To the friends of Kevin Johns

It’s with deep sadness that I write this message to let you all know that Kevin passed away peacefully on Sunday night.

Hi wife Tania—yes, they got married last year—has been helped enormously by their friends at the coast in this time of need. For those of you who were close to Kevin and Tania, I’m sure she would love to hear words of encouragement from you as well.

Kevin was the first friend I made here in Cuenca. He introduced me to my wife. She and I then served him and Tania a special dinner on their first date. He was a very good friend.

As anyone who knows Kevin will tell you, he was a bit over the top at times, but that’s what made him special. What they would also tell you is that he was a very, very, good man.

Kevin lived life to the fullest, and he will be dearly missed for a very long time.

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