation
Velada (music, dance, glass of wine, entrance fee)
Tea tasting

Rate per person $35pp (minimum 5 people)

To confirm the space, you will have to pay the full amount.

Contact: María Lazo – Expediciones Apullacta

Cuenca – Ecuador

Maria Lazo
099 975 0193

What Clemencia says at C&C unisex hair design / barber shop

When it comes to keeping your hair in excellent condition, you may be surprised that a regular salon appointment is the key. So many people do not know of all the benefits there are to visiting a hair salon regularly.

• Keeps Your Hair Healthy
It’s no surprise that regular visits to the salon will keep your hair in its healthiest condition. We recommend a trip to the hair salon every 4 weeks to ensure your hair, nails, or mustache is groomed and cared for properly. Let the professionals at C&C care for your hair every 4 weeks by treating your hair, or a deep conditioning regimen. Allowing professionals to see your hair, nails, shaved conditions. Says Clemencia Vizhnay who owns C&C .


This is one of the best offers ever to visit Galapagos

Special departure in our Luxury “Ecogalaxy Catamaran”
May 20 to 25: 6 Days/ 5 nights Exclusive Itinerary.
Day 1: Transfer In, Bachas Beach
Day 2: Sullivan Bay, Bartolome Island
Day 3: Highlands, Charles Darwin Station
Day 4: Cormorant Point, Devils Crown, Post Office Bay
Day 5: Suarez Point, Garned Bay/ Garned Islet/ Osborn Islet
Day 6: Interpretation Center, Transfer Out



Hello, I am Nelli with a degree in nursing. We have a home service, and family nurses.
Cuenca city
You can call 098 946 1092

Cuenca. Santiago Carrasco y Francisca Sojos


Intuit Quickbooks Pro / Salinas – Provincia de Santa Elena

Quickbooks Pro: Seeking an experienced person who can help implement Quickbooks Pro; with possibility of 8 hours per week ongoing (flexible hours)

For the right person, immediate availability.

A nice opportunity for a professor of accounting or a university student. Experience with Intuit Quickbooks Pro is essential.

Salinas – Provincia de Santa Elena


Publicity agency – looking for a social media manager?

Brands is an agency that helps businesses to achieve their goals selling on social media (Facebook and Instagram) they are professional and have the best service in Cuenca in graphic design, posts and segments in media.

Cuenca, Luis Moreno mora and Alfonso Cordero

Karen Paredes Idrovo


IVA refund, IESS and bank facilitator

I can help you apply for IVA refund or file each month. Also, if you need medical appointments for the IESS, or you need to solve bank issues I can help, just send me a message to my email monicreslo15@hotmail.com.


Monica Crespo: 098 280 2955

New Oxygeneo super-facial with introductory price.

New, from RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra. Let your skin breathe with OxyGeneo ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
In three steps, this ultimate facial treatment:

1 Attracts oxygen from within the skin to encourage skin renewal,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
2 Gently exfoliates dead skin cells and improves the skin’s texture while preparing it for active
ingredients absorption,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
3 Nourishes and soothes the skin to promote long-lasting results.

US price $200. Ecuador $70. Introductory price just $59.

We invite you to click the link to view the video -first post- on our Facebook page then book using one of the messaging buttons in the About section.


Please like our page and check all our videos, great reviews, informational posts, photos and full menu of services in the photos section including a relaxing massage, deep tissue massage, facials, permanent eyelash curling, micro-needling, antiaging, waxing, lymphatic drainage and more.

You get a safe, professional experience with each visit to our lovely spa inside Mercy´s Alta Salon. Alejandra worked in a top Guayaquil spa for many years. And she uses biosafe protocols including a mask and facial protector and disinfects her spa after each client visit.

We speak English. Gift cards are available. Discounts available for packages of multiple sessions. Just a short walk from el Centro. We accept cash, debit and credit cards (+ processing charge for cards). Special offers are available only if performed at RadiantSkin Spa by Alejandra´s location. Not accepting new in-home clients.

Mercy¨s Alta Peluquería in the Kawsay Building at Ave. Paucarbamba 361, Cuenca

WhatsApp Message +593 99 101 5477

Walking Spanish lessons/Spanish school

I’m Cristina Flores, from Walking Spanish Lessons. I would like to invite you to join us in a wonderful experience learning the Spanish language by getting into the Ecuadorian and Latinoamerican Culture. We offer online classes, as well as presential conversational classes in beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Feel free to make a reservation with us. We’ll be happy to help you to improve your Spanish. Learn Spanish step by step.

Address: Remigio Romero y Honorato Loyola, Cuenca.

099 153 8363

Cristina Flores

Recommendation for Mustafa Adalawi, professional IT/TV tech service

Mustafa is an amazing wizard. Navigating the tech world has been a challenge for me since 1995. Initially, I would tell numerous techs…I just want to drive the car. And for years I settled into a perfect comfort level with my PC.

Fast forward to 2013. I was urged by friends to switch to a Mac. By profession, I am a designer. So until one month ago, I could not drive that car… the Mac. I lived in computer hell. With Mustafa’s guidance and recommendations, the Mac has been replaced with a new Lenovo Laptop. And, I am enjoying the drive.

Mustafa is my “tech wizard.” Since moving to Cuenca, he has governed all my TVs, cell/internet phones, Bluetooth, firesticks, and computers/accessories. He has recommended other professionals who specialize in Security systems.

He graciously explains and demonstrates systems. He never hurries through a change or alteration without explanation — never upsells a product or service. I believe he makes every client a priority; a consummate professional in every respect. I highly recommend Mustafa Adadawi.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: adawim52@yahoo.com 099 408 7897

Recommended by Carol Capek: carolcapek2@gmail.com

Recommendation for Dr. Juan Ordoñez Aguirre, periodontal dentistry

I’ve been seeing Dr. Juan Ordoñez for a few years now. In my opinion, he’s the perfect dentist. He’s kind, patient, meticulous and a perfectionist. I had a dentist in Canada who was similar. I never thought I’d find another as good. Well, Juan’s that good.

He specializes in periodontal dentistry. He also replaced 4 crowns for me, and did a phenomenal job. His prices are excellent as well.

I can’t recommend Dr. Juan enough.

Address: 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta

Contact information: juanjo1153@hotmail.com 099 871 1578

Recommended by David Coote: davidncoote@gmail.com

Recommendation for Daniela Velez, house or condo cleaning

I highly recommend Daniela Velez, who has been cleaning my large apartment for eight years. Daniela is a fully employed in house cleaning, and recently has two opening as two of her clients returned to the United States.

Daniela is thorough, conscientious, congenial, and very honest. She speaks sufficient English to be able to follow instructions and to interact in simple conversations.

If you have any further questions feel free to email me, Jim Mola, leave your number, and I will contact you.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: jmola777@gmail.com

Recommended by James H Mola: jmola777@gmail.com

Recommendation for Pallets Muebles Cuenca, furniture manufacturer

I needed some simple bookcases for my office and contacted Jesus at Pallets Muebles Cuenca. Emailed a photo with dimensions, received a quote, and within three days my furniture was delivered exactly as ordered.

Very responsive and professional, speaks English and Spanish, and pricing is very fair. They make all types of furniture, in melamine and solid wood.

Instagram @paletforniture

Address: Miguel Heredia, Cuenca

Contact information: palletsmueblescuenca@gmail.com

Recommended by Jeff S: jeffincuenca@gmail.com

Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch, health

Madeleine “Mady” is my go to person for anything that stumps me as an expat living in Cuenca. She is a fountainhead of information and, most importantly, really enjoys helping people. She has helped me with health insurance, finding a place to live, makes appointments for me when my Spanish is too limited to do myself and even goes the extra mile in finding a person who can help me if she cannot. She’s great with following up with me to make sure I’m satisfied with the results of whatever task I’ve given her. Mady is true to her motto, “Yours to count on.” I can say with confidence that she is someone you can count on.

Address: Edificio Plaza Alamos, Avenida Ordonez Lasso y Los Alamos, Office 202

Contact information: mady@madyinsurance.com

Recommended by Gerri Larson: 099 411 9679

The best yogurt, free

As a community service to help you to safely try out new products during the covid-19 health emergency, DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings) is offering a foursome of freebies.

1. A free cup of Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt (250 billion live cultures; 13 different bacterial strains/liter): Mango, Guanabana, Plain, Peach, Maracuyá, Coconut, Strawberry, Pineapple, Blueberry, or Mora.

2. A free piece of dessert from DEFY: Reese’s Treats, Canadian Nanaimo Bar, American Nanaimo Bar, Carrot Cake, or Brownie.

3. Free delivery to your doorstep.

4. Take advantage of this offer in May, and be entered into a draw for a “slab” (up to almost 2 lbs.; valued between $10 and $16.50) of your choice of one of DEFY’s desserts OR 4 liters of Cream’O’Gurt yogurt ($15 value).

You’ll get regular email updates from DEFY on promotions, new products, etc. Check out our website to see photos and details on the desserts and yogurt. Depending on your selection and where you live, this offer has a value between $4.50 and $6.

Just send us an email with your name, dessert and yogurt selection, your address, and phone number. Why not treat yourself today?

Wednesday, May 19th at 12 noon, Jesus Arriaga 4-69

David Coote: david1@defyforlife.com 098 498 3562 http://www.defyforlife.com

Come to Sofy Glocal Cuisine and enjoy our delicious food

Yes, we just want to remind you that we are open and ready for you.

Remember that at Sofy Glocal Cuisine you will find a variety of international food, cocktails and delicious pastries.

Here you go; part of our menu. And, remember we do have delivery.

– Shrimp and Grits (The best in town)

– Andino (This delicious plate comes with Venezuelan Arepas, smoked trout, hollandaise sauce, capers and avocado)

– Hummus (Made with the best beans and seasoning)

– Vietnamese Salad ( A delicious mix of vegetable, fried rice, beef and fish sauce)

– Lam Carre (The best flavor of Carre in one meal)
… and much more.

Visit us: Simon Bolivar 779 and Luis Cordero, inside of the park house. From 11 AM to 6 PM (for now)
Reservations and delivery: 099 510 3974 sofyscuisine@hotmail.com

Simon bolivar 779 y Luis Cordero


Cinnamon rolls and carrot cake at home

Hi, we are offering very tasty cinnamon rolls accompanied with cream cheese or chocolate topping. If you want to add raisins, please let me know. Also, we offer delicious carrot cake with walnuts and raisins.

Note: Our products are made at the time of order. Please anticipate at least 3 hours before.

Carrot Cake (8cmx12cm) $3.50

4 medium rolls $3
6 medium rolls $4.50
8 medium rolls $5.50
12 medium rolls $8
4 large rolls $3.50
6 large rolls $5
8 large rolls $6.50
12 large rolls $9

1 Maxiroll $3
2 Maxiroll $5

*Delivery $1.50

All week, Cuenca

Aile: ailevemartinezc@gmail.com 096 759 8458 Instagram: @familyrollsec

Nathaly Vivas chef, we cook your favorite food, weekly service

Hi Everyone, My name is Nathaly Vivas. I am a chef. I offer you my chef services at home.

~We cook your favorite food at home~

Thinking about you we have new prices for our service, if you have been interested in our service you can contact us again to know our new options. We think you’ll love this.

My services consist of:

I design your menu with American/Asian/Mediterranean/European/Latin American food or what you want to eat. I make your shopping list and, if you prefer, I can do the shopping for you. Guaranteeing your economy.

I can cook for you, all week, meals once a week.

Cook in a special event and so your guests can enjoy a delicious meal.

I make all kinds of food: vegan, vegetarian, I have special knowledge is food for diabetics.

Normal or sugar free desserts.

Every day, I live in Downtown, Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: nathaly116vivas@gmail.com 098 770 7372


Paradise is pleased to offer two more specials this weekend, in addition to our extensive regular menu. Delivery charge additional.

Family Combo for 4 people – $24.99
* Cauliflower Manchurian
* Paradise Vegetable Curry
* Aloo Gobi
* Butter Chicken
* Garlic Naan
* Paneer Paratha
* Mango Juice

Family Combo for 2 people – $17.99
* Potato Pakora
* Green Peas Masala
* Paradise Lamb Special
* Butter Naan
* Apple Juice

Feel free to place your delivery order early. Have a great weekend.

Open 10 AM – 9 PM Saturday and Sunday May 15 and 16 for delivery only, Federico Malo 1-160 between 12 de Abril and Tadeo Torres (Parque de la Madre)

Paul Anthony: paradiseindianrestaurantcuenca@gmail.com 098 462 8976
Paradise Indian Restaurant
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