Ceramic Sculpture classes (update)

Artist Dogmos (a.k.a Juan José Cobos)

This type of course is more free (no experience needed), for those who want to create their own ideas, you can tell me what you are interested in and the class will be about what each person is seeking to develop, my focus is ceramic sculpture so I teach different modeling techniques with ceramics to create objects and sculptures, without the use of wheel or molds, only with your hands.

General Goal: Learn how to design or sketch an artifact or work of art, learn the basic building techniques for ceramic sculpting, to create whatever artifact or work of art that you plan on doing. Learn how to paint them with soil slips or glazes.

What we could create:

• Animal Mask or every type of mask.
• Incense Holders with faces, or patterns like feathers.
• Flute with animal or fruit shape
• Pipe of any animal or character possible.
• Plant Pot of any kind.
• Vases with faces, or with any pattern.
• 45cm height sculptures of any animal, plant or character.
• Ceramic dolls
• The options are infinite….

You can take four, up to twelve classes per month. Each class has duration of one and a half to two hours. The number of pieces that you can make depends on the days you take. My personal recommendation is to work two classes minimum each week so you can work more freely and with continuity.

Plan A: 4 Monthly classes – 1 per week. One Utility Ceramic, or one small Sculpture or mask.
Plan B: 8 Monthly classes 2 per week. Two masks or One large sculpture (45cm).
Plan C: 12 Monthly classes 3 per week for advanced sculptural modeling.
$156. You get an apron for free.

What does the price of the course cover:
• Materials: Black, terracota clay, slips and glazes.
• Basic tools (Part of the workshop goods).
• Apron gift (just for plan)
• Place to work with all health measures.
• Clean and cozy workshops with plants and good music, with a funny little dog. Bathroom in the workshop.
• Firing in a private kiln.


Group 1: 8 to 10 AM
Group 2: 11 AM to 1 PM
Group 3: 6 to 8 PM

From Wednesday to Friday.
@ Taller La Montaña en el Mar
Isabela St. 2-39 A, between Floreana St. and Española St.

The workshop has two main spaces to work in; one indoors which has space for two persons to work and one outdoor garage with roof for the other two persons.
There will be space just for 12 persons, 4 persons each schedule.

If you take 12 classes the price is $13, if you take 8 classes it is $14, and if you take 4 classes it is $16 every class. Every price is for instruction, materials and firing in kiln.

You can pay cash, bank deposit or transfer. If you pay until the 5th of April, you get the early bird discount and every class will be $13 (it won’t matter if you take 4 or 8 classes). Plan A will cost $52 and Plan B will cost $104.

April’s course will begin on the 7th of April. Hope you can come and create great things.

April 7th from 8 to 10 AM, 11 AM to 1 PM and 6 to 8 PM, $64. Isabela 2-39A, Cuenca.

Juan Jose: lamontanaenelmar@gmail.com 099 866 1486. Call after: 9 AM.

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