How to delete online personal data

My name, cedula number, etc. are on a website and I cannot find a way to have it deleted.

I have no idea how it got there, I am not a business owner and I have not registered for SRI, RUC etc. but early last year I may have accidentally registered on some government portal while in the process of applying for IESS, permanent residence visa etc.

I had written to that government website, requesting deletion of my data. And it was done. I got an email confirming this. Around the same time, another website had my personal data and I wrote here asking for advice–and I was asked to go through the contact/ delete form on the website and the data was removed. I then contacted google to remove the cache webpage. It was a long tedious process…

However, this time the website does not have a contact or delete form or any way to contact the website owners. Or at least I cannot seem to locate it.

Can anybody help me in having my online data scrubbed and even finding out if for some reason I am registered on SRI and that is where the information is leaking from? Although, I cannot understand how this would be legal here.

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Expat Cuenca

New immigration law

In February, 2021, Ecuadorian government made some change to the immigration law. Some lawyer said from now on all classes of immigrants (investor, professional, etc.) will all have to be in Ecuador for a minimum of 21 months before one can apply for the permanent visa. I’ve been told by others, no that is not true, this stays the same as before.

Does anyone know what is the residency requirement for investor holding temporary visa applying for permanent visa in the new law?

It is at time like this, when professionals disagree with each other, I wish I can read (Spanish)…


City: Cuenca

Bus service to other cities

I am planning to come for my 4th visit to Cuenca at the end of May and am planning to take bus services from Cuenca to Banos de Agua Santa (near Ambato). Will stay in Banos for several days and then take bus to Quito before flying back to the States. Is Amazonas and other bus services still operating through the pandemic, etc.? Are there any special requirements or reservations needed, etc.? I tried to find info online, but am not able to find much.

Any information or bus company recommendations would be appreciated. Are there any websites with bus schedules etc.? P.S. I have taken the buses in Ecuador and have no problems with this method of transportation (for the price). Thanks,


This Week in La Guarida

Sadly, Jerry Joe Holland cancelled this Thursday’s musical concert. We hope to have Jerry sometime soon again. We continue with our weekly film projections and our breakfast/brunch service. Come enjoy a wonderful breakfast in our quiet and beautiful colonial house. We love offering the best omelets in the city apart from an incredible French Toast, Steak and Eggs and other wonderful dishes. We used organic and local produce.

Tuesday 6:45PM: The Mole Agent – “El Agente Topo”
Sergio is a Chilean spy. Sort of. At least, he is offered the role of one after a casting session organized by Detective Romulo, a private investigator who needs a credible mole to infiltrate a retirement home. Romulo’s client, the concerned daughter of a resident, suspects her mother is being abused and hires him to find out what is really happening. However, Sergio is 83, not 007, and not an easy trainee when it comes to technology and spying techniques. While gathering intelligence, Sergio grows close to several residents and realizes that the menacing truth beneath the surface is not what anyone had suspected. A wonderful film that has been nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film.

Wednesday 6:45PM: Nomadland
A woman in her sixties who, after losing everything in the Great Recession, embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. This film is this year’s top choice to win the Academy Award for Best Film.

Both of these incredible titles you won’t get to see anywhere else in Cuenca. Remember that reservations are with dinner required. Please call 099 806 8071.

You may take the Tranvía right to our door. Stay in La Cuadra’s station. You can’t miss us.

April 12th, from 8 AM to 8 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM

Free art exhibit and live music, please join us,

Date: Monday, April 12, at 11 AM

Breathe Art! …How I live in Cuenca.
Experience the magic of Ceramic Art by
Cristina Urgiles Martinez

Live piano: Peter Dudar

Casa Patrimonial Municipal del Alfarero
Municipal Patrimonial House of the Potter
at the corner of
Mariscal Lamar y Concencion del 45

Cuenca Pickleball School

Join us M-W-Friday 10:30 AM to noonish at the Coliseum. We are a group of intermediate and beginners looking to enjoy improving our skills in pickleball. We play in the north east section of tennis courts. Come join in the fun.

M, W, Friday, $1.50 a player, Coliseum, Cuenca.

Dave Johnson: 098 104 2685. Call after: 7 AM

The Free & Fun Language Exchange on Zoom – all levels welcome

Please login at the Zoom link below and join an enthusiastic group of native Spanish and English speakers as we converse in each other’s language in an encouraging and supportive environment.

All levels of ability are welcome, so don’t be shy–even if you don’t speak a word of the language you want to learn, you will be helped by those that do.

To facilitate conversation, we often have fun with tongue twisters, riddles, slang, crossword puzzles, etc. Or, we just simply converse on various subjects. Anything to practice speaking.

The Zoom meeting starts promptly at 6 PM every Monday. We end at 7 PM, or shortly thereafter.

No need to confirm your attendance–just show up and enjoy (and learn!).

Zoom meeting link:
No password or meeting ID required.

See you there.

April 12th, from 6 PM to 7 PM, Free, 100 Zoom y 101 Zoom, Cuenca.

Bruce Peterson: 099 109 4835. Call after: 1 PM

Queen mattress, memory foam three inch topper – where can I buy?

I just rented a place in the historic district. The queen-size bed is pretty new … but I would like to improve its ability by purchasing one of those “memory foam” or “tempurpedic” type toppers or covers …

I am in the States now and can buy and bring one with me – but, that would be cumbersome and difficult to travel with when I return and would prefer to buy the “topper” in Cuenca somewhere.

Anyone out there with suggestions? Thank you mucho,

John: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for a water heater

I am looking for a water heater (calefon) in good condition. Please get back to me if you have it for sale.

Jimmy: .

City: Cuenca

Can you help my friend? She will clean your home with excellence

My young friend with two babies so needs work. Do you need your house/apartment cleaned? She is a first-rate house cleaner. She will make your place shine from top to bottom and is very conscientious, honest and completely trustworthy. She will water your plants, do your laundry, walk your dogs, gardening, house sit if you go out of town or run errands if you so desire. Thank you in advance.

You can contact me, Eve Donald at:, cell: 096 994 1866, what’s app +593 96 994 1866. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Gardening and handyman services

I offer the following services:

• Cutting grass; I have my own tools, grass cutter and cordless grass trimmer.
* Irrigation system installation in house or apartment.
• Handyman
* Painting.

I have good references in the expat community in case you need them.

Luis Alejandro Luna: 099 879 2985 / 099 840 7961. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Arabica coffee, a superior quality bean

Arabica is considered the best coffee bean, since although it has less body than robusta, it is more balanced, aromatic and has a very pleasant acidity. Also, it has less caffeine than other varieties.

Arabica has between 0.8% and 1.4% caffeine, a far cry from the 4% that a robusta coffee can have. It is undoubtedly a subtle, delicate and elegant coffee with a great balance between flavor and body.

I am Andrés Guillermo, the only distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of 100% Arabian coffee, grown and harvested at 1,300 meters above sea level, in the province of Loja. I have roasted coffee in two presentations: ground and beans, 450-gram bags so that you can make your breakfast or afternoon coffee a delicious experience in your mouth. Contact me 099 647 2877 WhatsApp or call.


Andres Guillermo
099 647 2877

We go shopping for you

We’ll do grocery shopping or errands for you.
We have experience; you send the list and where you prefer to shop, and we’ll go.
We are entrepreneurs and need to work.

Av Ordonez Laso

Bertha Salvador
098 336 9472

Blinds, black outs and draperies installation

We provide Curtain and blind services. We can create and install custom curtains and blinds. If you are looking for a window treatment specialist, contact us today. We will give you the best service.

Curtains and drapery tracks, rods and decorative finials, Roman blinds, roller blinds, shutters Curtain and blind cleaning, curtain and blind repairs and alterations, interior design advice, roller shades, black-outs, electric blinds installation.



Driver, facilitator

Hi, I am Geovanny. I worked in finance for a US company until they closed their office in Cuenca. I am looking for employment helping people with local driving and pickup and delivery. I understand English and can speak a little, or communicate through Google translate. I have access to both a van and spacious SUV.

No job is too small. Please call.

Calle Canton Giron y Sta Isabel (close to Las Americas and Primero de Mayo

Geovanny Mogrovejo
099 987 6868

House and pet sitting in Yunguilla

We have a lovely home in Yunguilla and 2 house broken dogs that need loving care for 9 days.
If interested we can send more pictures of our home.

Yunguilla Valley

Craig: 098 670 0800

Why you need the new VIP MedAlert service

● Personalized help at the push of a button device
● From our 24 hour dispatch center
● For medical, fire, personal emergencies
● Anywhere in Cuenca
● In English or Spanish (2-way speech enabled device)
● VIP Team + 911 ready to respond
● All for a reasonable monthly fee
098 329 8243

Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca
098 329 8243

Gain an advanced level of Spanish, in only 3 months, guaranteed

Hello GringoPost friends, we offer a simple and straight forward approach to learning Spanish. One-on-one classes with a local and experienced teacher, almost 20 years teaching Spanish to people from all over the world.

When you sign up you get:
+ one free introduction lesson,
+ downloadable content for practice and learning,
+ one on one lessons with a professional teacher,
+ classes created specifically for you based on the test taken in the introduction lesson.
+ You also get one free conversation class per week, online, with a local Spanish coach.

Send us an email or a WhatsApp today – Don’t miss out.


Carolina Machuca
098 210 3187

Prevention is cheaper than being cured of Covid19

More cases of infected and deceased by Covid-19 are reported in the report of the new epidemiological week number 13, in Cuenca.

According to the report of the Technical Board, a high number of suspected cases of COVID-19 is registered, with an incidence of 12 per 10,000 inhabitants. While the incidence of confirmed cases went from 3.1 to 3.2 per 10,000 inhabitants.

The reckless behavior of citizens continues despite being in a state of exception.

I recommend using masks approved by the World Health Organization, the KN95 with a valve. Which allow you to breathe better, without fogging up your lenses, avoiding dizziness or removing it to breathe better.

The masks that I sell are imported from the USA, that is, they are not manufactured in Ecuador. The box of 20 masks comes fully sealed and plastered to ensure handling.

I am Andrés Guillermo, you can write to me at or call me at 099 64 72877 (WhatsApp) and I will come to your home at no additional cost to deliver your box of masks to protect your health and that of your family. Blessings


Andres Guillermo
099 647 2877

Guitar repair and guitar lessons

Professional, reliable guitar repair. Banjo, mandolin ukulele too. 40+ years’ experience. I also offer guitar lessons, all levels. WhatsApp or email only please,


John Marshall
097 952 0634

Custom metal work services

Otto custom metal work services provides affordable welding and custom fabrication services. We do all types of metal fabrication, installation and repair. We also provide onsite service.

We specialize in:

Metal structures
Custom made Metal furniture
Metal planters for plants
Aluminum installation
Glass replacement
Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom Furniture pieces
Store Fixtures
Loft style design
Paint interior and exterior
Metal Restoration
Custom Wine Cellar and Wine Rack
Bottle Display
Innovative and decorative furniture
Dance Cage
Metal Art & Sculpture

Del Sarar


Tapiceria Moderna reupholstery services and furniture repair

Tapiceria Moderna offers professional upholstery services. We give great service, reasonable prices, and high quality for our reupholstery and furniture repair. We also have a great section of fabrics.

Furniture, upholstery, furniture all kind of repairs, furniture modifications, custom re-designs, refinishing and strip furniture, custom wood stain: we can stain almost anything, overall repairs:
from replacing broken legs to mending ripped seams. Custom made complete living room furniture sets: we make chairs, vanity chairs, ottomans, storage benches, stools and benches. complete restoration services:
We custom make sofas, recliners, sectionals, loveseats, cabinet upholstered headboards, defacing, refinishing, custom fitted slip covers, wall upholstery, residential and commercial projects. Outdoor furniture: patio furniture, island and grill covers patio cushions, outdoor bench cushions Sunbrella.

Contact us for free estimates. You can send us your pictures by email and we can send you quotes for your convenience.

Mariano Cueva


EcoGalaxy luxury catamaran continue with 50% off until June, 2021

Galapagos Ecogalaxy luxury catamaran: 2021 departures


6 Days/ 5 nights. Program: Itinerary B

Tuesday PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island
Wednesday AM: Santa Fe: Santa Fe
PM: South Plazas: South Plaza
Thursday AM: Seymour: North Seymour
PM: Mosquera: Mosquera
Friday AM: Genovesa: Darwin Bay
PM: Genovesa: Barranco
Saturday AM: Santa Cruz: Highlands
PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island


Need home healthcare?

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca is Cuenca’s premier home healthcare provider. Here’s how it works: Our trained professional nurses and caregivers speak English and work closely with your doctor to provide care that continues uninterrupted from hospital to doctor to home. Many of our clients integrate care from alternative healthcare providers into their care as well. Whatever the combination of physical therapy, medication, diet, or basic homecare—our Clinical Supervisor will work with you and your Medical Providers to customize a single, all-inclusive plan that checks all the boxes. Your Caregiver or Nurse will use that plan as a road map to give you the best care possible right in your own home.


Ta’Lico Cuisine is open now

US style Chinese dishes and traditional Chinese food offered at Ta’Lico

Ta’Lico is honored to provide you with selected US style Chinese dishes and traditional Chinese plates. No MSG used in all food. We are on Ordoñez Lazo, almost directly across from Hotel Oro Verde, We are looking forward to your visits and are very happy to accommodate for your eating preferences. We offer delivery service.

Our menu including but not limited to the following:

US Style Kung pao chicken $7.88
US Style General Tso’s chicken $7.88
US Style stir fry beef (filet mignon) with broccoli $7.88


In search of…

I am in search of a store or shop that sells cross stich fabric. I need the fabrics listed below.

Ivory 14 count Linaida cloth
Ivory 22 count Western cloth

Please know that any information you provide will be greatly appreciated.

Evelyn Tarshis: .

City: Cuenca

Income tax services

Tax Accountant: Need help for income tax filing? Income tax services, including FATCA/FBAR and Foreign Earned Income filing, are available here in Cuenca for US expats.

Kay Forgione has been an active tax accountant for 8 years in Cuenca as an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS, fulfilling the required Continuing Professional Education annually. Any complicated cases, including business, estate, trust, and gift tax, will be handled in addition to individual filings. Kay Forgione has over 35 years of experience in accounting, audit, taxes, and is an investment adviser with Series 7 and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation.

Cuenca, GringoLandia

Kay Forgione
098 384 1776 or 310 742 4724

Need help with your home workouts?

We know the struggle of trying to work out by yourself, ether time, knowledge or motivational wise, it is hard to get started. That’s why we are here to offer our services in everything related to physical care and health wellness. We are willing to provide you: – Physical Rehabilitation – Physical training (based in the functional workout method) – Therapeutic massage.

All these services in the comfort of your home. Home Visit. Monday to Saturday (previous appointment)

Home visit

Carlos Cabeza
096 292 7668

Greeting to all Cuenca from the new Atrévete Salón

By the talented hands of Miriam J. Leon and Maria Leon
Atrévete means dare yourself in Spanish. So, dare yourself to be more beautiful!

We are sisters Maria and Miriam Leon and we have been working with the gringo expat community of Cuenca for 3 years. We are now in our new venture in the Atrévete Salón , and we are connecting with you again through gringo post…Thank you for your patronage in the past and now going into the future.

Atrévate Salon: A cut above the rest. The new Atrévate Salon offers you two professional esthetician ladies from Venezuela:


Recommendation for Ida, housekeeper

My husband and I have moved into a smaller abode, and no longer require the services of our housekeeper, Ida. She is a good worker and honest. We have left her alone in our previous house for hours at a time with no problems. Ida does not speak English, but I’ve always used Google Translate without any issues.

If you need housekeeping help, please consider giving Ida a try. You can reach her via WhatsApp at 098 907 6565.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 907 6565

Recommended by Karen Long:

Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

No exaggeration, Monica and her team are truly miracle workers. My husband became seriously ill and spent 11 days in the hospital. Our CD was with JEP, and despite presenting documentation, they refused to follow through with their stated policy of returning our money in the event of a medical emergency.

I initially hired a well-known attorney, to help. She promised to help me before my husband was discharged. That did not happen, and her cost and the cost of her notary was extremely high. My good friend recommended I speak with Monica. The very next day, Monica asked me to come into the office. The first thing that struck me was her compassion for my situation.

She immediately called the attorney/notary she frequently consults with. Monica drew up a Power of Attorney based on my husband’s thumbprint. The attorney and Monica came to my home the next evening and completed the paperwork with my husband. The following morning, Monica and I with power of attorney in hand, went to JEP. The CD was released.

Monica is professional, truly cares about her clients, gets the job done quickly, and to top it off, her rates are more than fair. I highly recommend her services without hesitation.

Address: Benedicto XV 1-53 Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Leanne Crawley:

Recommendation for Julia Muñoz, Spanish tutor

Julia is a great tutor I’ve been seeing for a few months now. We meet twice a week in a cafe for ninety-minute sessions that cost $15 each.

Spanish has been a slow go for me. I’ve been in Cuenca for about 2 years now, and I’m functional bouncing around town but I’d like to bring it to a higher level so that I can have real conversations. Since I started seeing Julia my Spanish has improved considerably. I now fairly frequently get complemented on my Spanish. Also I’ve been noticing tenses and constructions we’ve been studying, walking about town, listening to people talk. I’m now confident that I’ll learn the language very well.

Julia is patient, can teach any level, and very knowledgeable about Spanish. She has a master’s degree from the University of Cuenca. Give her a try.

Julia’s WhatsApp contact is: +593 99 656 3189

Address: Central Cuenca

Recommended by Tom Gregg:

Recommendation for Nunkui, handmade products from the Amazon

A friend and I visited the Nunkui Store yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Paul was very informative, explaining where all the different items come from and the people who make them. I bought several items and will be going back for more. The bowls, baskets, food and teas, all will make unique birthday and Christmas presents.

I highly recommend visiting with Paul at the store and exploring all the things they have there.

Address: “Casa San Sebastián”. Simón Bolívar 13-86 and Estévez de Toral. WhatsApp: 099 586 7670 Business hours: Monday to Friday: 9:30 AM to 1 PM and 2:30 to 6 PM. Saturday: 9:30 AM to 1 PM. Paul Sanchez:

Contact information: WhatsApp: 099 586 7670

Recommended by Marleah Baird: 098 281 2911

Recommendation for Laboritorio Biomolecular $90 PCR tests, Covid testing

A handy testing facility, near Parque de la Madre. Do your test before noon (open 8 AM to noon) and get results later that same day. $90. Hardly any wait time.

West side of the park, on Federico Malo, walk away from the river, just after the track, turn right on Tadeo Torres. The lab is a few meters down, on the left.

Address: Tadeo Torres, just off Federico Malo (west side of Parque de la Madre)

Contact information: (07) 284 4111

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Every day specials

Thanks Friends for all your help. We have lobster, liver with onions, fish fried with almonds. Breakfast – every day – for $3. Lunch for $3.50. Saturday and Sunday $4.

Remember your party can be here with all the dining room for you! Thanks.

Call Colon: 099 827 0703 or 282 9397. Don Colon by Parque Calderon. Ciao…

All the time, Sucre 9-14 y B Malo

Colon Campos: 099 827 0703 sucre 914 and B Malo

Yummy New York Cheesecake, brownie, cookies and more

Hi beautiful people. The best cheesecake is now in GringoPost.

°Medium cheesecake $15 (6 or 8 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi

°Large cheesecake $20 (12 or 14 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi.

4 x $8
6 x $12
12 x $22

Chocochips Cookies
6 x $5
12 x $10

Sweet Box $20
4 brownies, 4 cheesecake (strawberry, blackberry or blueberry), 6 chocochips cookies.

* Red velvet cake $20
* Guinness cake $20
* Mojito cake $20
* Carrot cake $18

Pies and Crumble
* Apple Crumble $12
* Fruit Crumble $12
* Apple Pie $15
* Lemon pie $15
* Fruit Pasión pie $15

Every day make your orders 24 hours before, Pickup or delivery. I live in Downtown Benigno Malo

Cheesecake and Crumble: 098 770 7372

Tex – Mex, California burritos and more by chef Nathaly Vivas

Hi GringoPost community.

This is our Tex-Mex and California menu

°Large Tex-Mex or California Burrito
Beef, chicken or veggie
* 4 large burritos x $24
* 8 large burritos x $48

°Small Tex-Mex or California burritos
Beef, chicken or veggie
* 6 small burritos x $18
* 12 small burritos x $36

°Beef, chicken or veggie chili (with Nachos, guacamole and tomatoes sauce)
1/2 pound $8
1 pound $15

° Black beans Beef, chicken or veggie Enchiladas
° 4 portions x $15

All with guacamole and Mexican Sauce

Everyday make your order before noon for delivery at the same day, Pickup or delivery I live in downtown benigno malo

Nathaly Vivas: 098 770 7372

Chef Rosemary, delivery food service

New this week:

* Chicken or veggie whole wheat tortilla bake, 2 portion $5.

* Spiced Lentil soup with carrot and potatoes $2.

* Gingersnap Cookies package of 300grs. $3.


* Cinnamon Rolls, 6 per package $4.

* 4 Cannelloni filled with beef, chicken or vegetables covered with Bechamel sauce and Parmesan cheese 1-2 serving $5.

* Crepes filled with beef, chicken or vegetables covered with Bechamel sauce and Parmesan cheese, 2 serving $5.

* Gnocchis 2 serving (Frozen they have to be boiled) $4.

* Pizza with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni or salami, sweet corn and mushrooms and black olives for 6-8 serving $10.

* Chicken or Meatballs Sandwich accompanied with French fries or salad $4.

* Tomato soup with celery carrots and chips $3.

* Jar of White sauce with mushrooms, garlic and parsley $4. With chicken $5.

* Jar of Red sauce with meat or chicken 430gr $5.

* Jar of Marinara sauce with mushrooms and black olive $4.5. Plain Marianara sauce $3.5. Chicken Marinara sauce $4.5.


Pei’s pot stickers

Hello friends,

My name is Pei, and I have been making homemade Chinese food here in Cuenca for my friends and fellow expats since 2019. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I love making fresh, healthy Chinese dishes for all to enjoy.

If you would like to try traditional Chinese food, please feel free to place an order with me for pickup or delivery with at least one day of notice. Thank you, and enjoy—buen provecho.

Pei’s Potstickers

Dumplings, 12 pieces:

pork • $5
chicken • $5
shrimp and pork • $7
vegetable • $5

stir-fried noodles
hand-made noodles

veggie stir-fry • $5
zhajiangmian • $5
eggs w/ tomatoes • $5

Single dishes over rice:

kung pao chicken • $8
coca-cola chicken wings • $8
crispy sweet & sour pork • $10
sweet & sour pineapple pork • $10
twice cooked pork • $10
General Tso’s chicken • $10
fried tofu • $8
veggie delight • $6
salt and pepper pork • $10
salt and pepper chicken • $8

Steamed buns, 1 piece:

pork • $1
chicken • $1
red bean • $1
mix and match, dozen • $10

red bean paste (300g) • $5
Chinese bread buns (5) • $2.50
fresh noodles (1lb) • $8
jasmine rice • $2

Please send orders at least one day in advance

Handmade. Fresh. Wholesome.
No preservatives, additives, colorants, MSG.

April 12th, from 9 AM to 7 PM, Paseo Imbabura

Pei: 099 253 6116

We have custom gift packs for your someone special

Sweet and Ice in Milenium Plaza for coconut and chocolate lovers

We carry Dikaty Chocolates – 2021 GringoPost Winner of the Best Chocolates and the Best Candy Store

We are located just inside the back entrance of Milenium Plaza on the ground floor near the elevator.

We offer the following Coco Express quality products:


Looking for Cuenca’s Best New York style bagels?

Matthew’s Bagel and Bakery – GringoPost 2021 Winner Best Bakery and Bagels

A big thank you for voting for us. We really appreciate it.

We have ready-made-to-go food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Come in and visit us at our new location with the front entrance on Avenida Las Americas and the back door on Calle Los Alamos 2 blocks from Ordonez Lasso on the Rio Tomebamba side.

Two blocks south of Super Maxi Las Americas. The new Tranvia has a stop about one block from us on Las Americas.


Nuts, order now for Wednesday delivery (El Mundo Orgánico Basket)

El Mundo Orgánico has a fantastic selection of beautiful organic vegetables and natural fruits from which to choose for your Build-Your-Own Basket for home delivery.

But that’s not all. We carry a plethora of other vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free, lactose-free and gluten-free products, goat and cow’s milk cheeses, real Roquefort bleu cheese salad dressing, pickles, prepared horseradish, organic chicken, grass-feed beef cuts, tasty pork products (bacon, sausages, ham, pulled pork and ham hocks), and so much.

In addition to food products, we carry many other organic products, such as hand, face and body lotions, shampoos and conditioners, hand and body soaps, antiseptics, castor oil, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpastes and biodegradable paper and plastic products, such as paper towels, toilet paper, paper towels, and small, medium and large size trash bags.

Stay tuned. We will also soon be carrying, in addition to essential oils, homeopathic and natural remedies, such as vitamins, minerals, supplements, ointments, oils, as well as a variety of nuts (cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, and more; containers (1/2 lb to 2 lbs) of mixed nuts, and mixed nuts with “frutos secos”, which includes a variety of nuts and dried fruits, such as apricots and raisins.

We will be happy to deliver any of the products we sell. Orders for less than $17 will incur a $3 delivery charge, but there is no deliver charge for orders for more than $17.

For your convenience, if you want to check out the additional products we carry in our store, you may text or email us your fruit and veggie order (at least 1 day before you plan to visit our store, please), and we will have it ready for you while you shop in our store.

Our current “Product List and Pricing”—much too long to provide here—and our “Ordering Instructions” are available on the Home Page of our website ( (Forgive us! Our other website pages are still “under construction”).

Can’t find what you are looking for on our “Product List”? Just drop us a text to 093 906 2640 or email us ( with a description, quantity and size of your needed product, and we will try to find it for you. That includes products for both you and your pets.

We also invite you to our store location, just a mere 3-4 minute taxi ride or drive from Ordoñez Lasso and Gringolandia. Find us on GoogleMaps under “El Mundo Orgánico” (not just “Mundo Orgánico,” or you will end up in Totoracocha—the wrong place).

Have a great day.

April 12, 2021, Francisco Cisneros y Autopista Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal (also known as “Enrique Arízaga Toral”)

Armando Espinoza: 093 906 2640

Hacienda Chan Chan dairy products

Best wishes to all of you. We want to offer you tasty dairy products from our aged cheeses, yogurt, fresh milk and cream and even cottage cheese. This week we will be at Dos Sucres from 9-10, where you can also pick up some beautiful and tasty veggies from San Joaquin. We also offer home deliveries and pick-up at the Smokehouse by San Sebastian Square and Tienda Nectar.

This week for our cheeses, we are offering some tasty varieties: Peppercorn Parmesan, perfect for grating over veggies and pasta. Our popular Pepperjack, a tasty addition melted over chips or in a tortilla for that perfect quesadilla. Our Swiss…this one has a lot of flavor and is quite strong…easy to slice thin for a fabulous addition to that sandwich. Last, but not least, our traditional cheddar. A softer batch that is super creamy and melts well for that perfect grilled cheese. Try one or try them all for $7/lb…cut to your desire.

Let us know what you would like and we will do our best to get it for you.

Tuesday, April 13th, Dos Sucres-Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56 (9-10 AM), Smokehouse (pick-up Tuesday after 10:30 AM), Tienda Nectar (pick-up after 11 AM)


Paradise Indian Restaurant

Paradise is open seven days a week to serve you with dine-in, take-out, and home delivery service. Our extensive menu includes vegetarian, vegan, chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, rice, traditional breads, and dessert items. Every dish is prepared to order and spiced to your personal preference by a skilled chef from India. Come in, call, or Facebook – enjoy the exotic and authentic flavors of India soon.

Open daily 10 AM – 9 PM, Federico Malo 1-160 between 12 de Abril and Tadeo Torres (Parque de la Madre)

Paul Anthony: 098 462 8976 Paradise Indian Restaurant

Cinnamon rolls

Hi, we are offering very tasty cinnamon rolls accompanied with cream cheese or chocolate topping. If you want to add raisins please let me know. Also, we offer delicious carrot cake with walnuts, raisins and cream cheese.

Note: Our products are made at the time of order. Please anticipate at least 3 hours before.

Carrot Cake (8cmx12cm) $3.50

4 medium rolls $3
6 medium rolls $4.50
8 medium rolls $5.50
12 medium rolls $8

4 large rolls $3.50
6 large rolls $5
8 large rolls $6.50
12 large rolls $9

*Delivery $1.50

All week, Cuenca

Aile: 096 759 8458

Organic coffee

Hi everyone, my name is Lupe. I am offering organic coffee for sale.
Each pound for only $5.
Write me anytime at my WhatsApp or at my email.

Anytime, Cuenca-Ecuador

Lupe Moscoso: 098 311 1659

Delivery: real sourdough, Southern biscuits, freezer meals, and more

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

Here is our current delivery menu:
Ready to bake freezer meals:

Three cheese chicken and spinach lasagna $9
Chicken pot pie $7
Each container is two generous servings. Comes frozen, uncooked, and ready to bake when you are.

Breads and more:
Cornbread (6 squares for $6)
Cinnamon rolls (6 rolls for $8 with icing in separate container)
Large Southern-style biscuits (Pack of 6 for $6. They freeze well.)
White meat chicken sausage patties (Patties come uncooked and frozen in a pack of 6 for $8 or 12 for $15) These fit great on the biscuits.
Sourdough and yeast bagels (6 for $6)
Loaf sourdough bread $5.
Loaf brioche $4.50
Frozen waffles 8 for $8
We make the waffles fresh and then freeze them so you can pop them out to toast and enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack anytime.

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