Specialist in osteopathy/physical therapy, personal training.

SpinePRO Center offers consultation and therapy for the prevention of certain physical maladies as well as physical rehabilitation of such maladies for patients of all ages.

SpinePRO can provide in home service with all the biosecurity measures so that you may receive and continue your prevention or rehabilitation physical therapy in the comfort of your home.

We also receive patients in our private quiet facility that has ample parking and access to taxis. Visiting patients must make appointments accordingly in order to receive their prevention and rehabilitation therapy at the facility. We only accept previously made appointments.

Therapies are carried out individually where only the therapist and the patient are present. Appointments are scheduled in such a way that there is no physical contact with the next patient.

Our facility maintains protocols and procedures of sanitation and cleanliness for your safety and protection as well as the safety and protection of our staff. We care about keeping safe from COVID-19, yet other health problems are still present and have not ceased to exist and patient health history needs to be known by us to best serve our patients. Our patients will always have our undivided attention for their wellbeing during this challenging time of COVID-19. Attention and care to our patients is what we are all about.

Our staff are certified in physical therapy and practice of osteopathy.

A patient session begins with a full evaluation of your body. Your treatment will be personalized in order to best address your needs.

I am Ivana Noroña and graduated from the Universidad de Cuenca with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy. I have a specialization in Osteopathy certification from the School Osteopathy of Madrid Spain.

Treatment Options:
• Personal evaluation
• Cranial-Sacral Therapy
• Kinesiology
• Pre/Post-surgical rehabilitation
• Sport rehabilitation
• Relaxing massage with Shiatsu
• Physical Therapy
• Home Visit
• Consultation leading to a healthier lifestyle

Physical Areas of Treatment:
• Joint, muscle and tendon injuries
• Backache & Symptoms of herniated disc
• Knee, Neck, ankle, and Shoulder pain
• Facial and Half-body paralysis (hemiplegia)
• Physical conditioning for the elderly
• Physical conditioning pre-post-surgery
• Headaches, migraines, vertigo
• Pyramid syndrome & Sciatica
• Epicondylitis
• Consultation on other physical injuries

Please address your questions and need for therapy to the email posted herein
Facebook SpinePro (FanPage, Spanish audience)

Padre Julio Matovelle 8- 49 y Lorenzo Piedra

099 049 7222

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