No preexisting, no copayment, 24-7 care

With a one-time monthly payment you’re covered for 24-7 ambulance house calls and Dr.’s appointments plus basic dental care. At Mady Insurance we have come together in alliance with a complimentary service that will help you in many different situations, especially if you have no insurance or have a high deductible plan but also need some basic care.

We have 5 new ambulances in the of Cuenca and are ready to serve you. This service also works great for when you need transportation after surgery. Why? Because this service is unlimited in every manner. There’s no limit to your preexisting conditions and no copayments, just one low monthly payment. Same price for all ages. Costs start at $14.50.

I’ll be happy to talk to you about this via phone, email or at my office.

Address: Los Alamos and Ordoñez Lasso Corner, Cuenca.

Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch
098 630 4185

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