Covid-19 vaccination process in Ecuador. by Bluebox Asesores

“Bluebox the expat one choice for all their insurance needs”.

The vaccination process in Ecuador in its first phase began on March 15, 2021, this first phase was enabled for people in a state of vulnerability as seniors, this first phase ends on May 20, 2021, the registration process is completely free and is enabled 24 hrs. a day, this web portal to be new and created for a massive function, tends to collapse easily, we recommend you to have a little patience with the processes, in addition that they are in Spanish.

The vaccination process is easy you can access through this link:, and follow all the steps, we also prepared for you images that explain the processes of registration and vaccination.

Remember that all the processes are free as well as the vaccines, do not let unscrupulous people take advantage of this need, the vaccines are free and have not been authorized for sale in private centers, or natural persons or others.

We are Bluebox Asesores, let us take care of you, if you have problems with the vaccination process, visit us in our offices, we will help you without any cost, no matter if you are not our client.

Contact us on social networks @bluebox on FB and Instagram and our WhatsApp contact 098 246 5168.

Ordoñez Lasso Avenue 555 and Los Cedros. 19 De Marzo 2021

Carlos Ramírez: 098 246 5168
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