Hello community. After receiving a visa, is there a time limit to apply for a cedula? I’ll get the visa in the Consulate in the US in May and am planning to come to Cuenca in August. It won’t be late? Please any information or advice. Thank you,


Covid testing?

Hi fellow Gringos. I know that many of you are tired of this question, but is the covid test required before getting on a plane to the US, the nasal swab, the blood test, or either?


Q&A video on Cuenca living

Hi everyone,

I made a Q&A video on my experience living in Cuenca. Hope this can help some of you who are considering moving to Cuenca. Feel free to comment with any questions you might have. All discussions are welcome.


City: Cuenca

Jack Russell terrier for adoption

Dottie is an adorable, feisty and spirited 3-year old Jack Russell terrier mix. She was rescued off the streets in Loja two years ago. Her foster parent is no longer going to be living in Cuenca.

She is spayed, vaccinated, wormed, groomed and housetrained. She is a manageable small-medium size and weighs only 10 kg. She has a tendency to play a little rough with other dogs and likes to dominate. She may do better as an only dog. Dottie does well on a leash and knows some basic commands but still needs a firm reminder. Dottie can be dog reactive if she is frightened.

Dottie is lively and likes to bark and as such will make an excellent guard dog. She is territorial and likes to protect her family. She likes to sit on the sofa and watch TV with the family.

If you would like to meet Dottie, please contact me.

Jo Austin: jomarieaustin99@gmail.com 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Kudos to Coral Central employees

Grande Kudos to the friendly and helpful staff at Coral Central! I purchased an item that turned out to be too large to get in the pickup. I had parked across from the exit door where the guard had a quiet laugh at attempts to get the item in the truck, to no avail. When asked if the item could be returned, the guard directed us to Cashier 5 to begin the process to return the item. Now I am aware of Coral’s “No Return” reputation but I explained the situation (nicely) to the man in charge. He contacted 2 others to get the process rolling and I got my money back. Not only were the three people involved in the transaction very nice and quite accommodating, they completed the task in a short amount of time (for Coral!) and I left with a big smile.

Rita ODonald: darlin_325@ymail.com .

City: Cuenca

Covid PCR tests

For those looking for a more economical PCR test I want to report that I got one yesterday at a clinic called UDIC at the corner of Juan Bautista Vásquez y Miguel Diaz.
Phones: 098 405 0156
099 562 6281
07 288 4588
This was recommended to me by my driver friend, Edwin Loja, (whom I also want to recommend – look for another post about Edwin).

Edwin told me his dad got the test for $80, but when I got there yesterday morning at 9, they told me there was a discount, and I only paid $45.

At 5 PM I received an email with my negative results.
I hope this info is helpful to all of you.

Steve Swezy

City: Cuenca

Gallardo veterinary clinic

Our services include: Consultation, vaccination, deworming, hospitalization, surgeries, dental cleaning, clinical laboratory, grooming, door-to-door transportation.

24-hour emergency service.
We attend this weekend for emergencies by appointment.

Direction. Calle Guayas 4-53 between Morona and Remigio Crespo in front of ctres and next to Sanar.

Phone: 07 281 6869 – 098 723 2618 – 098 432 3162

MVZ Javier Gallardo: cvetgallardo@hotmail.com 098 723 2618. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

This week in La Guarida

We have a wonderful short week prepared for you in La Guarida. Remember that this week we will serve breakfast-brunch from Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 1 PM. Come by and try our delicious omelets.

Tuesday 5 PM. “Quo Vadis, Aida.”
An incredible entry in this year’s Academy Award nominations for Best Foreign Film. Don’t be surprised if it takes the award home. Seldomly, you see a film that shows the perspective of the war refugee and this masterpiece does it with incredible humanity and courage.

Wednesday 5 PM. ‘The Father.’
Everyone is talking about Anthony Hopkin’s performance. “The Father,” nominated for this year’s Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Film Editing and Best Production Design. We are close to selling out. Don’t be left out.

We are trying to re-schedule our musical experiences. We will soon find ways to do it while continuing with our strict social distancing practices. Remember that for our film projections reservations with dinner are required.

Call to make your reservation or for more inquiries at 099 806 8071.

April 26th, from 9 AM to 7 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071.

Gran Feria of Entrepreneurs on Thursday, April 29th

There will be several vendors and we expect a great turnout of customers. (The required health precautions will be implemented.) The feria will be held at the CosasPrep store on Simón Bolívar. There is a large room in the back of our store with many tables. It will be a great chance to easily stock up on great food for the weekend.

Credit cards will be accepted for sales from all vendors. Try your luck for free gifts on our spinning wheel. Driving? There is a parking garage across the street. Vendors: Sorry – we are sold out of tables.

Look for future ferias at the same location the first Saturday of every month. Let’s celebrate our entrepreneurs with great local food and great local products.

Thursday April 29th from 10 AM until 4 PM, Free, Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Estévez de Toral, Cuenca.

Lorena Flores: manager1@cosasprep.com

The Free & Fun Language Exchange on Zoom – all levels welcome

Please login at the Zoom link below and join an enthusiastic group of native Spanish and English speakers as we converse in each other’s language in an encouraging and supportive environment.

All levels of ability are welcome, so don’t be shy–even if you don’t speak a word of the language you want to learn, you will be helped by those that do.

To facilitate conversation we often have fun with tongue twisters, riddles, slang, crossword puzzles, etc. Or, we just simply converse on various subjects. Anything to practice speaking.

The Zoom meeting starts promptly at 6 PM every Monday. We end at 7 PM or shortly thereafter.

No need to confirm your attendance; just show up and enjoy (and learn!).

ZOOM meeting link: https://utpl.zoom.us/my/effective
No password or meeting ID required.

See you there,

April 26th, from 6 to 7 PM, Free, 100 Zoom y 101 Zoom, Cuenca.

Bruce Peterson: 099 109 4835.

Encouragement from Trinity Vineyard Church

We are in ever changing times. From time to time, we want to encourage you. Here is today’s encouragement from Trinity Vineyard Church:

Comfort from God

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

God is the Father of compassion. He is the God of all comfort. God comforts us so that we can comfort others. God blesses us with experiences that elevate our need for Him. We come to realize our dependency upon God and how desperate we really are for Him.

Grief is an ongoing pain that resides within us as we try to navigate a path without someone who has meant so much to us. Grief can be encountered as a result of job loss, a shift in our personal health status, or a shattered dream. Are you currently experiencing any level of grief in your life? Can you identify the source of your grief?

God does not bring comfort into our lives in order for us to be comforted alone. God brings comfort into our lives during seasons of pain and difficulty so that we can also comfort others who go through trying circumstances. We come to know God by personal experience. We become better equipped to bring comfort to others. Who are you building a bridge of comfort to? Who has God brought into your path lately who simply needs to know God’s comfort through you? That’s one of the many ways that God redeems your pain.

Have you been the recipient of God’s compassion? Have you come to know His comfort through personal experience? Dispense the compassion you have received to serve others. Build a bridge to those in need of God’s comfort.

April 26, 2021, free, Ordonez Lasso in the River Side Building next door to Home Vega, Cuenca.

Weldon Edwards: weldon.edwards@trinityvineyardchurch.com

Lab making home calls

Looking for lab doing home calls with good reputation for accuracy and painless flat, thin veins. Would like phlebotomist to use sterile bio-suit provided by us, and to eml lab report.


City: Cuenca

Mule, Cuenca to New York

I will be traveling on May second, if anyone wishes for me to bring a package, please contact me:

Diego Clavijo: clavijodiego@yahoo.com 099 584 8988. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Computer repair?

Looking for someone who can repair my computer.

Richard Keye: richardkeye2013@gmail.com 093 917 7653. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for someone to help me with my relocation plans

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read this post. I am planning on a 3-month (maybe 6) stay in the Cuenca area. I am planning on flying into Quito and staying there for a couple of days to explore the area and then taking a bus down to Cuenca. I am planning on arriving in Quito around the second week in July.

I would very much would like to correspond with expats in Cuenca for proper guidance and to get information regarding places to stay; short and long-term. Even though my initial trip is planned for 3-6 months I might stay indefinitely. It all depend on how I adjust to the elevation in Cuenca.

I am fully bilingual (English/Spanish) so I guess that’s a plus in my favor. I am currently retired and receiving Social Security as my only verifiable income (I have another online source of income but it varies month to month) I am a 64 yrs. young Veteran, single and in good physical health.

Well, I don’t want to bore you any more. Hope I can find someone here to help me with my relocation plans.


Robert Ramos: bob.ramos57@outlook.com 787 356 0855. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for 2-3 people to share a van to the beach

I have contracted Roman Uyaguari for Thursday, May 20th (or maybe May 19, depending on weekend lockdown,) to go to Ayampe, or Olon or Puerto Lopez. I have hired Roman several times before because he is a safe driver, punctual, and considerate.

If this time frame works for you, please let me know.

Julia Rux: juliaecuador260@gmail.com 097 929 7490. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for 1 bedroom country house for short-term rental

Looking for 1 bedroom furnished country house for short term rental in Cuenca, $150 – $200, I don’t have pets.

I am looking for 4 nights rental starting Thursday / Monday, from 29th April. A cabin in nearby countryside to avoid the lockdown, less than 2 hours from Centro. WhatsApp +593 98 730 7206

Dodd Sheikh: 098 730 7206. Call after: 8 AM

Oven thermometer

I’m looking for an oven thermometer. One that sits or hangs from the oven rack. I’ve checked the local supermarkets, Sukasa, Coral and Kiwi. Nada. If you’ve seen one or know for sure where to buy please let me know.

Bob Tremble: bobtremble@rocketmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Ship an electric guitar and amplifier to Cuenca?

Is there a service that can ship an electric guitar and amplifier to Cuenca from the U.S? An electric guitar is a bit large and bulky. How much would it cost?


Gerald Brown: garyjbrown123@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Covid-19 vaccination plan facilitation

Hello Expat Community. I know that all of you are anxiously trying to get vaccinated under “the COVID-19 Vaccination Plan” while struggling with getting hard-to-find information. Many of you may know that you can register for a vaccine appointment on the web, confirm your appointment schedule by calling 171, and check your schedule on http://www.citas.med.ec, the Ministerio de Salud system. The challenge is that it is all in Spanish.

My name is Paul Gonzalez, and I am a native Ecuadorian and a graduate of the University of Cuenca. My first language is Spanish, but I am also proficient and fluent in English. I can arrange to help you set up your appointments, accompany you on the appointment to ensure that everything goes smoothly and schedule your follow-on appointment if necessary. I look forward to helping you get your COVID-19 vaccine. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Luis Alarcón y Rafael Zeas.

Paul Gonzalez
098 854 6113

Sherwin-Williams painting and power washing services

We paint with Sherwin-Williams. Please call for free estimate for painting work; small or big. $75 per room; 2 coats, patching and fixing cracks, all materials included. Price negotiable.
No drops, super-clean, high-end finishing guaranteed.

Cuenca, Ecuador

099 573 4584

Carolina Bookstore, new location and hours

We have moved (again) back into El Centro.
We are located at 12-27 Benigno Malo y Gasper Sangurima. Two blocks north of Parque Calderon and one block north of the Hippie Market. Google and Facebook show correct information.
Our hours are 10-4 every day bar Sunday.

If you remember Tienda Nectar, it’s there but more of the building.

12-27 Benigno Malo y Gasper Sangurima, Cuenca

Stephen Page

Mule/courier package from USA to Ecuador

Hi Expat Community, I’m offering a new mule/ courier service from USA, to major cities in Ecuador, like Cuenca, Salinas, Manta, Quito, Guayaquil, etc. via packaged courier. Could be clothes, shoes, sneakers, lamps, spices, vitamins, kitchenware, pots and pans, etc. Or anything Legal. Please do not request anything illegal like guns or drugs. Unfortunately, no cell phones. Used laptops are OK.

This is how it works: you tell me what you need and I buy it after you deposit in my account or you buy it online and ship it to my address here in New Jersey. I’m a prime member on Amazon, but you can buy anywhere like Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Target, etc. Once it gets here you pay for the shipping and it will get to your city in Ecuador within 12 – 16 days for you to pick up. FYI in my locality there’s no tax on shoes and clothes, everything else if I buy in person, tax is only 3.5%. If you or I buy online, tax is 7%. I will send you a receipt.

To give you an example I just bought a house in Salinas and Cuenca and furnished my 2 homes with sheets, towels, smart faucets, smart front door locks, kitchenware, LED lamps. Any tech that you may not find or, is too expensive in Ecuador, I’ll ship it to you. I also helped my friends and collaborators with this offer for the past 5 years and I decided to help the Expat community as well.

If interested please email me or WhatsApp or text me. I’ll answer any questions or concerns regarding price, payment or any other questions you might have. You have many choices of payment in Ecuador via transfer or teller, to my account in banco del Pichincha or banco del Austro. In the US via deposit or transfer to my Chase checking account (You must have a Chase account to deposit cash FYI) thru Zelle, PayPal, Venmo. I will need your full name, your address in Ecuador your cell # and your Cedula #. The Ecuadorian customs requires this info, when your package arrives to your city. The shipping company will text you to retrieve it. Quick reply and tracking of your goods.

126 62nd st.

Freddy H Gomez
011 917 622 5890

Carpentry services and custom-made furniture

Our expert carpenters are prepared to handle all kinds of projects.
We have the ability to provide carpentry services to your home or business. New construction or refinishing.

We provide the following services:

Deck build
Disability ramp build
Furniture Restoration
Custom bathroom cabinets
Custom kitchen cabinets built
Closet addition
House framing
Finish carpentry
Window installation
Built-in shelving
Crown molding
Custom furniture fabrication
Custom tables, chairs,
Deck repair
Dry rot removal and remedy



Custom metalwork services

We have the ability to develop custom made solutions to meet your needs.
We can design all kinds of Metal pieces.

Metal structures
Custom Metal furniture
Custom metal fabrication
Aluminum and glass installation
Aluminum frames
Aluminum Doors and windows
Custom Metal objects
Custom steel cabinets
Hoods (exhaust)
Racks Shelves
Structures welded
Tables – workstations
Tables (adjustable)
Welding metal parts

Free estimates

Del sarar


Reupholstery services and furniture restoration

We specialize in reupholstering all types of furniture, using fabric, vinyl, or leather.
We can also bring new life to your cushions with new foam or down.

Our services:

Custom Furniture
Antique Furniture Restoration
Custom leather furniture
Leather Reupholstery
Pillows, seats and cushions
Recliner Restoration
Custom made Recliners
Sofa reupholstery
Sofa repair
Foam replacement
Chairs reupholstery
Custom Designs
Free estimates
Affordable Prices

Av Gonzalez Suarez


Dr. Aida Marino, clinical oncology

Clinical oncology treatment,
Palliative care and pain management,
General medicine,
Home care service.

Aida: aifermar@hotmail.com 098 970 5491. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Recommendation for Olger Avila

Translator, driver, carpenter, painter, plumber, facilitator

Olger was recommended to us by our friends here in Cuenca and what a blessing this man is.

No matter what the task Olger is experienced in everything we’ve requested in relocating here from the States.

From translation when purchasing furniture, banking, small indigenous markets, to traveling to the coast, Olger knows everything about living here, and how to make things happen, without being taken advantage of.

Olger worked in the US for many years and his English is impeccable. He knows the importance of being punctual, reliable and takes pride in his work and service.

He knows how Gringos think and what Gringos expect, and he understands the need for attention to details.

Doug & Susan Greenlee
Relocating from Minnesota

Olger Avila
WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Address: Olger Avila WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Contact information: Olger Avila WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Recommended by Doug Greenlee: djgreenlee@yahoo.com

Recommendation for Victor Ojeda, facilitator, driver, end of life translations, driving

Victor Ojeda has been a “go-to” facilitator for expats for 11 years. He is fluent in English, and knows the ins an out of visa regulations, replacement cedulas and passports, IESS appointment setting, basically anything for which you might need a guiding hand. He is the best.

I have enlisted his services for End of Life paperwork, replacing a lost cedula, and answering lots of questions.

He is a kind person, his organizational skills are of a professional caliber, and he is always punctual.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: victor0613@yahoo.com 098 731 3565

Recommended by Julia Rux: 097 929 7490

Recommendation for Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi, acupuncturist / medical / Chinese medicine

Although I have been a patient of Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi for at least 7 years, I recently found out how beneficial acupuncture and Chinese medicine (herbs) can be.

I had an operation removing a blockage in my intestine. I was left very weak since I was not able to eat or drink for 6 days before the operation. The range of motion of my arms was limited due to laying still with my arms down for 5 days afterwards. I was also diagnosed with level 1 cancer.
I am moving my arms normally and am almost back to my previous energy level. Most importantly, I am cancer free.

Address: Edificio San Jose, Office 5, Camino Viejo a Bano, 1 block before Iglesia Santa Marianita, 099 985 6641

Recommended by Joyce Wood: 099 364 3250

Recommendation for David Jackson, My Cuenca Nerd

I recommended My Cuenca Nerd about 2 weeks ago regarding my new VPN streaming device hub called Stream Locator. It works wonderfully and as advertised. After that was done David came back out and did several more things for me. He used my old Firestick and cleared it. Then he set me up with several channels that will give me everything I will ever want to watch. He set up my Apple TV for the US. And he installed a Roku for my TV upstairs. Now all this may seem like over kill to those of you with computers. I don’t have a computer, I live up in Turi with only Etapa available. And I am not tech savvy. I have waited several years to get this all done and now it is. David has made it very easy for me to use. He is knowledgeable, professional, and reasonable. Besides that he is a great guy to know. And he follows up to make sure it’s all working properly. I cannot recommend highly enough. And his previous work history of working with heads of corporations worldwide on technical issues are just another reason to use him.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: info@mycuencanerd.com 099 866 5450

Recommended by Lorraine Askam: 098 700 4977 nuiizzy@gmail.com

Recommendation for Edwin Loja, driver/transport

Edwin Loja is well known as the driver for former Cuenca expats Amelia & JP, who have informed many expats about Cuenca, and now Olón, with their popular YouTube videos.

Edwin is in several of their videos. His great reputation is well deserved. Last week he took me to the US Consulate, waited for me in the car, and brought me back. The trip was great, and we had had a great conversation about Ecuador the whole ride.

He speaks excellent English. His price was great also.
I highly recommend Edwin.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: leovincis@hotmail.com WhatsApp +593 99 371 3936

Recommended by Steve Swezy: +593 95 899 7638

Recommendation for Jose Bona- electrician

I found Jose Bona in a GringoPost post. He is a transplanted Venezuelan who was an electrical engineer but a casualty of the pandemic. He added a light in my bathroom with surface mounted wire mold and switch.

He did a very professional and clean installation. As a retired building contractor, I was impressed and pleased.

I highly recommend his services, and he speaks English very well.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp- +593 95 897 1911 or 095 897 1911

Recommended by Steve Swezy: +593 95 899 7638

Sabatino’s garden restaurant opens this Monday, 26th

Sabatino’s garden restaurant opens this Monday.

Today the special is:

Brisket sandwich with BBQ beans and fries $8
BBQ ribs with fries and salad $8.50
Margaritas, Cuba libres, mojitos 2×1
Of course, Sabatino’s Garden Restaurant
Come and enjoy our outdoor tables

April 26 from noon to 7 PM, Roberto Aguilar and 3 de Noviembre (one block from Otorongo Plaza)

Mauricio: 098 704 2538

El Mundo Orgánico, delivery days for week of 26 April

Due to the extended weekend curfew this week (Thursday, 8 PM, through Monday, 5 AM), El Mundo Orgánico is accepting orders for delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (April 27, 28 and 29).

Don’t forget, while our current supply lasts, we also have nuts and dried fruits for delivery as well. They are going fast! But, if you miss out this week, no worries – we will have more next week.

“Note”: To ensure you receive the freshest produce possible, we do not carry fruits and vegetables in our store except on the days that we hold Ferias. However, you can place an order for freshly picked organic vegetables and natural fruits at least 1 day before you plan to visit our store, and we will have it ready for you when you arrive.

Our current “Product List and Pricing” and our “Ordering Instructions” are available on the Home Page of our website (www.elmundoorganico.com). (Forgive us! Our other website pages are still “under construction” and we continue to add more and more products).

Can’t find what you are looking for on our “Product List”? Just drop us a text (093 906 2640) or email us (orders@elmundoorganico.com), and we will do our best to find it for you.

We will be happy to deliver any of our store products as well as fruits and vegetables. Orders for less than $17 will incur a $3 delivery charge, but there is no deliver charge for orders for more than $17.

Our store location, a mere 3-5 minute taxi ride or drive from Ordoñez Lasso and Gringolandia, can be found on GoogleMaps. Be sure to type in our entire store name, “El Mundo Orgánico”. (Don’t blame us if you end up in Totorococha because you forgot to type in the “El”.)

Have a great day.

April 26, 2021, Francisco Cisneros y Autopista Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal (also known as “Enrique Arízaga Toral”)

Armando Espinoza: 093 906 2640

Fish of the week and stock up sale

Fish of the week:

Grouper – Treat yourself to one of 4 varieties of grouper this week. All our grouper products are on sale.

The grouper fish is a very healthy, mild-flavor fish high in Omega 3’s that hardly has any “fishy flavor. The grouper pate is made with local cream cheese with a dash of cayenne pepper – very addictive.

Stock up sale:

Next weekend will be a 3-day lockdown. Cuenca Salmon will deliver 7 days a week. Stock up on your favorite comfort foods and sandwich meats.

Shop on our website http://www.cuencasalmon.com and receive deliveries 7 days a week.

Monday 4/26, Los Alamos y 3 de Noviembre

Lenny Charnoff: info@cuencasalmon.com 099 122 1238

T-Rex Burgers Pub new hours, new location and happy hour

Hello Everyone,
Due to the new regulations we will work under new hours.
Open to the public from Monday til Friday from noon till 7 PM.
Delivery service from Monday till Sunday from noon till 9 PM.

Happy hour from Monday till Friday from noon till 4 PM.
Craft beer of 500ml at $4.50
Glass of wine at $3.50
Mojitos 2 for $5.

Come by and check out our new location on Calle Larga 8-63 and Luis Cordero. The place is big with two floors. On the first one tables and a large bar. On the second floor a private area good for groups for 8 to 16 people sit.

You can make a reservation for a minimum of 8 people.

See you then,
Ask by email for a menu.

Cesar Mejia
T-Rex Burgers Pub

From Monday till Sundays from noon to 9 PM, Calle Larga 8-63 y Luis Cordero

Cesar Mejia: cesaresrex@gmail.com 096 272 0330

Paradise Indian restaurant

For the next month our service schedule will change in accord with the curfew. Dine-in and take-out service will be available Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 8 PM. Home delivery will be available every day from 10 AM to 9 PM. We will still offer our full menu, with every item prepared to order and spiced to your personal preference. We’ll miss your company on the weekends, but we look forward to serving you as best we are able. Stay safe, stay well, stay well-fed.

Open Daily 10 AM – 9 PM for Delivery, Open Monday – Friday 10 AM – 8 PM for Dine-in and Take-out, Federico Malo 1-160 between 12 de Abril and Tadeo Torres (Parque de la Madre)

Paul Anthony: paradiseindianrestaurantcuenca@gmail.com 098 462 8976 Paradise Indian Restaurant

Yummy New York cheesecakes, brownie, cookies and more

Hi beautiful people. The best cheesecake is now in GringoPost.

°Medium cheesecake $15 (6 or 8 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi

°Large cheesecake $20 (12 or 14 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi.

4 x $8
6 x $12
12 x $22

Chocochips Cookies
6 x $5
12 x $10

Sweet Box $20
4 brownies, 4 cheesecake (strawberry, blackberry or blueberry), 6 chocochips cookies.

* Red velvet cake $20
* Guinness cake $20
* Mojito cake $20
* Carrot cake $18

Pies and Crumble
* Apple Crumble $12
* Fruit Crumble $12
* Apple Pie $15
* Lemon pie $15
* Fruit Pasión pie $15


Everyday make your orders 24 hours before, Pickup or delivery I live in downtown, Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Cheesecake and Crumble: orders.cheesecakeandcrumble@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Tex – Mex, California burritos and more by chef Nathaly Vivas

Hi GringoPost community.

This is our Tex-Mex and California menu

— Large Tex-Mex or California Burrito
Ground beef, chicken or veggie
* 4 large burritos x $24
* 8 large burritos x $48

— Small Tex-Mex or California burritos
Ground Beef, chicken or veggie
* 6 small burritos x $18
* 12 small burritos x $36

— Beef, chicken or veggie chili (with Nachos, guacamole and tomatoes sauce)
1/2 pound $8
1 pound $15

— Black beans Beef, chicken or veggie Enchiladas
— 4 portions x $15

All with guacamole and Mexican sauce

Every day make your order before noon for delivery at the same day, Pickup or delivery I live in downtown Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: nathaly116vivas@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Arabic food during the curfew

Hello GP community,

Damasco Cuenca will keep working during the curfew with delivery and take-away service so you can get an oasis of flavor straight to your place. We are just one call away.

This Saturday is our 2×1 Hummus day, order yours for this weekend.

PS: We will have free delivery few blocks around Edificio La Cuadra.

Tuesdays – Sundays, noon to 10 PM, José Astudillo Regalado 2-06 y Miguel Morocho (Diagonally across from Edif. Dali)

Ibrahim: damascocuenca@gmail.com 099 153 2507 https://g.page/DamascoCuenca?gm

Fabianos Pizza

Enjoy of a delicious pizza in the comfort of your home.
Stay at home because Fabianos goes to you.
Due to the CEO’s measures, we will be serving with delivery in our three locals (Presidente Cordova, Zona Rosa, Chaullabamba).

We will be working this weekend with all the biosecurity for your deliveries.

Monday to Thrusday from noon to 10 PM, Friday and Saturday from noon to 11 PM, Sunday from noon to 9 PM, Presidente Cordova and Mariano Cueva

Fabianos Pizza: 099 293 8531

Southern Fried Chicken delivered Saturday only – Joes’ Secret Garden

For delivery-fight the lockdown blues …
treat yourself to a Southern Fried Chicken Dinner …

This Saturday, from 11:30 AM to 5 PM.
Award winning “Fried Chicken” from Joes’ Secret Garden offered for “delivery to the safety and comfort of your home. Winnert of the 2021 Best of Cuenca” Fried Chicken by GringoPost readers,

Dinner Includes:
4 pcs of crisp, flavorful, juicy chicken with our secret recipe crisp breading
Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Milk Gravy
House Recipe Cole slaw
Angel light biscuits (2)
$12.50pp….(all white meat, add $3)
Herb-Garlic Roast Chicken dinner offered as an option for those not into “fried” this week.(it’s a half-chicken)
with all of the above side dishes …. $12.50pp

Orders must be placed by noon, Friday, April 30th

Order form at http://www.joessecretgarden.com
Questions …call Ken at 096 950 6605

Delivery from $2.50 + varies with location

Mother’s Day
lunch or dinner next Sunday, May 9th – We’ll have a special menu published this week.

Address at time of order

KP: eat@joessecretgarden.com

The Feria to your doorstep

DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings) knows the value and fun of the Ferias. Due to the ongoing pandemic, DEFY wants to help you enjoy tasty samples with no risk. Choose a piece of any DEFY dessert: Carrot Cake, Brownie, Reese’s Treats, Canadian Nanaimo Bar, or American Nanaimo Bar. Plus, a full cup of literally the best yogurt on the planet, Cream’O’Gurt: Mango, Guanabana, Strawberry, Plain, Peach, Maracuyá, Coconut, and Mora. and get free delivery to your door.
You’ll get regular email updates from DEFY on promotions, new products, etc.

Check out our website to get more details on the desserts and yogurt. Depending on your selection and where you live, this offer has a value between $5 and $6. Just send an email with your name, dessert and yogurt selection, and your address, and we’ll bring the Feria to your doorstep.

Wednesday, April 28th at noon, Jesus Arriaga 4-69

David Coote: david1@defyforlife.com 098 498 3562 http://www.defyforlife.com

Chocolate chip cookie dough

I offer you my chocolate chip cookies dough ready to bake!!
16 oz – 1 pound
Delicious, Can be frozen up to 1 month.
Orders To: Fernanda 099 549 9846 – or find them at Comercial Arandano

Price $6

Any time, Comercial Arandano

Fernanda: ferguerrero_15@hotmail.com 099 549 9846

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