CD Questions

Happy Easter to all.

Please let me know

  1. Who will transfer the CD Certificate to Central Bank – my attorney, or this Bank, where I opened an account? I’m in US now.
  2. Does Ecuadorian Bank charge some amount of money when I wire transfer from US Bank?

Appreciate for any info.


Quick question concerning monetary limits

I was recently informed by a friend that when leaving Cuenca to go to the tsates that you are not permitted to take more than $1500 in cash.

Does anyone know if there is a limit to the amount of cash you are allowed to take, and what that limit may be?


Receiving and sending documents from US to Cuenca

Hi all, I am in the visa process with my Ecuadorian husband and I need to have our visa application sent to us here in Cuenca from the US so that we can sign it and send it back as soon as possible for submission. Any ideas on a way to do that? We’ve never had to do international shipping of documents before so this is new to us.

Thank you in advance,


El Oriente Weather?

Good morning,

Is the temperature in Gualaquiza similar to Sucua? Or is it warmer like Zamora?

Thank you,


Easter Evening Prayer YouTube – online

St. Christopher Episcopal Mission is a Cuenca-based faith community formed in 2019, as the first English-language Episcopal congregation in South America.

All are welcome at St. Christopher’s regardless of their faith tradition.

We gather online via Facebook and St. Christopher’s YouTube Channel, where you will discover new Evening Prayer services posted each Sunday. Our lectors, music and homilies are global. We invite you to participate.



Gran Feria of Entrepreneurs – postponed until April 17

Sorry, but due to the new restrictions, the Feria has been postponed until Saturday, April 17. We will also resume our following ferias on the first Saturday of every month. We have 14 vendors now.

Saturday, April 17, from 10 AM until 2 PM, Free, Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Estévez de Toral, Cuenca.

Lorena Flores:

Cuenca Soul Show at Common Grounds cancelled

Due to the new restrictions, our show at Common Grounds has been cancelled. We will see you on the other side of the restrictions. Stay safe.

Saturday, April 3 at 5:30 PM, $5 Eduardo Crespo Malo y Gran Columbia, Cuenca.

Cuenca Soul: 099 251 5570. Call after: 9 AM.

False friends are wolves in sheep’s clothes

Hello my friend. This week’s episode is about false friends, words you believe have a similar meaning but they do not. This time we talk about carpet and carpeta, to pretend and pretender, to assist and asistir, to discuss and discutir. Enjoy listening to native Spanish and English speakers explaining it.

Today we have a language exchange 30 minutes in Spanish and 30 minutes in English. Join us. We will have fun.


03/04/2021, Zoom, Cuenca.


Opera – Alex and Vanesa in Cuenca

Alex and Vanesa will be presenting cherished opera pieces at Kolo restaurant.

Sunday, April 25, at 3 PM, $15, 5-65 Cordero, Cuenca.

Uncle Ned: 093 939 8476. Call after: 7 AM.

Looking for native speaking English teacher/tutor for 2 kids

Hi, I’m looking for someone who can spend one and a half hours, 2 days a week with my 4 and 5 year old kids to practice English with them. Conversation, book reading, daily stuff.

If you know of a young man or woman who would be interested, here is my contact number:

Gina: 099 262 8174. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Hard to believe it is April already – could you give a helping hand?

My friend is looking for work from 2 to 6 daily. She is a 42-year old teacher with two teenagers who is currently earning a measly $200 a month. Her children are in school and she works in the morning but needs jobs in the afternoon to provide enough income for the family to eat properly and have the bare essentials, and to help pay the bills. She doesn’t speak English but is able to use Google Translate. She can tutor, cook, clean, and do gardening or other tasks around the home or office. There is nothing like having a native speaker of Spanish assist your child with their Spanish classes. If you can’t employ her for a whole week, even an afternoon or two would help and hopefully someone else could employ her the other days.

Emilio Morocho: 098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Eye surgeon, cataracts, Guayaquil?

I only have one eye after a surgeon in the US really screwed up a retina problem. I need cataract surgery in my one good eye and don’t trust several doctors I went to see in person. They all seemed to want $ and instilled no confidence in me at all. I really do not care to go to Quito, where I know an excellent surgeon. I live in Salinas.

William: 099 099 2392. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Salinas

My brother, Gabriel Osorio, was robbed yesterday, Friday, April 2

My brother, Gabriel Osorio (Cuenca Muesli), was robbed yesterday, Friday, April 2, 2021 in the afternoon at 4 PM more or less.

He was contemplating the beautiful banks of the Tomebamba river, in the Puerta del Sol Linear Park, on the side of Paseo 3 de Noviembre and Los Cipreses, when two assailants fell on him and immobilized him with 2 long knives.

They took away his cell phone and hit him hard with a stone on the head They also wounded him with their knives in his arms and legs. This is humiliating.

I didn’t think this could happen here.

We have already filed a complaint with the police.


Dental care

We make your smile great again

Edificio La Esmeralda

Dentist, Valeria Illescas
098 328 4730

Are you still dealing with excess weight?

Diabetes and heart disease are health problems that can be caused by being overweight. Being overweight can also affect a person’s joints, breathing, sleep, mood, and energy levels. Therefore, being overweight can affect a person’s entire quality of life.

Wait no more and take care of your health in a healthy way.

Sanan Cajas

Juan Pablo

All wood, solid good

– We manufacture all kinds of wooden furniture; Solid and resistant wood.
– Please send a reference image and measurements.
– We manufacture for all tastes.
– We manufacture all woodwork.
– We speak English

– Instagram page @paletforniture

Miguel Heredia, Cuenca


Nebraska Hypoallergenic steam cleaning

Experts on steam cleaning all type of fabrics in Cuenca. Branches in Quito and Manta and now in Cuenca offering high-quality professional steam cleaning, using only all-natural plant based hypoallergenic shampoo, in combination with industrial strength cleaning equipment imported from the US. Cleaning services offered for:

Upholstered furniture
Auto interiors
We are fluent in English. Reasonable rates. Call now for a free estimate.


Handyman services
Surveillance system installation

Himno Nacional y Bandera Nacional

Freddy Delgado
093 937 9979

We are open, feel the energy of the jungle – Nunkui store / gallery

We returned from the Amazon, with many marvelous new pieces from the Andoa, Kichwa, Waorani, Shuar and Achuar communities, which we are now displaying. Pieces full of positive energy, tradition and culture. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the Amazon and to purchase beautifully crafted pieces with a territorial identity, all coming from fair trade.

In addition, today we offer you beef from the Amazon. Fed only on grass, this beef has a superior taste, free of chemicals. It comes from sustainable farms owned by the Shuar, indigenous Amazonian people, who control deforestation and carry out a responsible use of the soil. As we thank everyone for the good reception given to our beef. We have limited quantities.

And do not forget to try our new products, such as dried Pitahaya (dragon fruit), Arabic coffee, dark chocolate, Guayusa, and many other products.

We are waiting for you all in this Easter holiday.

We control our capacity and maintain all biosecurity measures.

Opening hours today Saturday 3 April. From 9:30 AM to 1 PM and from 2:30 PM to 6 PM.

WhatsApp: 099 586 7670

“Casa San Sebastián”. Simón Bolívar 13-86 and Estévez de Toral.

Paul Sanchez

Sojo Spa–it’s all about your hair this week

It’s time for a new look. Let Armando of Sojo Spa mix things up for your or freshen up your current style.

Base color, highlights, and haircut–$40

Appointments are required (Monday – Sunday: 8 AM – 6 PM) to ensure maximum allowed capacity is not violated. Masks are required. All other bio-security norms are also enforced.

Camino al Tejar between Sarar y Duco

Armando Sojo
098 385 7531
Facebook: SojoSpa

RumiSol Yoga closes April 5th to April 9th

Hello Cuenca community, due to the new Covid restrictions this coming week, our studio will be closed and instead we will have online Zoom classes twice a day. If you are interested in receiving the zoom links or you have a membership with us please write to us on WhatsApp to coordinate, or please send us an email.

We will extend all memberships due to the situation.

Remigio Tamariz 2100 y Augustin Cueva, Third floor

Aubree Jeanne
099 255 6981

Stressed for the Holiday? Relax your mind and body w/massage

Season greetings from Jerri Elena Ridley… your friendly El vergel neighborhood massage therapist.

Whether you need an hour, or 90 minutes, of pure relaxation and pampering~~Or, if you prefer to have your stressed, tight and tense muscles tenderized for renewed circulation of blood, increased pliability and lengthening of muscle tissue~~ I’m “your person” who can help.

I have 20 years of experience in body therapies, including rehabilitation alongside of the medical community. And, I always ask what type of massage session you prefer, while inquiring (during each session) if you prefer something other than what I am administering.

Why not take a load off your mind and feet, for your health and well-being?
Your preferences are always my intentions for the perfect massage session.

Please send an email for any questions and/or appointments you would like.

Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 6 PM.
(Inquire about some possible weekend hours, when available, if needed)

Thank you for your time,

Jerri Elena Ridley

Roberto Crespo 6-54… located between 10 de Agosto y Miguel Moreno (and Yanuncay Rio)

Jerri Elena Ridley

Enjoy the benefits of aloe vera juice

Now you can have the benefits of aloe vera at your fingertips. 920 ml bottle = $16.50

We also have an excellent drink to strengthen the immune system =$53.50

Francisco de Orellana

Juan Pablo

Do you and your pets live in El Vergel?

Do you hate traveling all the way over to Las Americas to get food and treats for your dog or cat? We heard what you were thinking. La Mia Mascota Pet Shop is opening in El Vergel. We were voted Best Pet Shop in 2020 and 2021 and would like to continue that tradition by expanding our services to include our newest location.

Please visit us soon. Lots of Kong products, catnip, beds, carriers, and especially – food.

We continue to offer our on-going promotions and we always have a discount of 5% when you pay in cash or with your debit card. We also have delivery service to your home and we can receive payments with national credit cards by using Datalink.

Clínica Veterinaria: Arrayán y Av. De las Américas y – PetShop: CC Plaza de las Américas local #27, Sucursal 2: Cc El Vergel

Alexandra Montano
098 404 3395 – 099 020 6839 – 408 9255

Covid takes advantage of slow vaccination and enters its fourth global

Pharmaceuticals Pfizer and BioNTech reported that their COVID-19 vaccine remains highly effective for at least six months after the second dose is administered and that it also works against the South African variant of the virus. The findings come from a follow-up of volunteers who participated in the vaccine trials, which so far still show no major safety issues, the companies said in a statement.

However, the delays in vaccinations, the fatigue of many societies in the face of restrictions and the most contagious variants of the coronavirus have led the world to a fourth wave of COVID-19, with figures already resembling the third in late 2020, so far the worst in infections and deaths.

According to figures from the World Health Organization, global cases today exceed 127 million, while deaths are close to 2.8 million, and both infections and weekly deaths continue to rise after the hopeful decline in the curve that existed from the beginning of 2021 until the middle of February. However, experts warn that, as happened in mid-2020, a decrease in the average age of the most serious cases is again being noticed, and the number of people between 30 and 60 years old who require emergency interventions is increasing.

The World Health Organization warns that vaccination should not for now replace the preventive measures in force since last year, such as physical distancing, hand hygiene, avoiding crowded places and the use of a mask in good condition, such as the KN95 with valve.

I am Andrés Guillermo, distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of KN95 masks with filter, made in the USA. These masks are not the ones sold in shopping centers. They are masks with sanitary registration, laminated and with high protection. Its use is comfortable, it avoids dizziness, headaches, fogging of lenses or glasses. They are lightweight and are placed behind the ears, but above all 100% safe and reliable. I sell them by unit or box of 20 masks. Contact me at 099 647 2877, WhatsApp or call me.

Andres Guillermo: 099 647 2877. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

EcoGalaxy Luxury Catamaran continues with 50% off until June, 2021

Galapagos Ecogalaxy Luxury Catamaran: 2021 Departures


6 Days/ 5 nights. Program: Itinerary B

Tuesday PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island
Wednesday AM: Santa Fe: Santa Fe
PM: South Plazas: South Plaza
Thursday AM: Seymour: North Seymour
PM: Mosquera: Mosquera
Friday AM: Genovesa: Darwin Bay
PM: Genovesa: Barranco
Saturday AM: Santa Cruz: Highlands
PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island


Recommendation for M&E Pet Lovers, pet sitting

I recently took a short trip to Yunguilla and contacted M&E Pet Lovers to ask about pet sitting – and I’m so glad I did! They came over to meet our pets beforehand, and their love and connection with animals was immediately apparent. Even our most scaredy-cat came out for some head scratches.

Mateo and Elizabeth are also professional, punctual, and currently veterinary students. They brought paperwork to make sure they understood all their routines, and provided copies of their (non-existent) criminal records and cédulas – all of which really helped put us at ease.

During our trip we really appreciated receiving picture updates of their playtimes and just the general reassurance they were being well-cared for.

Whether you need pet help for a weekend, a week, or longer, I can highly recommend them to take care of your precious fur-family!

Address: Cuenca and surrounding area

Contact information: +593 99 848 1355

Recommended by Sandra K:

La Guarida will close this weekend

We will be closed this weekend. We are coming back on Tuesday with our usual cultural events. Just expect different hours.

Please call us for more info or any inquiries at 099 806 8071.

April 3rd, from 8 AM to 6 PM, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta

Andres: 099 806 8071

Move for health (post 8) from DEFY

Last post we were able to conclude that the human body was designed to run. And we’ve considered abundant evidence for the health benefits of exercising. This week we’ll look at two things we’ll want to make sure to do when just starting to exercise.

Aside from the undeniable evidence that exercise is vital for our body and health, and that we were made to move and move fast, there is something else that exercise can give us. What’s that? Fun! Now, all of us appreciate taking time away from work or other necessary chores to enjoy entertainment and relaxation. The idea is to have fun, rejuvenate ourselves, and take a breather. But if we choose some sort of exercise or movement for those breaks, not only can we have loads of fun, but we can reap all the benefits that exercise has to offer at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I love to kill two birds with one stone.


Calvo & Co’s April special arrived

The April special has already arrived at Calvo & Co.
Our Calvo Cheese Steak.
Beef tenderloin cooked in a pressure cooker with onion and peppers.
Served with roasted pepper jam, honey, blanched onion rings.
With a touch of smoked chipotle, provolone cheese, mozzarella cheese and mushrooms.
All served on our special 5% Arawi cocoa bread and with our fries.
Only for $8.50

From Wednesday to Aundays, from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM, Los Alamos 343 . And also we have an entrance by las Americas Av.

Jose: 095 879 3723

No Gran Feria Saturday, but smoked turkey breast at King Smokehouse

Hola amigos. Felices Pascuas. First, the Gran Feria has been canceled due to the new restrictions. King Smokehouse will be open on Saturday and will deliver to your house, if you wish. Also, for the last-minute folks (like me) Felix has delicious, sliced, boneless Turkey breast for only $6.50 per half pound. These are the best ever. Call, email or head to the tienda now.

Daily from 11 AM until 6 PM, Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: 096 904 7724

The best rooftop in Cuenca: Negroni

Come and visit us to discover a new range of a signature high cuisine and mixology. During this national holiday enjoy our brunch service and coffee station with the best view of Cuenca’s Cathedral.

We are open from 10 AM to 7:30 PM. Visit our webpage for a table reservation:

Friday 2nd, from 10 AM to 7:30 PM, We are located on the top of Vatex Galeries in Parque Calderón. Cuenca, Ecuador.

Negroni Restaurant: 098 167 4745

La Creme soda fountain

The best food is in La Creme soda fountain. In our restaurant we always care about you and your family. That’s why we have the best ingredients for your dishes.

Come and visit us during the national holidays from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM. Or you can call us if you want us to deliver the food to your house.

For extra information follow us on our Instagram: @lacreme_ec.

Friday 2nd, from 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM, La Casa del Parque (8-74 Luis Cordero St. right in front of Parque Calderón).

La Creme: 099 545 9033

Delivery: real sourdough, Southern biscuits, freezer meals, and more

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

Here is our current delivery menu:
Ready to bake freezer meals:

Three cheese chicken and spinach lasagna $9
Chicken pot pie $7
Each container is two generous servings. Comes frozen, uncooked, and ready to bake when you are.

Breads and more:
Cornbread (6 squares for $6)
Cinnamon rolls (6 rolls for $8 with icing in separate container)
Large Southern-style biscuits (Pack of 6 for $6. They freeze well.)
White meat chicken sausage patties (Patties come uncooked and frozen in a pack of 6 for $8 or 12 for $15) These fit great on the biscuits.
Sourdough and yeast bagels (6 for $6)
Loaf sourdough bread $5.
Loaf brioche $4.50
Frozen waffles 8 for $8
We make the waffles fresh and then freeze them so you can pop them out to toast and enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack anytime.

Black bean veggie burgers and wheat buns:
Buns come fresh in a pack of 6 for $3.50
Veggie burgers come frozen in a pack of 6 for $6.
Take out of the freezer and cook on the grill or in a frying pan. Add the veggies and condiments of your choice for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal.

Our products are homemade with real butter.

You can visit our Facebook page and Instagram for pictures: @SundayBrunchCuenca

Order Instructions:

Please place your order via email at by Monday before noon for delivery Wednesday between 9:30 AM and noon or place your order before noon on Wednesday for delivery Friday between 9:30 AM and noon.

Please send your orders by email only to make sure they do not get lost and include your address and phone number for the delivery.

Made to order, Online


Double D’s menu for the week of April 5

This menu features two of our Tex-Mex favorites. The enchiladas are loaded with tender-crisp vegetables layered with corn tortillas all covered with our special enchilada sauce and topped with cheese. The soup is one we’ve made before, but this time we’re adding chicken. The sweets are two of our most popular.

Roasted Vegetable Enchiladas: $25 (6-8 servings); $19 (4-5 servings)
Creamy Southwestern Chicken Tortilla Soup: $8/lb (2-3 servings)
Cranberry Cheesecake Shortbread Bars: $3 each
Pumpkin Crumble Bars: $3 each

If you’d like a more detailed description of any of the menu items, please contact us. Orders are due by 3 PM on Tuesday, April 6. When placing your order, please include the following information.

Preference of pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery
Preferred pick-up/delivery day (Thursday or Friday)
Delivery address, if applicable
Phone number

Pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery is available Thursday or Friday, April 8 or 9 between 9 AM and 2 PM. Once all of the orders are received, we’ll be able to confirm a more specific time frame. Delivery is free for orders of at least $25.

Thanks to those of you who have ordered—some every week!—since we started our casseroles and soups last March. We’re the same people with the same name making the same excellent food since August 2017. Continue taking good care of yourselves.

Deb and Dawn

Order by 3 PM Tuesdays, Pick-up or Delivery on Thursdays or Fridays 9 AM – 2 PM, Agustín Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola, #201 (1.5 blocks from Clínica Santa Inés Emergency entrance)

Double Ds Delights: 096 802 2874 (after 8 AM, English only); 096 802 2545 (after 8 AM, Spanish and English) Facebook: Double D’s Delights Cuenca

Menus every day

Enjoy a delicious lunch from the comfort of home without having to leave every day. Menus 4 contours (Rice + protein + salad + garnish) for only $6 or our divine barbecue (beef, pork, chicken, chorizo ​​+ salad + French fries + rice or pillo mote for only $10. Our menus include personal drink (cola). Delivery: Additional cost.

Reserve your menu 24 hours in advance at 096 277 1945 – 096 402 3747 Sabrina Johnson or by email:
Reserve your menu, Bella vista

Sabrina Johnson Pineda

Daily and weekly, delicious and healthy lunch, free delivery

Next week’s lunch, April 6 to 10:
Free delivery on weekly prepaid lunch.
(Puertas del Sol, Oro Verde area, El Centro)
$1 delivery for daily sign up (Puertas del Sol, Oro Verde area, El Centro)
For daily lunch place your order by 8am for lunch delivery.

Vegetarian $25 (5 lunches, Tuesday to Saturday)
Veggies with meat $30 (5 lunches, Tuesday to Saturday)

Vegetarian $5
Veggie Tacos served w/ totopos, salsa & guacamole

Veggies with Meat $6
Chicken Tacos served w/ totopos, salsa & guacamole

Vegetarian $5
Chickpea & Cauliflower Thai Red Curry served w/ rice & cucumber salad

Veggies with Meat $6
Chicken & Cauliflower Thai Red Curry served w/ ice & cucumber salad

Vegetarian $5
Lo Mein with mushroom plus Asian salad

Veggies with Meat $6
Lo Mein with chicken or shrimp plus Asian salad

Vegetarian $5
Veggie Casserole, toast and side salad

Veggies with Meat $6
Chicken Casserole, toast and side salad

Vegetarian $5
Veggie Frittata, more veggies served with side salad

Veggies with Meat $6
Frittata with bacon, more veggies served side salad

Tuesday to Saturday April 6 to 10. Noon to 1 PM, Cuenca, Ecuador

James Dahili: 096 322 3377

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