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Monica Gonzaga facilitator services visas to Ecuador and other countries.

My professional price for visa has been the same since 2015. What have risen are government fees, notaries, translations, etc., but to all my clients I offered a complete package with all those expenses included in a single amount of money.

Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services has 5-years’ experience working with the expat community.
Nowadays is another change in the law so if they make hard to do your residency visa.

If you have a hard case contact me to see how we can find a solution. There is always a solution.
I can do your residency visa while you are in home resting and forget about Ecuador bureaucracy. As well, I can do your cedula. The same for your driver license, car registration or any Issues you may have right now and just gives you headache.

If you do not have your FBI or State police record documents, I can help you to obtain them. Now, with the pandemic, everything is more difficult, so I recommend that those who want to come to Ecuador try to bring all the necessary documents and correctly apostilled no older than 6 months to have no problems.

If you are a tourist with these new changes in immigration law, my advice is that you do your tourism extension now. It must be done before the 90th day to avoid visa extension problems. I am almost every day in the Ministry of Human Mobility, but I am more than up-to-date on the new laws and migratory changes. Trust the experience, sometimes it weighs more than a professional title. If you come to Ecuador with your necessary documents to apply for a residency, Monica Gonzaga guarantees you 100% your resident visa in Ecuador. Consultations and help are always free. Just contact me now and save yourself a lot of trouble and money.

Here are the services I can do for you. 100% guarantee:

*Temporary residency visas for any category (pensioner, investor, professional, work, student etc. Hard case? Just bring it on I can solve it.
*Permanent residency (after two-year temp residency we can file your application when you are on your 21st month) to my clients 10% discount this month.
*Visas, Spain, Portugal or any other country. I can help you to obtain one.
*Ecuadorian police record (easy and fast)
*Cédula acquisition and changes
*CD renovations
*Visa transfer
*Passport renovations USA and other countries.
*Driver licenses
*Car register (Matricula)
*Power of attorney (POA)* Sworn statement End of life Plan, consult me,
*Last will.

Also, now I have partnered with Ab. Beverly Vazquez, who is very efficient, fluent in Spanish and very thorough in all her legal advice and services.
Her expertise stands on the following criteria:
* Divorce.
* Child Support.
* Tenancy Law.
* Transit Law (posted a recommendation for her myself a few days ago since she represented me outstandingly)
* Real State Law.
* Promissory notes.
* Legal translations (In process to register as a legal language expert by Ecuador´s Court house).
* Powers of Attorney.
* Inheritance Law
* Tax Law
* IVA refund
* Alimony pensions
* Sales and buying agreements and advice on properties
* Deeds overseas
* Criminal Law

Ab. Beverly Vázquez
097 920 2143

Many of my happy clients can give you references.

Phone 593 98 384 1691 out of country
local 098 384 1691 also this is WhatsApp
USA phone number 609 423 4475 MJ

Benedicto XV 1-53

Monica Gonzaga:

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