Recommendation for Roberto Benavides pharmacist, Eloy Alfaro, pharmacy

I highly recommend Roberto Benavides and his pharmacy, Eloy Alfaro, at the corner of Las Americas and Ordonez Lasso. Roberto has found things I cannot get elsewhere in Cuenca and when he cannot get the exact thing, has found me equivalents for whatever ails me.

His staff is helpful and they will deliver. There may be less expensive pharmacies, but I have yet to find one as helpful and responsive and caring as Roberto and his staff.

If you’re having problems (or not) finding medications and medical accessories you need, do give Roberto a call. He speaks excellent English (as does his four-year-old daughter) and has been so helpful, it has saved us hassle, time, money and frustrations.

You can reach Roberto at 099 563 2090, Eloy Alfaro Farmacia, Av. Ordonez Lasso y Alamos (next to the gas station on Las Americas)

Address: Eloy Alfaro Farmacia, Ave Ordonez Laso y Alamos

Contact information: 099 563 2090

Recommended by Doreen Dvorin:
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