Move for health (post 7)

Last time we talked about how exercise can prevent some serious and even deadly diseases. This week we’ll look at evidence showing the body was designed to run.

A New York Times article ( made the argument that The Human Body is Built for Distance. Based on scientific evidence, several characteristics unique to humans make us incredibly adept at long-distance running.

It’s true that most mammals can sprint faster than human beings, but in long distances, humans can outrun almost any animal.

Here’s why:

Our cooling system. We stay cool by sweating, not by panting. Therefore, we can manage speeds and distances that animals cannot. In fact, on a hot day, a human can even outrun a horse in a full marathon.

The short toes of our feet. The mechanical work of the foot would be doubled just by increasing the toe length by as little as 20%. Our short toes mean we’re much more efficient at running.

The big toe. Our big toe is lined up with the rest of our toes making it the main push-off in running, and actuating the springlike ligaments and tendons in the feet and legs.

A narrow waist and midsection. These allow us to swing our arms and prevent us from zigzagging while running.

A highly-developed sense of balance which allows us to keep our head stable when we run.

Glycogen storage. We can store about 32 km (20 miles) worth of glycogen in our muscles. In other words, we can run for 32 kms without needing to eat.

The Gluteus Maximus. I mentioned earlier that this is the largest muscle in the human body. But it is primarily engaged only while running or in activities where we’re doing running-like motions………like cycling. Our butt allows us to keep our balance while running. On the other hand, animals have tails to keep them balanced while running. So, we can thank our Gluteus Maximus that we don’t have tails.

**This week we focused on the overwhelming evidence that the human body was designed to run. Next week we’ll share two basic must dos’ when starting to exercise. **

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