I lost my passport

Hello expat community. I could not find my US passport this week and need to return to the US. I was told by a facilitator friend that the Consulate in Guayaquil will process the replacement by email and mail it to me here, but the website requires a photo and seems to require a personal appt.
Has anyone here had to do this recently and can offer me feedback about their experience? I am trying to do it myself. I already filled out the online report to Consejo de la Judicatura, and will go to a local police station to file a report there.

I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.


Registering smartphone question

Good morning,

I just purchased a Samsung smartphone and a Claro chip. I know how to install the chip, but how do I “register” the smartphone and enter my cedula number?

I’d rather do it myself instead of having the store employee do it for me. My Spanish level is intermediate.

Thank you,


Artist, Keith Haring story

“Keith Haring & Me Underground”

Robert Leaman Sanders

Keith Haring, as represented by the late great Mr. Leo Castelli, the world renown fine art dealer of New York, had become such an artistic force, had become so very famous a while back, that America’s finest manufacturers and retailers – from Tide soap products To McDonald’s Hamburgers – had his pictures of little primitive figures with extreme energy marks displayed far and wide on their product packaging distributed to consumers throughout the globe. Now here’s a graffiti artist who had made it! And made it big!

I had an interesting impromptu meeting with Keith Haring deep underground in a New York subway station one winter day. It happened when I was uptown Manhattan waiting for a train at the 84th Street subway station. It was 4 o’clock in the morning. I had gone to a fabulous uptown fun filled party and I was heading home downtown where I lived in the art community called SoHo. I was just standing around at that ungodly hour daydreaming when I found myself thinking; who in the world is that? For in the distance I saw an outline of a guy who was down on his knees drawing primitive pictures on a wall. In his right hand he was holding out an opened sketchbook. He had a big piece of chalk in his left hand and his head was swiveling back and forth from sketchbook page up to the subway wall, from sketchbook page up to the subway wall. The artist was drawing simple stick figure characters which helped him cleverly express an at-a-glance mini story meant for a huge audience consisting of New York subway commuters! And then it hit me! For well over the past 3 years, while I was going and coming, riding Manhattan’s subway cars, I enjoyed seeing beautifully executed mini stories as they were fantastically depicted in primitive stick figures embellished with cartoon energy marks drawn by a mysterious brilliant graffiti artist. I’d realized then and there at 4 in the morning at that particular subway stop that it was him! It was the fabulous subway artist… in the flesh!


Nearly one year of Covid response – and we carry on with your help

It has now been one year where we’ve been providing an array of unique services to those most affected by the impacts of Covid here in Ecuador. This crisis has exhausted everyone, everywhere, including the many organizations who have been helping. Many have had to scale back or even stop their means of assistance.

However, here at Hogar de Esperanza (Home of Hope), we carry on with new energy. We have recently increased our medical, nutritional and psychological support to those most vulnerable, as we continue to see their daily situations worsen. Covid has affected so many, and for those who were already sick and poor – those already living on the edge – they have felt the brunt of it.

We are eternally grateful for your support since the beginning of this crisis, and we know that together we can continue our life-saving work here in our Cuenca community. Please help at whatever level you can – every little bit helps.

To help us continue to help those in need, you can donate at: https://www.givingway.com/donate/fundacion-hogar-de-esperanza, or visit our website for other donation options: https://hogaresperanza.org/en/donations/. We also accept cash and local bank transfers – contact us for more information. Thank you so much – we cannot do this without you.

Garry Vatcher: info@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Fingerprinting for California background check

I failed to bring with me the state background check. Does anyone know where can I go to get fingerprinted and get notarized to send it back to California for Apostile? Thanks for your help,

Dodd sheikh: WhatsApp +593 98 730 7206.

City: Cuenca

Thanks to all the expat community who have supported us

Wow, this is awesome, we are flushed with all these compliments about our product. Thanks a lot specially to David Johnson for his incredible review.

This last bar you tried, Sir, is the evolution of many tests we have made with the aim of finding a great outcome.

Everything started with the idea of making an energy bar out of some of the ingredients we use for the Super Granola. The granola was a recipe from our aunt Maribel Quintero Lobo, who is an excellent cook. She used to offer her granola without any brand, no logo and at an unfair cheap price.

My wife Adriana (who is an accountant) help her figuring out a fair price to assure some relevant profit, while I recommended to make a brand addressing the expats community market, thanks to Gringopost.

When my brother arrived from Venezuela without a penny we had to start moving faster.

They started making some square bars, with a Mexican recipe. The firsts tests were a total failure, the bars were too fragile and had almost no good consistence although the flavor was good.

So we decided to make a little research and found a couple of thesis or papers about the matter, one from Peru and the other from Uruguay.

On the one hand, In the paper from Perú the authors proposed a bar made out of peanut and banana to feed the children who attended classes at some school in the Amazon region.

On the other hand, in the paper from Uruguay we found another technical key to find a better consistence. Nevertheless that one was made only with puffed rice and, oats and “Whey protein”.

The last recipe of the Choco Banana Protein Bar is a mixture of the above mentioned (the Mexican, the Peruvian and the Uruguayan), giving birth to a one of kind protein bar, without any sugar nor any artificial flavor.

We still need to do a lot. We need to raise funds in order to cover all the expenses related to registering the product here and issue the proper permits to be able to sell our products in big stores. The label with the ingredients and all the details will come after that. That’s the big challenge we have to face.

In the meantime, we appreciate a lot the help and support we have received from members of the community as Marv Anderson who is one of our best customers, as well as Jhon Foote, Dave Thomas and Brian Brown who have allowed us to offer our bars at the Sharks Club, among many others.

Sadly for us but happily for her, Maribel Quintero Lobo is leaving town in a few weeks to re-encounter with her sons in Argentina. My brother Gabriel, my wife Adriana and I will try to continue with her legacy and are deeply thankful with her too.

Nowadays you can find our bars at:

El Mundo Orgánico
Kings Smokehouse
Match Point (at the Coliseo)

In some “Ferias” like:
Cosas Prep
Mother and Son Family Kitchen / Jazz Society Cafe
El Mundo Orgánico

And in some gyms in Cuenca.

…among some other stores…

If you want to partner with us selling our products in your store please contact us:


Daniel Alberto Osorio Molina
099 420 7251

Dance Celebration

Please join us for an incredible dance event: Free

7 PM, Wednesday, March 17
Teatro Sucre: Calle Sucre y Luis Cordero

Dancers and musicians:

Teatro Barojo
Peter Dudar
Cindy Benson
Carolina Padron
Inel Escudero
Paul Garcia
Sandra Gomez
Roberto Moscoso
Grupo Afro
Samantha Urguilez
Caty Yunga

The Free & Fun Language Exchange on Zoom – all levels welcome

Please login at the Zoom link below and join an enthusiastic group of native Spanish and English speakers as we converse in each other’s language in an encouraging and supportive environment.

All levels of ability are welcome, so don’t be shy–even if you don’t speak a word of the language you want to learn, you will be helped by those that do.

To facilitate conversation, we often have fun with tongue twisters, riddles, slang, crossword puzzles, etc. Or, we just simply converse on various subjects. Anything to practice speaking.

The Zoom meeting starts promptly at 6 PM on every Monday. We usually end at 7 PM, or shortly thereafter.

No need to confirm your attendance; just show up and enjoy (and learn!).

ZOOM meeting link: https://utpl.zoom.us/my/effective
No password or meeting ID required.

See you there.

March 15th, from 6 to 7 PM, Free, 100 Zoom y 101 Zoom, Cuenca.

Bruce Peterson: 099 109 4835. Call after: 1 PM.

This Week in La Guarida

Come have breakfast/brunch in La Guarida from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. We have a wonderful week prepared for you. Also, we have a new art exhibit. Come check out incredible paintings from all over Latin American and besides we have a permanent exhibition by the great Cuencano Ceramist Eduardo Segovia. If you are looking to decorate your home with incredible art then La Guarida is the place where you want to start searching. We continue to be the #1 rated restaurant in Cuenca according to TripAdvisor. Come and get to know us.

Tuesday 6:45 PM. Searching for Sugar Man
Though he faded into obscurity in the US, an early ’70s musician known as Rodriguez became a huge hit in South Africa and was widely rumored to have died. Two obsessed fans set out to learn the man’s true fate. An unbelievable real life story. It is no surprise that this film took the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2013.

Wednesday 6:45 PM. Moonstruck
Widowed Loretta (Cher) wants to remarry and decides to settle with Johnny, a nice and secure man. But when later she meets his brother Ronny (Nicolas Cage) who is passionate and moody, she finds herself in a dilemma. A classic! Only a few seats left.

Thursday 7:30 PM. Trio La Comarca
Admission $10. What a treat this week in La Guarida. Trio La Comarca is an award-winning Ecuadorian group who will delight us with incredible Ecuadorian classics. Not often do you hear these musicians in such intimate space with such wonderful repertoire. Don’t miss out.

All of our events are with dinner reservations required (unless noted). Call to make your reservations 099 806 8071.

March 8th, from 8 AM to 8 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

March 15th, from 8 AM to 8 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM.

Transportation service

Hi, my name is Edwin

I’m from Cuenca. I’m available as a driver for anyone who needs to go shopping, medical appointments, buy something, trips, facilitator, movings and more

Please be aware use a facial mask
Hand sanitizer will be provided

Thank You.

Edwin: edwinbarreto645@gmail.com 096 335 4020. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

A heating pad

With all the rain and dampness I am looking for a heating pad for my poor old arthritic body. I have checked several pharmacies and Coral, to no avail. Does anyone know where I could buy one. Thanks,

Hazel Hinebaugh: 098 860 8453. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Gardening, handyman, shopping services

I offer the following services:

• Cutting grass; I have my own tools, grass cutter and cordless grass trimmer.
• Grocery shopping, medicamentos, etc.
• Handyman

I have good references in the expat community in case you need them.

Luis Alejandro Luna: lunita10lunita2010@gmail.com 099 879 2985 / 099 840 7961. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for work for a friend to help her support her family

Many thanks to those who have come forward to assist my friend. She still needs more work to help her and her family cope with living expenses.

On-line learning is a real challenge for youngsters and if they are English speaking with classes in Spanish, it can be even worse. Why not ask a real, live teacher to come to your home to tutor them? She has her own children, so knows how to reach a child.

My friend is looking for work from 2 to 6 PM. She is a 42-year old teacher with two teenagers who is currently earning a measly $200 a month. Her husband suffered from leukemia for a long time and has now died. She has to pay medical bills for him and is struggling just to make ends meet on that salary. Her children are in school and she works in the morning but needs a job in the afternoon to provide enough income for the family to eat properly and have the bare essentials, and to help pay the bills. She doesn’t speak English but is able to use Google Translate. She can tutor, cook, clean, and do gardening or other tasks around the home or office. There is nothing like having a native speaker of Spanish assist your child with their Spanish classes. If you can’t employ her for a whole week, even an afternoon or two would help and hopefully someone else could employ her the other days. If you have a heart to help, please contact me.

Emilio Morocho: 098 699 5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Traditional Ayahuasca Centers?

I am looking for contact numbers of Traditional Ayahuasca retreat centers in the Puyo area. Thanks.

Sam: oryx100@gmail.com 096 841 1177. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Drivers in Quito

I am looking for drivers in the Quito area to drive from Quito to Puyo.

Samir: oryx100@gmail.com 096 841 1177. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Quito (capital)

Job opportunity

Looking for English speaker for full time work. Typical 40-hour work week applies. Possibility to work from home after training for the right candidate. Minimum salary offered is $400 a month. Higher offer possible depending on work history and experience. Interview today and begin work tomorrow. Please contact me on WhatsApp for details.

Oti: 098 347 1982. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for Alpaca yarn for knitting

Hello, I would like to buy alpaca yarn in skeins or however it might be sold here for knitting. My niece in the States would be thrilled if I brought her some. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wanda Canon: 097 937 7428. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Women´s retreat – Sabiduría Femenina

Búdika invites you to participate in a new gathering of female liberation, healing and empowerment:

Date: March 20 and 21, 2021
Place: Inti Kamari Retreat Center, Yunguilla Valley

Facilitated by:
Alexandra Molina, Karina Pais and Andrea Ruilova

What will you achieve with this retreat?

Free the emotional memory of pain, fear, guilt and anger.
Heal your female (maternal) lineage.
Break the limiting beliefs that do not allow you to be free and happy.
Strengthen the relationship with yourself.
Awaken your feminine power and your intuition.

In more detail, your participation will include:

Breath work: Emotional Liberation, Mental Clarity and Energetic Cleansing
Guided Visualization: Maternal Lineage
Meditation for Alignment and Activation of Intuition
Psychotherapeutic Techniques for Personal Transformation
Ritual to awaken the Feminine Power
Dances of Power and Activation of Feminine Energy
Conscious Movement

Enjoy this experience surrounded by the natural beauty that the Yunguilla Valley offers us, making the reconnection with your own being more profound, intimate and satisfying.

Get rid of your fears, the time has come to bloom.
For more information and registration contact:

Phone: +593 99 927 7966

Looking forward to meeting very soon.

March 20th and 21st, $140, Yunguilla Valley, Cuenca.

Alexandra Molina: marialexmolina@hotmail.com 099 927 7966. Call after: 8 AM.

Why you need the new VIP MedAlert service

● Personalized help at the push of a button device
● From our 24-hour dispatch center
● For medical, fire, personal emergencies
● Anywhere in Cuenca
● In English or Spanish (2-way speech enabled device)
● VIP Team + 911 ready to respond
● All for a reasonable monthly fee

Email: info@vipcuenca.com
Phone: 098 329 8243

Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima.

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca: info@vipcuenca.com 098 329 8243 http://www.vipcuenca.com

Veterinaria AmeriCat

AmeriCat Veterinary Clinic Feline and canine medicine specialists surgery, consultations, petshop, grooming and much more. Loving is caring. Your pet, my hands of professional home service. Find us on Facebook as AmeriCatt and on Instagram as Americat. Vet, Dr. Ximena Cabrera speaks English. We wait for you.

Address: Av. de las Américas y Héroes de Verdeloma, Cuenca.

Business contact information:

096 335 6608



Good day everyone. Dr Robert Annis, has moved to Loja and has set up a clinic there on 18 de Noviembre between Cariamanga and Celica 219-33. Phone number is 098 764 2749. If you are a former patient or wish to start new treatments and are in Loja you are welcome to call for an appointment.

18 de Noviembre between Cariamanga and Celica, Loja. Tuesday to Saturdays.

Dr Robert Annis: dr.r.annis@hotmail.com 098 764 2749

Last call for art sale

Hello Everyone, I’m Mia from “Galeria MIA”.
I’m having a 50%-60% off sale, and only few art works left now.
I still have some South American theme paintings and one landscape of the historic center of Cuenca.
I’m closing the business soon – around the 20th
Come by if you’re interested.
Good day,

Hermano Miguel 5-65 Entre Juan Jaramillo y Honorato Vasquez. Monday to Sunday, from 10 AM to 7 PM

Mia Da: watercolormia@outlook.com 099 996 1614 watercolormia@gmail.com

Private transportation

I offer private transport from the airport to any destination of the country or vice versa, we also carry out transportation to tourist destinations.

We have all safety measures.
We guarantee a quality service.

AV of the Americas. January 1 to December 31

Transportation service Cotourscia: 098 355 4049 WhatsApp

Medical cannabis products

Hello people,

Amrita offers you a variety of cannabis products. CBD oil, high quality, THC oils for vaping, flowers sativa and indica, premium quality), creams, vapes and other stuff for cannabis.

Cannabis helps you with many pathologies: inflammation, pain, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, osteoarthrisis, epilepsy, muscle recovery, all degenerative conditions and nervous system conditions.

Contact us. We speak English. We have delivery and we work with doctors.

Av Loja.

Estefania Vallejo: 099 990 0338

Cueca Treasure Hunt

I enjoyed this activity, which takes about 2 hours to complete, this past weekend. If you are familiar with the Amazing Race, you’ll understand the concept of receiving clues and solving to learn more about our beautiful Cuenca. Cuenca tourism has organized this activity that is played by communicating though WhatsApp, fotos and videos. It’s a fun group activity but I can see it being enjoyable for one person also. There are 3 routes to choose from. I’m posting to publicize to English speakers.

You’ll receive a clue the night before for first location. Monday through Friday during morning or afternoon, Saturday afternoon

Candace Barker Bergmann: +593 99 254 4193

A&B upholstery cleaning services

We provide high quality, customized cleaning solutions that are fast, efficient and affordable.


Sofa upholstery cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Blinds cleaning
Curtains cleaning
Mattress cleaning
Disinfection services
Rug cleaning
Pressure cleaning
Window cleaning
Housekeeping services
Post construction services
Move in and out
Deep cleaning

Av Gonzalez Suarez. 9 AM

Fredy: aybcleaningservices@gmail.com

Tax filing assistance

I am looking for someone professional who can assist me with filing US income tax for 2020 and also to correct an error from a previous year.

Francisco Paredes Herrer 1-93.

Timothy Appling: applingtimothy@sbcglobal.net 098 918 8335

Custom metal services

We offer a variety of stainless steel and aluminum products we can design and build almost everything that you can imagine. We understand that each construction project is different and may require customization.


Fences of all styles
Decorative handrails
Wood work
Custom made Metal furniture
Metal Doors, windows
Metal objects
Metal structures
Aluminum and glass installation
Glass replacement
Antique Restoration
General repairs

Del Sarar. 10 AM

Otto: otometal15@gmail.com

Tapiceria Moderna Reupholstery Services and custom made furniture

We work hard to earn your trust and get excited when you see your repaired furniture. Our team of expert upholsters only use the best Materials to create a unique piece of design.

From residential wear and tear to warranty work, moving claims, fire and water restoration, or customized modernization. There are countless ways that Tapiceria Moderna Furniture Service stands ready to help you.

Services Available:

Custom made furniture
Wood furniture
Custom made leather furniture
Custom made sofas
Custom made Recliners
Custom made outdoor furniture
Sofas reupholstery
Furniture reupholstery
Furniture Modifications
Antique Restoration
Bed frame repairs
Upholstery Headboards
Spring replacement
Foam replacement
Down filling replacement
Outdoor furniture Restoration
Leather Restoration
Pick up Delivery
Expert Design Advice
We have big selection of fabrics Available

Free estimates
We speak English

Mariano Cueva. 9 AM

Paul: tapiceriamoderna2@gmail.com

Nebraska Hypoallergenic steam cleaning

Experts on steam cleaning all type of fabrics in Cuenca. Branches in Quito and Manta and now in Cuenca offering high-quality professional steam cleaning, using only all-natural plant based hypoallergenic shampoo, in combination with industrial strength cleaning equipment imported from the US. Cleaning services offered for:

Upholstered furniture
Auto interiors
We are fluent in English. Reasonable rates. Call now for a free estimate.


Handyman services
Surveillance system installation

Av 1 de mayo. From 8 AM to 6 PM

Freddy Delgado: fredd92@hotmail.com 093 937 9979

All that mud

Need a hand keeping your premises clean and tidy? Never fear, Edgar is here with his family cleaning business: Edvi Limpieza Total.

We can come once or as often as you need us to clean up any situation. We are a reputable, honest family which has spent 15 years serving the cleaning needs of our Cuencano neighbors and friends.

We are a team of 3 family members who maintain the highest security levels and sanitation requirements while cleaning your location. We also do maintenance if needed. Our specialty is cleaning homes, apartments, offices. We clean windows and gardens, and also disinfect your bathrooms. We take the grease out of your stove. Need your furniture or rugs cleaned? We can wash them for you. Our team also cleans curtains. We will clean and sanitize the inside of your vehicle.

We bring our own cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, brooms; everything that we need to make you feel safe and sanitary. One of our team members speaks some English.

We are ready to serve you. We will first give you an estimate, then set an appointment, and then come to clean. After that, we will give you a legal factura that includes all our data. We are registered as a small business with SRI, so you needn’t worry about all the legalities of hiring an employee because we are not your employees, we are contractors.

WhatsApp us to make an appointment. Reasonable prices. Recommendations upon request.

Vía al Valle barrio el Coco, Cuenca. By Appointment

Edgar Viscaino: 099 382 0014 WhatsApp +593 99 382 0014

Hairdressing service, massages and waxing

Greetings to all in Cuenca. Sisters, Maria and Miriam Leon have been working with the gringo expat community for 3 years in Cuenca. We are now in our new venture in the Atrévete Salón , and we are connecting with you again through GringoPost…Thank you for your patronage now and in the future.

Of course we employ all recommended biosecurity measures for your comfort and safety. We are here for you with the friendliest and warmest ambiance to create beautiful designs in your hair, changing color, relaxation and de-stressing with professional manicures and pedicures , reflexology, waxing, haircuts for men and women and more…Address Gran Colombia 5-10 and Mariano Cuevas cc Luzuriaga local 11 telephone 098 602 3320 and 096 370 9451 email matteosebas16@hotmail.com by appointment

Gran Colombia 5-10 y Mariano Cuevas C.C Luzuriaga planta baja local 11. María León y Mirian León con el Salón Atrevete

María León: 096 370 9451

Let me facilitate your life in Ecuador

Hello Everybody, My name is Paúl González and I am very happy to offer my services to the community as a general facilitator. I have experience in facilitating medical appointments, rental agreements, home relocation, bank accounts, setting medical appointments with IESS, civil registry business, writing your accusations in the Domestic and Violent Crimes Unit, and general translation.

I am a native Ecuadorian and a graduate the University of Cuenca. My first language is Spanish, but I also have a TOEFL certificate (Test of English as Foreign Language) that allowed me to do advanced study in Germany, all in English. I am looking forward to helping you with anything you need — and if I can’t help, I know someone who can. Don’t hesitate to contact me.

Luis Alarcon L-6 y Rafael Zeas.. From 9 AM to 6 PM.

Paúl González.: paulmcgg@gmail.com 098 854 6113

Water heater/calefon repair service on-site

Water heater/calefon repair on-site, any brand, all parts available, guaranteed work. Residential and commercial.

Santa Isabel-Azuay.

Geoffrey Beltran: chessyunguillavalley@gmail.com 098 606 6595

Why not enjoy something special for St. Patrick’s Day

New from Vivaldi Ice Cream this week is our Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream do go with St. Patrick’s Day.
Made with all real ingredients and no added chemicals.
New this week
1 liter $9 – 500ml $5

Follow me on Instagram: vivaldi.icecream.cuenca
Pick up your order for no charge. Delivery available for $1.50 – $3 depending on your location
Across Cuenca. Available 7 days a week
Follow me on Instagram: vivaldi.icecream.cuenca
Phone: Carlos, 096 254 6303
Email: cpaezleguisamo@gmail.com

Across Cuenca. Available 7 days a week

Carlos Paez: 096 254 6303

Cuenca’s doctors work with VIP Home Healthcare

Cuenca’s doctors tend to appreciate VIP Home Healthcare–maybe because VIP appreciates Cuenca’s Doctors. Mutual respect is a valuable commodity within Cuenca’s professional community.

Our caregivers have assisted Cuenca’s doctors inside their local facilities at their request. This works because over 90% of VIP’s salaried in-home caregivers are licensed nurses and doctors themselves. In return, many of Cuenca’s doctors are quick to make visits to our client’s homes when needed and requested. With VIP, medical care is truly a team effort to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.

We were recently voted Cuenca’s Best Home Healthcare Provider. When you need Competent, Compassionate Care in your home, VIP Home Healthcare is here for you.

098 329 8243

Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima.

VIP Home Healthcare of Cuenca: info@vipcuenca.com 098 329 8243

Miguel technology

Hello, Good morning, my name is Miguel. I am Venezuelan. I have 10 years of experience working with electronic equipment repair. I have worked in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

I offer you Technical service for your cell phone, tablet, computer, TV, wireless networks. All your electronic equipment.

I work with all brands, Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Ph, Asus, Lenovo, Sony, Panasonic, among others.

I live in downtown Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo. Every day

Miguel Aguilar: miguelangellaguilar1234@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Recommendation for Expat CommunityEc, visa process, legal help and more

I needed help for my temporary visa and I found a recommendation on this site that spoke well of Karina Urgiles so I asked her to take care of my visa and all my worries were gone in that instant.

A month later I couldn’t get a package from customs and asked for help. To rescue that package, I needed a medical prescription. She found a doctor with an excellent professional profile who only charged me $25 at La Paz Clinic.

After doing all the tests she sent me, she diagnosed me with a kidney problem and with the treatment she gave me I felt healthier than I had ever felt.

I don’t know if the medical appointments at Clinica La Paz cost $25 or it cost me that for being a client of the doctor’s niece, what I now do know is that with Karina I did obtain all the requirements for my visa, the last one arrives next week, my package from customs, a bank account and I met a clinic that provides excellent services.

Sometimes it is good to open your mind to new options; you may be surprised what you can find.

Address: Camara de Industrias place

Contact information: expatcommunityec@gmail.com

Recommended by Molly Farrens: mollyfarrens@gmail.com

Recommendation for favorite Cuenca waiter, Frank’s, new restaurant

I’m sure everyone who has been in Cuenca for any time at all, knows Frank. He has launched a new business called Kolo Restaurant and Bakery. He has a slightly exotic menu (I had the smoked tuna scramble for breakfast), but you can still get old fashioned bacon and eggs. I told Frank his helpings are huge, so bring your appetite.

The hours are 8 to 3 (only breakfast and lunch) from Weds to Mon (closed Tuesdays).

Address: Hotel Viejo Mansion, L. Cordero 5-65 y H. Vasquez

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Leita Hulmes: leitajean48@gmail.com

Recommendation for M & E Pet Lovers, pet sitting

Elizabeth and Mateo provide valuable services to pet owners. They come to our home, walk the dog, and will even stay overnight. Our, beagle has separation anxiety exacerbated by our move to Cuenca. Now that we live in an apartment, we cannot leave him alone due to howling.

M & E are kind and gentle. Barney enjoys their visits. We have some freedom to explore and travel.

We highly recommend M & E Pet Lovers.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Jacklyn Bryant: 099 765 0665

Recommendation for Carla, real estate agent

If you need a real estate agent, I highly recommend Carla. She is really quick to understand what it is that you are looking for. She even picks you up to show you places.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 09 390 5539

Recommended by Alyce Jackson: aj@jpcobb.com

Recommendation for Alpaca Farm Tour, Carmen Loja, day tour

A few weeks ago, a couple of friends and I took a day tour to an alpaca farm near Biblián. It was quite the


Carmen Loja, the tour organizer, met us at the tranvia stop at the Terminal Terrestre. She was beautifully dressed in traditional garb. Carmen accompanied us on the bus to Biblián (about 45 minutes, and a dollar fare), which was a good thing as we disembarked by the side of the road and it would have been difficult maybe to find on our own.

A mixto picked us up and drove us up, up, up twisty steep dirt roads, which were not for the faint of heart, especially in the rain and fog. The drive was an adventure worth having all on its own. Our driver clearly knew what he was doing, took his time and navigated around the worst of the potholes. He delivered us to the Tushin Burgay gates safe and sound.

We were warmly greeted by a group of the local people who run the tourist business here. In addition to the alpacas, there is a lake for trout fishing and you can stay overnight in the guest accommodation. After a cup of truly delicious tea, there was a welcome and introductory speech (translated into English by a lovely young woman who has just been hired by the tourist authority). Then we walked down to see the alpacas, potato farming and spectacular views.

Next was lunch. This was a typical Ecuadorian almuerzo, but lifted above the ordinary by the deliciousness of the freshly caught trout and the excellent queso fresco. I am not a fan of that cheese, but this one was great and I ate very crumb. We also got more of the tasty tea. I asked if I could buy some and was gifted a bag of leaves and stems as I left. Alas, I was not able to recreate the drink served to us when I got home.

After lunch, we saw the weaving and had a chance to buy some scarves and other textiles.

We had a great time and I highly recommend the experience. The people were simply wonderful – warm, funny, kind. This is not a prettified, slick Disneyland Ecuador tour. It will appeal greatly to those who want to experience an authentic farming community, and interact with the people who manage it.

If you go, and I hope you do, dress very warmly indeed. This is high altitude (around 14,000 feet I believe) and it was cold. It was muddy too, so be prepared for that.

Carmen can be reached on WhatsApp at +593 98 736 8822

Address: Tushin Burgay, near Biblián, Ecuador

Contact information: kintiwasi.ec@gmail.com

Recommended by Heather Griffiths: edithrossmae@gmail.com

Recommendation for RumiSol, yoga and massage therapy

A strong recommendation for RumiSol yoga and healing therapies:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Aubree and her wonderful RumiSol Yoga studio, it has been voted by GringoPost readers Best Yoga in Cuenca for some years now, and deservedly so.

After the Pandemic lockdown Aubree reopened with facility improvements and expansion in order to meet all safety requirements. There are now two spacious studios for a variety of classes as well as a large, light, lovely room for various healing therapies. As a long time devotee of these kinds of services, I can highly recommend the very talented Gabriela Pinos Facchin (Gaby). Her practice features, among other things, the application of healing Ayurvedic oils with strong, caring hands. Schedule appointments with Gaby directly and visit RumiSol online at rumisolyoga.com for the class schedule.

Yoga and healing massage…it just doesn’t get any better than this.

Address: Remigio Tamariz Crespo 2-100

Contact information: pagapi89@hotmail.com 098 717 7592

Recommended by Lydia Crichton: lydiacrichton@yahoo.com

Recommendation for Cuenca Animal Clinic, veterinarian

When I lived in Centro, Drs. Francisco Morales and Oswaldo Cobos from Cuenca Animal Clinic made a house call to give my two cats their shots. Then I moved out near Supermaxi Las Americas and two friends with cats highly recommended a vet on Ordoñez Lasso near me who they said was wonderful with cats. One of my cats, Tiberius, developed a rash on his stomach. I tried putting an antibiotic cream on it, but it did not improve. As I was now a fair distance away from the Cuenca Animal Clinic, I contacted the veterinarian clinic near me that was recommended. They came and took him away to the clinic, returning him a few hours later with no diagnosis except basically, that he had a rash, and left me a tube of antibiotic cream. I applied the cream faithfully. The rash spread. I contacted the vet for a follow up and we agreed on Wednesday of last week. They said they would contact me to let me know what time they would come. I never heard back and decided I wasn’t chasing them.

Instead I contacted Cuenca Animal Clinic, even though I was embarrassed to explain that I had tried another vet first. They got back to me right away with an appointment the next day. Drs. Morales and Cobos came exactly on time and fully prepared with all the equipment they needed. They were able to rule out fungus and decided it was a bacterial infection which needed more aggressive treatment. They only smiled and looked sympathetic when I explained why I had tried the other vet.

They gave Tiberius a shot of antibiotics, which will be repeated in two weeks. They also gave Tiberius a shot to relieve the itchiness and a prescription for a stronger antibiotic cream. While they were at it, they did a little examination and noticed something that could indicate worms (I have a garden now and Tiberius goes outside). We agreed that once the rash subsides, they will treat those and give him a preventative medicine for fleas and ticks as well.

Dr. Cobos speaks extremely good English and Dr. Morales has some English.

This visit and the two shots cost $90. The doctors explained to me that I had a choice of antibiotics, and that the one they recommended for this was more expensive than the other. Had I chosen the cheaper option, the bill would have been less. I appreciated them consulting me.

I also appreciated that they came equipped with everything they needed so Tiberius did not need to suffer the trauma of being stuffed into a carrier and taken to the clinic.

I have complete confidence in these vets and will never be tempted to go elsewhere again.

They can be contacted with through their Facebook page, or on WhatsApp +593 99 597 9719

Address: Miguel Cordero 1-180, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 597 9719

Recommended by Heather Griffiths: edithrossmae@gmail.com

Recommendation for Daniel Campos JEP, Finance, CDs

Hello. We have a new English-speaking contact at JEP Coop on Mariscal Sucre. Giovanna unfortunately has left and Karina has been promoted. Daniel is very smart, English speaking and seems to have our best financial interest in mind as he assists us. I am very pleased to have dealt with him. His full name is Daniel Vigilez Campos.

Address: JEP Coop El Centro Mariscal Sucre Cuenca

Contact information: dcampos@jep.com 099 511 0173

Recommended by Wanda Canon: 097 937 7428

Recommendation for Nestor Reinoso, television sales

This is a long overdue recommendation for Nestor Reinoso. After reading a number of positive reviews, we decided to buy two Samsung televisions from him. We wanted one 50 and one 55 inch flat screen.

Shortly after collecting a small deposit, Nestor returned with the two televisions, set them up and made sure they were working perfectly.

We are extremely pleased and grateful for Nestor’s service.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: nestorefrainreinosoguaman@gmail.com 099 623 9495

Recommended by Ryan James: drryanjames@gmail.com

Inti Kamari: a relaxing break in nature

At the Inti Kamari Lodge, Retreat Center and Eco-Farm, the favorite activity seems to be doing nothing. That can be done here by the pool, in one of the meditation centers or almost anywhere else on our property full of exotic vegetation.

But just in case, we also offer you:

• Yoga classes (limited sizes)
• Meditation classes (limited sizes)
• Hikes (various degrees of difficulty)
• Tour to Chorro de Giron
• Tour to the San Francisco Water Dam
• Tour to Sulupali Desert
• Enjoy an engaging tour through the farm and learn about permaculture, sustainability, nutrition, medicinal properties of diverse plants and receive a fermentation class.

And of course:

• A wide selection of rooms ranging from a cabin with social area, fully equipped kitchen and three sleeping rooms to sleeping cabins for 1 to 3 persons. Great bathrooms with all the comforts.
• We have a private van that is available for parties of 3 to 7 people or we can arrange for transportation through a taxi service at a very good price. Total cost of private van round trip is $85 and round-trip taxi is also $50.
• We strongly enforce all biosecurity measures on all our property.

You will find more information, such as prices and photos, on our website, http://www.intikamari.com.

Also, you may always contact us through telephone at 099 022 1462 or 099 172 7815 or email us at intikamari@gmail.com.

From Monday until Sunday, Valley, Communal House Quillosisa, Yunguilla, Santa Isabel

Inti Kamari

Paradise Indian restaurant

Paradise Indian Restaurant is open seven days a week to serve you with dine-in, take-out and home delivery service. Our menu includes vegetarian, chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, rice, traditional breads and dessert dishes. All items are prepared to order from the freshest ingredients by a skilled chef. Enjoy the authentic and exotic flavors of India soon.

Open Daily 10 AM – 9 PM, Federico Malo 1-160 between 12 de Abril and Tadeo Torres (Parque de la Madre)

Paul Anthony: paradiseindianrestaurantcuenca@gmail.com 098 462 8976 Paradise Indian Restaurant

Kolo Restaurante and bakery

Hola amigos, There is a new restaurant in town and the best part is: we have a bakery in it so we have all kinds of fresh pastries and breads.

Stop by to take a look, have a cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll or an apple fritter.

Hope to see you soon.

March 14th from 8 AM to 3 PM, Luis Cordero #5-65 between Honorato Vazquez y Juan Jaramillo

Frank Gonzalez: frankic85@hotmail.com 099 297 5788

Cinnamon rolls

Hi, we are offering very tasty cinnamon rolls accompanied with cream cheese or chocolate topping. If you want to add raisins please let me know.

4 medium rolls $3
6 medium rolls $4.50
8 medium rolls $5.50
12 medium rolls $8

4 large rolls $3.50
6 large rolls $5
8 large rolls $6.50
12 large rolls $9

Delivery $1.50

All week, Cuenca

Aile: ailevemartinezc@gmail.com 096 759 8458

Nathaly Vivas chef, we cook your favorite food, new price

Hi Everyone, My name is Nathaly Vivas. I am a chef. I offer you my chef services at home.

~We cook your favorite food at home~

Thinking about you we have new prices for our service, if you have been interested in our service you can contact us again to know our new options. We think you’ll love this.

My services consist of:

I design your menu with American/Asian/Mediterranean/European/Latin American food or what you want to eat. I make your shopping list and, if you prefer, I can do the shopping for you. Guaranteeing your economy.

I can cook for you, all week, meals once a week.

Cook in a special event and so your guests can enjoy a delicious meal.

I make all kinds of food: vegan, vegetarian, I have special knowledge is food for diabetics.

Normal or sugar free desserts.

Every day. I live in downtown Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: nathaly116vivas@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Middle Eastern food by Chef, Nathaly Vivas

Hi GringoPost community. For this month I am offering my Middle Eastern menu.

— Hummus $3
— Baba ganush $4
— Nan bread 10 x $5
— Tabbule $3
— Falafel 10 x $5
— Kebab 8 x $8
— Musaka 4 or 6 servings per $22 with Naan bread

Every day make your orders 24 hours before, Pickup or delivery I live in downtown Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: nathaly116vivas@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Sweet Box (cheesecake and brownie promotion)

Hello, I hope you are having a great month.

For this month we have a promotion:
Our sweet box per $12

3 portions of Chewy Brownie
3 potions of Cheesecake with strawberry or blackberry homemade jelly

This promotion is only for March.


Every day make your orders 24 hours before. Pickup or delivery. I live in downtown Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Cheesecake and Crumble: orders.cheesecakeandcrumble@gmail.com 098 021 1815

Pei’s pot stickers

Hi friends in Cuenca. I am Pei. I still sell Chinese food. If you want to try, please order in advance one day.

This is the menu:

Noodles: Fried noodles with vegetable $5
Zhajiangmian $5
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes noodles $5

Dumplings: pork 12 pcs / $5
Chicken 12 pcs /$5
Shrimp pork 12 pcs /$7
Vegetable. 12 pcs / $5

Buns: pork and red beans pasta Each one for $1

Braised pork + rice. $6

Fry tofu + Fried green beans + rice. $5

Fried pork with celery + Fried cauliflower + rice $5

Kung pao chicken + Fried potatoes slices +rice. $5

Fried chicken wrings with coco cola + Fried cabbage + rice. $5

Sweet sour pineapple pork + cauliflower +rice. $5

Twice cooked pork + green beans +rice. $5

Single dishes:

Kung Pao chicken $8
Sweet sour pineapple pork $10
Crispy sweet &sour pork $10
Twice cooked pork $10
General Tso Tsung-tang $10
Chicken wrings with cola $8
Tofu $8
Vegetable dish $5
Red beans pasta $5 (around 300g)

Everything is handmade, fresh and wholesome, no preservatives, additives colorants.

March 15th, from 9 AM to 7 PM, Paseo Imbabura

Pei: zhaopei306@gmail.com 099 253 6116

Mujeres Con Exito, Wednesday delivery

Orders are received until Monday at 5 PM for Wednesday delivery every week. Delivery occurs between 11 AM and 1 PM. Delivery is included in all meal pricing.

— 8 Barbecue wings and fries. Served with our house mayonnaise. $15.
— 8 Egg Rolls (shrimp, pork, vegetable) Order fried or ready to fry. Served with Vietnamese sauce and Sriracha sauce. $15.
— 1 Quesadilla, served with chips, guacamole and Pico de Gallo. $12
— 4 mixed pieces Fried Chicken. Served with Mashed potatoes and salad. $12.
— 1 Liter Minestrone soup. Special recipe of Chef Bruce Wilkins, who has taught our Chef Arlin to make this delicious soup. $10 includes delivery
— Sriracha sauce. Sriracha is a type of hot sauce or chili sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt. $5.
— Vietnamese salad dressing. A tasty condiment used as a salad dressing or dipping sauce. consisting of sugar. rice vinegar. garlic, freshly chopped chilies, fish sauce, water and lime juice. $5.
— Fresh Red Fruit Jam, 250g jar. $3.50.

Distance: A Pandemic Cookbook. Spiral bound. $12.

Mujeres Con Exito is the job training branch of Casa Maria Amor, Cuenca’s battered women’s shelter. Food service is one of the areas training is available. The women have specific food items that they can deliver to you on Wednesdays.

Deadline for food order is March 15th, Delivery is March 17th, Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez, Cuenca

Debby Larsen: mcereservations2019@gmail.com

Looking for some really good chocolate or coconut?

Sweet and Ice in Milenium Plaza for coconut and chocolate lovers

We are located just inside the back entrance of Milenium Plaza on the ground floor near the elevator.

We offer the following Coco Express quality products:

Crunchy coconut cookie $0.60
Crunchy coconut and chocolate cookie $0.60
Crunchy coconut with oats cookie $1
Soft cookie sandwich with dulce de leche filling —
small $0.50 and large $1

Hard Serve coconut ice cream on a Stick $1
Original Flavor – Coconut and Milk
Vegan Coconut and our New Flavor Chocolate and coconut

Soft Serve Coconut Ice Cream
Cone $1. 4 oz cup $1.20. 6 oz cup $1.50

Coco Express 100% Coconut Water Medium bottle 375 ml $1.50

We also offer:

Dikaty 75% Fine Chocolate 1,000 gram bulk package – For confections and eating out of the package.

We also have Dikaty Truffles and other specialty chocolates

Custom Gift Packs from $5.50 to $15

Delivery Options: Free delivery Sat and Sun with purchase of $8 or more. Or your order can be delivered to your home by motorcycle.

Call or text using WhatsApp 096 935 6461 for orders and questions. We can also video chat on WhatsApp to actually show you our products.

Or you could visit us and see for yourself all the fine businesses located in the Plaza

We speak English

Hours: Mon thru Sat 10 AM – 8 PM Sunday 10 AM – 7 PM, Milenium Plaza

Alex Tapia: tapia.alex03@hotmail.com WhatsApp 096 935 6461

Thank you from the Best Bakery and Bagels 2021

Matthew’s Bagels and Bakery Store – bagels and so much more – Best Bakery and Bagels 2021.

A big thank you for voting for us. We really appreciate it.

We have Ready-Made-to-Go Food for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks

Come in and visit us at our new location with the front entrance on Avenida Las Americas and the back door on Calle Los Alamos 2 blocks from Ordonez Lasso on the Rio Tomebamba side.

Two blocks south of Super Maxi Las Americas. The new Tranvia has a stop about one block from us on Las Americas.

Next door are our great neighbors El Calvo Restaurant with Spanish Cuisine and El Jeque with Middle Eastern Cuisine. And also La Tapita Espanola Restaurant entrance on Av Las Americas.

There is also a new Pizza and Beer business called 11 Cerveza and Pizza. Great places to hang out with outdoor seating too.

All of our breads are sourdough except for the bagels.

And all of our bakery goods are made fresh daily in our store and we offer:

Whole grain Breads. Cakes: Carrot, Chocolate. Blueberry Muffins, Pies: Blueberry & Apple and Bagels. Cornbread, Scones, Brownies, Cheesecake and Pretzels. And now we have Cookies. Big yummy ones.

Zucchini, Banana, Chocolate Banana, Blueberry, Pineapple Coconut, Coconut, Orange Zucchini Breads and more. Potato chips and other snacks.

We also offer Gluten-Free Bakery Goods. Just ask us.

Select Coffees
Beers and Wines
Soft Drinks and Yogurt Drinks
Kefir and Kombucha
Specialty Teas

Our Newly-Expanded Deli Selection includes:
Potato, Tuna, Chicken, Macaroni salads and Cole Slaw and much more.
Also try our New Chopped Salad Bar.

Cheeses, Yogurt and various flavors of Cream Cheese Spreads to eat with our delicious Bagels.
Chicken Noodle Soup and Chicken Tortilla Soup
Jams and Spaghetti sauces

We also have Meatloaf and Meatballs. Ricotta Cheese Penne, Chicken Parmesan and Mac & Cheese.

Try our new Chicken Pot Pie. Each pie is a very generous individual portion.

Come in to our New Store to eat and relax or to take with you.
We have indoor and outdoor tables with proper social distancing.
We also offer a restroom for our customers’ comfort and convenience.

It’s like having a little slice of New York City here in Cuenca.
We also speak English.

You can also have our goodies delivered to your home.
Local delivery charge is $2.
For outside area delivery, text us for delivery charge.

Please use WhatsApp to text us a question or to place an order to go.

You can also send us an email for questions or orders at the email address listed below.

We are sorry that we are unable to take calls at this time.

Also starting this New Year we will no longer be using plastic bags for purchases only paper. Please bring your own reusable bags.

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate our customers and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Hours are Mon thru Sat: 10 AM to 8 PM, Sun 10 AM to 5 PM., Comercial Eloy Alfaro. Avenida Las Americas

Jeniffer Rodriguez: matthewbagelstore@gmail.com 099 860 4290 FaceBook: matthewbagelstore

Grilled lamb burger + free dessert $6.50 – Chef Narcissa, EAT

This week special is a favorite: our famous grilled lamb burger: feta, arugula, grilled onions, yogurt tzatziki with fries or salad + free dessert $6.50 

Dessert options include: 

– Cheesecake 
– Mocha Walnut Pie 
– Apple Crisp 
– Death by Chocolate cake 

We also have our regular menu with delicious options: Mac and Cheese, Shrimp Po’ Boy, Chicken Banh Mi, Buddha Bowl, Meatloaf… 

We have 4-portion trays of lasagna: 

– Meat Lasagna $16 
– Chicken Lasagna $14 
– Vegetarian Lasagna $12 

*Please order your lasagna at least 3 hours in advance 

They all come with delicious homemade garlic bread. 

Our Facebook was blocked so we have a new page, find us as Foods Cuenca. Feel free to call or WhatsApp, I’ll be happy to help.

Josellys: josellysa@gmail.com 099 262 4044

Hacienda Chan Chan at Dos Sucres, Tuesday morning

Join us at Dos Sucres this Tuesday morning from 9-10 AM to stock up on cheese, milk, yogurt and fresh vegetables. If that doesn’t work for you, place your order online for pick-up or delivery on Tuesday.

Cheeses this week include Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Parmesan and Swiss.


Tuesday, March 16th from 9-10 AM, Dos Sucres-Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56

Julie: haciendachanchan@gmail.com

Delivered to you: sourdough, freezer meals, Southern biscuits

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

Here is our current delivery menu:
Ready to bake freezer meals:

Three cheese chicken and spinach lasagna $9
Chicken pot pie $7
Each container is two generous servings. Comes frozen, uncooked, and ready to bake when you are.

Breads and More:
Cornbread (6 squares for $6)
Cinnamon rolls (6 rolls for $8 with icing in separate container)
Large Southern-style biscuits (Pack of 6 for $6. They freeze well.)
White meat chicken sausage patties (Patties come uncooked and frozen in a pack of 6 for $8 or 12 for $15) These fit great on the biscuits.
Sourdough and yeast bagels (6 for $6)
Loaf sourdough bread $5.
Loaf brioche $4.50
Frozen waffles 8 for $8
We make the waffles fresh and then freeze them so you can pop them out to toast and enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack anytime.

Black bean veggie burgers and wheat buns:
Buns come fresh in a pack of 6 for $3.50
Veggie burgers come frozen in a pack of 6 for $6.
Take out of the freezer and cook on the grill or in a frying pan. Add the veggies and condiments of your choice for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal.

Our products are homemade with real butter.

You can visit our Facebook page and Instagram for pictures: @SundayBrunchCuenca

Order Instructions:

Please place your order via email at SundayBrunchCuenca@gmail.com by Monday before noon for delivery Wednesday between 9:30 AM and noon or place your order before noon on Wednesday for delivery Friday between 9:30 AM and noon.

Please send your orders by email only to make sure they do not get lost and include your address and phone number for the delivery.

Made to order, Online


Sunday 14th – Italian buffet

On Sunday 14th, we will have an Italian buffet at “Poker Pizza”
11 AM to 4 PM, come and try the best of the food in our buffet restaurant
Adults: $9
Children: $4

Any questions call us at 07 602 0075 – 098 383 8939 – 09 794 4217 – 098 763 9945

We have a buffet every Sunday.

Every Sunday, Juan Jose Flores Between García Moreno and Octavio Diaz

Johannes: 098 763 9945

Moving to Cuenca – YouTube channel

Hi Everyone,

We just moved to Cuenca and I’ve been filming our experience here. Just wanted to share some things we’ve been doing. Please have a look on my channel from the link below. If you enjoy the video please like and subscribe. I just started YouTube, so I really appreciate every like and subscribe. You can also find videos of other countries we’ve traveled too.


Chef Rosemary, delivery food service

New this week:

* Seafood soup, 2 portions $8.

* Risotto veggie Caseerole 1 portion $6.

* Risotto shrimp casserole 1 portion $6.

* Apple and blueberry pie 6-8 portions $12.

* New addiction: Birthday cake 3 layers decorated. Options: fruits, funfetti, chocolate, etc. $25.


* Cinnamon Rolls, 6 per package $4.

* 4 Cannelloni filled with beef, chicken or vegetables covered with Bechamel sauce and Parmesan cheese 1-2 serving $5.