Women´s retreat – Sabiduría Femenina

Búdika invites you to participate in a new gathering of female liberation, healing and empowerment:

Date: March 20 and 21, 2021
Place: Inti Kamari Retreat Center, Yunguilla Valley

Facilitated by:
Alexandra Molina, Karina Pais and Andrea Ruilova

What will you achieve with this retreat?

Free the emotional memory of pain, fear, guilt and anger.
Heal your female (maternal) lineage.
Break the limiting beliefs that do not allow you to be free and happy.
Strengthen the relationship with yourself.
Awaken your feminine power and your intuition.

In more detail, your participation will include:

Breath work: Emotional Liberation, Mental Clarity and Energetic Cleansing
Guided Visualization: Maternal Lineage
Meditation for Alignment and Activation of Intuition
Psychotherapeutic Techniques for Personal Transformation
Ritual to awaken the Feminine Power
Dances of Power and Activation of Feminine Energy
Conscious Movement

Enjoy this experience surrounded by the natural beauty that the Yunguilla Valley offers us, making the reconnection with your own being more profound, intimate and satisfying.

Get rid of your fears, the time has come to bloom.
For more information and registration contact:

Phone: +593 99 927 7966

Looking forward to meeting very soon.

March 20th and 21st, $140, Yunguilla Valley, Cuenca.

Alexandra Molina: marialexmolina@hotmail.com 099 927 7966. Call after: 8 AM.
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