Recommendation for Cuenca Muesli, manufacturer of muesli

I am fairly certain that you have not had an in-depth conversation about protein bars lately, if ever, unless you are an athlete or use them for snacks. Also, you probably don’t give much thought about them unless one falls out of the sky and hits you on the top of your head. And, if that happened, you’d probably rub your head, look up into the sky, look down at the protein bar and go about your business. You might have even said “ouch” or “WTF”. But, for the most part, it wouldn’t make a noticeable change in your life.

I am a retired athlete, and protein bars played a large part in my nutritional life at one time. I ate them all the time, and I had an opinion about most of them. My opinion was, they tasted like cardboard and were hard to chew. Frankly, thinking back, I don’t know why I ate them at all, other than “it was the thing to do.” Plus, eating those bars prevented me from skipping meals and gave me this sense of eating healthy, even if it wasn’t true. To say there are any fond memories involving eating protein bars would be an outright lie.

Fast forward to yesterday and a trip to El Mundo Orgánico. I was hungry when I arrived, and I noticed a basket of Cuenca Muesli protein bars sitting on their check-out counter. I glanced at them, but I didn’t give them a second thought until my stomach started to growl like a cranky bear that was awoken prematurely from hibernation. So, I grabbed one (Choco Banana flavored), ripped it open and began to eat it.

My first reaction was euphoric— surely this was not a protein bar I was eating, even though it said it contained 14.87 grams of protein right on the label. I am not sure what all the ingredients contained in the bar are, but there are oats, pumpkin seeds, linseed, sesame seeds and a bunch of other things that when combined, produce a flavor profile that transcends words, or at least any words I have in my vocabulary. To say this protein bar is delicious is an understatement, tantamount to saying ambrosia is merely food. In fact, the one I ate was so good, I bought five more.

So, if you are looking for a tasty snack that has some positive health benefits, grab a Cuenca Muesli Protein Bar from El Mundo Orgánico. You will be pleasantly surprised and may even find yourself talking openly about them like I am.

Address: Francisco Cisneros y Autopista #582 (Via Cuenca-Molleturo-Naranjal)

Contact information: 099 420 7521

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