C&C unisex hair design / barber shop

Thinking about how to change the state of your hair? Is your hair, dry, tangled, dull, frizzy, or dehydrated? Every day you think about your hair, beard style, gel painted nails? And more. It needs a solution. Do not miss out anymore. Well, you’re welcomed to C&C unisex hair design / Barber Shop. Our Professional Team will evaluate your hair, nails, beard, etc. Offering you a personalized treatment for your needs. Going to the hands of trained professional experts will be the solution. Discover with us what you need and don’t forget about our promotions because we think about the well-being of you and your family.

Manicure + Pedicure unisex + eyebrow waxing $12
Men’s haircut + shampoo $ 5
Ladies haircut + blower $ 8
Blow drying, any style $5 and up
Color , cut , style $30 and up
Roots touch up $20
Highlight with foil, partial, ombre balayage from $50
Botox capillary to avoid frizzy hair $30 $40
Keratin treatment to get hair straightening , avoid frizz, split ends, $50, $60, $70.
Gel polish nails painted lasts 2 weeks or more $10
Deep cleanse Facial with Black Mask $15
Hair Treatment to avoid dryness, split ends of the hair strand $15.
Hair Exfoliation to avoid oily hair or with eczema the same that causes hair loss $15.
For more information, contact WhatsApp, IMessage, Text Message # 098 814 8902

Keep trusting your beauty in a team of certified professionals.
Avenida Ordóñez Lasso y los Claveles next door to Banco Del Pichincha (Riverside Building)

Clemencia Vizhñay: cyc.unisexhairdesign@gmail.com 098 814 8902

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