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Thanks to all the expat community who have supported us

Wow, this is awesome, we are flushed with all these compliments about our product. Thanks a lot specially to David Johnson for his incredible review.

This last bar you tried, Sir, is the evolution of many tests we have made with the aim of finding a great outcome.

Everything started with the idea of making an energy bar out of some of the ingredients we use for the Super Granola. The granola was a recipe from our aunt Maribel Quintero Lobo, who is an excellent cook. She used to offer her granola without any brand, no logo and at an unfair cheap price.

My wife Adriana (who is an accountant) help her figuring out a fair price to assure some relevant profit, while I recommended to make a brand addressing the expats community market, thanks to Gringopost.

When my brother arrived from Venezuela without a penny we had to start moving faster.

They started making some square bars, with a Mexican recipe. The firsts tests were a total failure, the bars were too fragile and had almost no good consistence although the flavor was good.

So we decided to make a little research and found a couple of thesis or papers about the matter, one from Peru and the other from Uruguay.

On the one hand, In the paper from Perú the authors proposed a bar made out of peanut and banana to feed the children who attended classes at some school in the Amazon region.

On the other hand, in the paper from Uruguay we found another technical key to find a better consistence. Nevertheless that one was made only with puffed rice and, oats and “Whey protein”.

The last recipe of the Choco Banana Protein Bar is a mixture of the above mentioned (the Mexican, the Peruvian and the Uruguayan), giving birth to a one of kind protein bar, without any sugar nor any artificial flavor.

We still need to do a lot. We need to raise funds in order to cover all the expenses related to registering the product here and issue the proper permits to be able to sell our products in big stores. The label with the ingredients and all the details will come after that. That’s the big challenge we have to face.

In the meantime, we appreciate a lot the help and support we have received from members of the community as Marv Anderson who is one of our best customers, as well as Jhon Foote, Dave Thomas and Brian Brown who have allowed us to offer our bars at the Sharks Club, among many others.

Sadly for us but happily for her, Maribel Quintero Lobo is leaving town in a few weeks to re-encounter with her sons in Argentina. My brother Gabriel, my wife Adriana and I will try to continue with her legacy and are deeply thankful with her too.

Nowadays you can find our bars at:

El Mundo Orgánico
Kings Smokehouse
Match Point (at the Coliseo)

In some “Ferias” like:
Cosas Prep
Mother and Son Family Kitchen / Jazz Society Cafe
El Mundo Orgánico

And in some gyms in Cuenca.

…among some other stores…

If you want to partner with us selling our products in your store please contact us:


Daniel Alberto Osorio Molina
099 420 7251

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