Spanish study books, study by yourself? Why not?

CCN, Spanish School, has prepared some Spanish Study books to help you improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing production. They are all in Spanish, but you can also order your bilingual version.

Here are the titles of our first books:

1. Vocabulary and Expressions Practice Book (A1 and A2 Level)
2. Reading Book: 26 Short Stories (A1-A2-B1 Level)
3. Book for Talking & Discussion: 50 Topics Around Your World (B1-B2 Level)
4. Study Book for Ecuadorian Naturalization (B1-B2 Level)

5. Book of Medical Topics (Coming soon!)
6. Reading Book: 25 short stories from Latino America (Coming soon!)

Content of books
1. Vocabulary and Expressions Practice Book content
1. Creation: nature and animals
2. Greetings, farewells and introductions
3. Nationalities
4. The family
5. Professions and occupations
6. The parts of the house and the position of things
7. The places of the city and their location
8. Clothes and colors
9. The numbers from 0 to 1,000,000
10. The time, the days of the week and the months of the year
11. Emotions
12. …

2. Book: 26 Short Stories
I. Level A1
1. The Park
2. The Little Family
3. My Town
4. My day
5. My new home
1. The weather
2. Free time
3. At School
4. My grandfather Tomás
5. My house
6. …

3. Book: 50 Topics Around Your World content:

1. literature
2. the kitchen
3. electric cars
4. fashion
5. the work
6. entrepreneurs
7. environmental problems
8. having children
9. cinema
10. tobacco
11. the news
12. …

4. Study Book for Ecuadorian Naturalization Content
I. Introduction to Ecuadorian citizenship
II Interview for Naturalization
III. List of topics for the knowledge exam
IV General Culture about Ecuador
V. History for Ecuadorian naturalization
SAW. 38 Questions and answers from important people
VII 45 questions and answers about the national anthem
VIII 56 Questions and answers about the Flag of Ecuador
IX. …

Order your book and
1. pick it up at our School
2. it will be delivered to your place free of charge in Cuenca
3. it will be emailed on PDF format

You’ll be happy you did.

Mariscal Lamar and Miguel Velez.

Misael: 097 916 1784
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