Recommendation for El Asador, fast food restaurant

Most amazing chicken sandwich… ever! This is not an ad or any kind if promo.
It is simply an unsolicited declaration of incredulity: I think have just had the best sandwich of my life.

The chicken itself is organic, totally fresh, tender and crazy tasty. The portion was impressive, too. Then there was super fresh tomato, green lettuce, and smoked bacon wrapped in a fresh bun and accompanied by four remarkable sauces.

Jaffe – not a big fan of fried food, white bread buns or pretty much anything about my lunch choice – took and bite after which I was forced to repeatedly wrest my sandwich from her hands – or risk losing the entire thing – as she exclaimed: “Wow (munch)! This really IS… (munch) amazingly (munch) good!”

El Asador is the name. The place is family run, spotless and the vibe super friendly. Prices are ridiculously fair for all you get. There is an upstairs dining room, but the trick is to grab your food (they pack it into a super sturdy take out box ) and picnic right there on a grassy bank on the Tomebamba, ten steps away. Make sure to pick up some napkins. You are going to need them.

At the river, corner of Tres de Noviembre and Los Alamos facing Las Americas.

Address: Avenida Las Americas 2-99 (y 3 de Noviembre)

Contact information: 098 400 8524

Recommended by Jeff Salz:
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