Shamanic Retreat in Ayampe

Shamanic Retreat – Reinvent your Self

“Tools to align yourself with your vision and purpose”. Be part of a transforming and empowering experience through the application of tools and techniques that seek to awaken the inner power in each of us and use it to manifest our dreams and purposes.

We propose the reengineering of the self from a holistic vision that integrates different philosophies and wisdom about the nature of reality. From the rescue and application of ancestral knowledge, esoteric and initiatory schools, to current discoveries in quantum physics and neuroscience, all of this combined to accomplish a journey to the depths of the self.

This adventure will take place in the natural paradise of Ayampe. Surrounded by tropical forest and a spectacular ocean view.

We are a team of professionals (therapists, psychotherapists, instructors and coaches) who work in alliance to create and provide you with a space for training and initiation to the inner power.

– Live an experience of empowerment and life purpose alignment through different techniques and tools that enable the manifestation of our goals.
– Clean our emotional and energetic bodies through ancestral techniques such as sweat lodge, meditation and hyperventilation.
– Use the power of visualization and steady focus to align and attune ourselves with our life purposes.
– Open the manifestation process through various techniques and tools such as: meditation, dance, sound therapy sessions and guided visualizations.

Methodology and Activities
– Temazcal (Sweat Lodge): Body, mind and spirit cleansing. Through guided meditations we will work on our fears and constraints.
– Power Breath: Using the base energy (kundalini) in hyperventilation mode, we visualize our dreams and objectives.
– Possibility Map: Align yourself with your dreams.
– Breath Work: Emotional release, mental clarity and energetic cleansing.
– Guided Visualization: Mentally align yourself with your goals.
– Affirmations Dynamic: Reaffirm the realization and manifestation of our goals and dreams
– Dance your Dream: Make dreams become reality through experiencing them in the body through ecstatic dance.
– Warrior’s Path: Develop your intuition and confidence through a blindfolded power walk.
– Intuition Activation Technique as the central axis of our inner guidance and wisdom
– Circle of Power: Self-empowering ritual through the 5 elements, which activates the inner resources towards the alignment and manifestation of our purpose.

Our Team:
– Alexandra Molina: Gestalt Psychotherapist, Coach, Writer, Lecturer, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, specialized in USA, India and Argentina.
– José Luis Garcés: Instructor in Psychic Self Defense, Holistic Therapist, Temazcalero trained in Casa del Condor – Argentina, Former coordinator and student for Ramtha Mystery School – USA.
Support Staff:
– Alejandro Fabara Andrade: Percussionist with experience in instruments and therapeutic sounds. Training in complementary therapies (Temazcal, Andean Medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki and Thai Massage).

Date: April 2, 3 & 4, 2021
Location: Ayampe – Ecuador

Standard package. 3 days / 2 nights (Shared cabin accommodation at Jaganath’s).
– All vegetarian meals included
– Work material
– All activities and ceremonies
Transportation not included*
Price: $250 (per person)

Premium package
3 days / 2 nights (Exclusive accommodation at Finca Punta Ayampe)
– All vegetarian meals included
– Work material
– All activities and ceremonies
Transportation not included*
Price: $320 (per person)

We accept credit card (+taxes and PayPhone service)
(If you wish to stay an extra night before the retreat contact us for more details)

Info and registration
WhatsApp: 99 927 7966 99 897 6364
(099 927 7966 / 099 897 6364)


April 2nd, 3rd and 4th, $250, Ayampe, Ruta del Spondylus, Salinas.

Alexandra Molina: 099 927 7966. Call after: 8 AM.

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