Pig & Cow pastrami sandwich special

We don’t have to tell you whether or not we are the best pastrami sandwich, we invite you to check it out!
Dijon mustard, bread, pickles, cheese and of course our pastrami, all totally artisan made.
Let’s start a beautiful tradition with this part of New York in Cuenca. NY in the house.
We will make you blush with this special. Few potato chips and 200 gr of pastrami in our special.
Join this tradition now in Cuenca.

Thursday 18, until Saturday 20, all day, Juan Iñiguez and Moreno Mora, in front of Edif Génova.

Cesar Quintero Mucarcel: pigandcow@gmail.com 096 297 2352 http://www.queresto.com/pigandcow
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