Recommendation for Victor Ojeda, facilitator

Victor Ojeda has helped my wife and I negotiate our way through numerous Ecuadorean mazes. Most recently, he steered my wife Linda through the process needed to get a local driver’s license. From personally translating her college transcripts (you need to prove you have a high school education or better), to walking her through updating her cedilla to reflect her education, to steering her through agility and driving tests, to arranging for the appointments and financial deposits for the final written test, he was personable, patient, and effective. In fact, when we inadvertently lost key paperwork a week before the final test, he took Lina in hand, and recreated the needed tests in 48 hours so she wouldn’t miss her final exam date.

Whether it’s getting a driver’s license, getting the senior discount on your real estate taxes, or just negotiating the vagaries of our new homeland, Victor is your guy.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 731 3565

Recommended by Ray Lewis: 099 514 8449
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