Recommendation for Dr. Cristian Brito, dentist

I would like to recommend dentist Dr. Christian Brito. He was recommended to me by two different friends who had been patients of his for several years and were very satisfied with his services. My husband and I have been using him for two years. When my husband first came to him, he had very complicated problems with his teeth and gums due to multi-year treatment for cancer. My husband also is very nervous about having dental work done. Dr. Brito treated him with extensive cleaning root canals, fillings, crowns and really addressed and remedied my husband’s longstanding, and at the time, untreated dental issues. He provides numerous other services as well including but not limited to whitening and other cosmetic services. Dr. Brito is very precise in his work and is very conscious of the patient’s comfort level with the work as it proceeds.

A graduate of the University of Cuenca with graduate work at the University of Mexico, Dr. Brito speaks excellent English and is very good at explaining treatments in detail prior to beginning the actual work [and is happy to do so]. His prices are competitive as well. Finally, he has a very pleasant and calm demeanor which is truly appreciated by those of us given to anxiety when undergoing dental work. My husband and I give him our highest recommendation.

His office is at Integra Dental at the Condominio Ibu Park Building 1st Floor, 1-147 Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres in Cuenca. The building is directly across the street from the statue of Jefferson Perez at Parque de la Madre. Telephone: 097 907 3163 or 099 594 2109. His email is

Address: Integra Dental, Condominio Ibu Park Building 1st Floor, 1-147 Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres

Recommended by Christina M Ragle:
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