Recommendation for Cuenca Muesli, tasty food delivery

If you like healthy granola, robust bread, or delicious cupcakes, look no further than Cuenca Muesli.

I have been ordering from this small family startup business for several weeks and am delighted with their products.

The granola is made from 11 natural, healthy ingredients. It tastes good and goes down easily. It’s not cheap but is well worth it.

There are several varieties of bread and they are dramatically better than the standard Cuenca fare.

There are also several varieties of cupcakes, and they are moist and delicious. I think they will be raising the price once they realize how good they are.

I have no affiliation with them other than as a happy customer.

They deliver anywhere in Cuenca for the standard delivery charges and have been very accommodating about timing.

So give your taste buds a treat while helping a family business cope with the pandemic.

You can contact Daniel at 098 265 3786 or He speaks English.

Address: Online only

Recommended by Marv Anderson:
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