Café Ñucallacta – one year pandemic and still going

We have now lived one full year with the Covid Pandemic. We are proud to say that we have not closed any of these days. Even during the pandemic we were open every for delivery and although we have had to cut a few costs along the way, we know that Cuenca needs their caffeine fix and it is for this reason that we are open every day of the week.

We roast our own coffee right here in Cuenca. We have four roast levels. The dark roast is $5.50 / 400 gram bag. Our Light, Medium and Espresso (Full City) roasts are $6 / 400 gram bags. For the purchase of three or more bags, free delivery in the Urban area of Cuenca.

Stop by our shop for your favorite fresh brewed coffee, breakfast, pastry or fast food. Have you tried our California Burrito yet? 100% marinated beef, French fries, guacamole and cheese, it really is my favorite go to lunch or dinner and its only $7. Stop by our shop any day of the week, send us a WhatsApp for delivery or order online at You can pay with card, paypal or on delivery.

Did you know we can also send our coffee to your loved ones in the US? We are stocked up on Amazon USA. Just log on to Amazon, make sure you have a US zip code marked (Amazon only delivers our coffee in US) and type in Nucallacta Ecuador Coffee. You can order medium or dark roast, whole bean only.

Thank you for keeping us going even until now.

Every day, Hermano Miguel 562 entre J. Jaramillo y H. Vasquez

Ruminahui Duchicela: 096 311 4958
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