Recommendation for A Pedir de Boca, organic restaurant

I recommend the restaurant A Pedir de Boca, located at 5-54 Benigno Malo y
Calle Larga y Juan Jaramillo. Owner, Chef and master decorator in the European style, has multiple dishes containing the best prepared vegetables this side of heaven. Felipe combines cut and steamed vegetables with every meal. I like his hummus with bread, and a combined beet spread. This comes with a salad. The menu contains salads, soups. specials of the day, and meals to go. HIs prices are more than reasonable but the dishes are usually huge.

The hours are noon to 7:30 PM.

I see specials of the day: Made in Italy on Monday, In Indonesia on Tuesday, Ecuadorian on Friday, and English Luncheon Saturday. Wednesday and Thursday, Free Spanish lessons for beginners and intermediates. You will hear about current holidays in Spanish. He uses a White Board to illustrate what he is saying, so you can read the directions. Whatever you can’t understand you can make notes for your studies at home. For beginners in Spanish from English, I recommend Spanish with Paul on the Internet.

Felipe is a decorator bar none. His collections of paintings, sculptures, plantings, dried plants for ornaments help describe the homeliness of the restaurant.

Don’t go away, your chicken soup and other dishes have chicken if you ask for it, has spaghetti and other dishes with a choice of shrimp and sometimes even beef. If you like some wine, ask for the plain white wine to go with your meal. I like the caffeine-free green tea and my friend prefers the coffee.

The tables are comfortable and seat 2 to 4 persons. More for a big party. Website: APedirdeBoca.Com/

This is a great location when shopping in this part of town, such as upper Calle Larga. There is Parcadero on Benigno Malo a few doors on the opposite side of the street.

You will find the big Cuenca bookstore open in the middle of the block on the same side as the restaurant. A few doors up is a good copy shop. On the corner is Arte Art supplies. Across Juan Jaramillo a few doors up on the opposite side is a wonderful shop with alpaca sweaters and ponchos, blankets and backpacks. Near there are shops with umbrellas, boots and raincoats. I would say this is a great neighborhood. Little known, you turn down off Presidente Cordova onto Benigno Malo. On that corner is a shop with radiating colors on the corner sign.

Address: 5-54 Benigno Malo y Calle Larga

Contact information: 593 95 925 2782

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:
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